FOX News to Present Exclusive Interview With 'Duck Dynasty' Stars Willie and Korie Robertson

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December 30th, 2013


FOX News Channel has secured an exclusive interview with Willie and Korie Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty to air live during the network's All-American New Year (airing tomorrow from 9PM – 12:30AM/ET). This will be their first television appearance following A&E's reinstatement of Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty. Willie and Korie will discuss the situation with anchors Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The couple will also reflect on 2013 and discuss the year ahead.

  • Jay


    If you think that you should read the other articles on here about where the liberals are doing most of the attacking and spewing hate randomly.

  • Jagger Dagger

    There now is a video of Phil Robertson advising men at a Christian retreat in Georgia a few years ago to marry 15 year old girls.

    Just another thing to add to his stellar resume.

  • Jim S.

    cimmer – He’s a highly educated man in the Deep South who grew up with segregated water fountains, the national guard having to run interference so kids could go to school, not to mention the KKK bombing churches.

    Well, apparently there weren’t that many Democrats in the area he where grew up.

  • cimmer

    @Dreamer, I know a lot of Christians who feel exactly the same way you do, they’re good people. I know a lot of folk who aren’t Christian who feel the same way you do as well, they’re also good people. The Christian creed I was taught was the Unitas Fratrum: “In essentials, unity; in nonessentials liberty; in all things, love.” (and no, sexual orientation was not an ‘essential’ no more than race, the only essential was the love of Christ and Man as one would love themselves). Unfortunately, as with many religions, one most often hears only the radicals.But hey, I’ve read the meek shall inherit the Earth so keep the faith.

  • michael t

    this is for Stan T. so you must agree with Mr. Robertson that black people were very happy living in the Jim Crow era

  • rgxx

    @ abba

    I disagree with teenagers having sex – but I don’t hate them nor wish they were un-happy. To love someone is A CHOICE – not stuck in your brain – that is a made up reason. The body (the flesh) craves such things. You can CHOOSE NOT to love someone. Plus most of the time it’s not about love – it’s about sex – there IS a difference…it’s a CHOICE.

  • Jeff

    Well let’s hope he can simmer some of this drama down, beginning on Fox News is not a good sign though, as they scandal hype so many issues and know more drama equals more ratings for them as well. It’s all about what’s best for business. I won’t be watching, but I’m sure to read and hear about the highlights.

    As far a GLAAD’s influence diminishing, what a foolish thing to say. How many states are allowing marriage equality now? Utah, New Mexico, ring a bell. DOMA and DADT gone. That’s a much bigger deal than what some old redneck has to say on a staged realtiy show.

  • Jeff8888

    Tvnewser has daily cable news ratings and allows commentary. This site is all about advertising, they could care less about opening the boards back up.

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