ABC to Limit Next Day New Episode Streaming Beginning January 6

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December 31st, 2013


Update: ABC has a FAQ up  here detailing the changes.

ABC will be adopting a more restrictive online streaming policy starting January 6. This new policy will limit next-day access to new episodes of TV shows to paying subscribers of participating pay-TV affiliates and Hulu Plus. Previously, ABC shows were available next-day for free, but with the new system, viewers without a subscription will have to wait a full week to view content.

  • The Original J

    Isn’t ABC in enough trouble without making backwards-thinking decisions like this one?

  • TV Addict

    Ew. This is the same thing fox and the CW have. Now NBC will be the only one with next day access for free.

  • Ravenrei

    So, they *like* people never catching up to start watching live again when they just miss one episode? Guess they deserve their crappy ratings.

  • Rebecca

    Steaming? I know she meant streaming, lol. Well, I have hulu plus anyway so I’ll continue to use it for the ABC shows along with everything else.

  • Jami

    That is why abc sucks! Maybe NBC is not as dumb as we think.
    Abc the last time I looked still streaming LOST. I only watch Revenge and record that.

  • joel

    No big loss. ABC’s shows are usually steaming the moment they originally hit the air.

  • brandy

    Lame. I use Hulu Plus but know a lot of people that won’t be happy with this.

  • Samunto

    Stupid ABC. This won’t help their shows. Obviously trying to hope that viewers will be forced to catch up on the Network’s own website.

  • David

    @ Samunto

    the network’s own website will only be accessible next day to cable and satellite subscribers, you still have to wait 8 days to watch for free if you don’t pay for TV.

  • Durell

    Why? I just wish these networks would come right out and say the reasons why they make these decisions. And be honest just say we want to make sure we are getting paid for people viewing our shows. We want to make sure we are sucking every dime out of our viewers before we can offer anything free. Does that sound about right ABC?

  • Ian9outof10

    Won’t this simply drive people to torrent sites?

  • Sherry

    Oh that stinks, glad the CW always has the episodes up the next day on their site for free

  • Merlin

    Waiting a week is worth not getting gouged by the cable companies.

  • Carmen

    Won’t matter a bit to me.
    I will often wait at least a week before I bother to catch up on a show that I miss at its regular time.
    The only shows I bother to go out of my way to watch online are Once Upon a Time and Castle (ABC)and Parenthood (NBC). It is usually several weeks later that I watch them, and that’s in a delayed binge.

  • Mary

    Ha. Ha. So much for “No one watches live anymore. They see it on line”

    Well, I guess they better watch live now unless they want to wait a week.

  • George

    Really dumb question…

    Does “pay TV affiliates” mean cable/satellite providers? If somebody has a provider listed at the end of the Variety story does this mean they can access a show the next day by logging in through the provider (I know some cable networks do this for viewing content online next day).

  • Mark

    Stupid, There are plenty of torrent sites that have it the next day anyways. All it will do is drive people away from there site and whatever little advertising revenue they get their.

  • TVDude

    This shows that the executives at ABC just don’t get it.

    Fox did the same thing awhile back (it’s still like that) and yet nearly everything on the network is hitting all time lows. I bet Fox is blaming everything but this, but the truth is, this move has not done them any favors and even turn off potential viewers, who may have now be looking at illegal options to find the content they want (which will result in next to zero profit for ABC).

    So, ABC is stupid to follow this movie, plain and simple.

  • JR35

    Wouldn’t this also be a strategy to boost live viewership? Whether it works is another story.

  • Ultima

    Stupid, There are plenty of torrent sites that have it the next day anyways.

    So your logic is that since people can just steal the content for free, then the networks should give up trying to make money off of it. Who are you expecting to pay for the production of the shows?

    Won’t this simply drive people to torrent sites?

    Wouldn’t the people willing to steal the content have already stopped watching it via the network (either on TV or online) in order to avoid the commercials?

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