AMC Releases Poster for 'The Walking Dead' Return

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January 2nd, 2014


AMC has released the poster above for the second half of season four of The Walking Dead,  featuring Rick and Carl Grimes.

  • romo

    Getting tired of this show just seems like basically the same thing over n over.

  • Junior

    @Romo…Woo hoo! Someone has an opinion. Congrats!

  • MBmomof3

    Very cool. Glad Carl is mainly featured. He’s my favorite character. Can’t wait for the return of TWD!

  • Antonio Jose

    ABC or AMC?

  • LeobenConoy

    woooo to the hoooo!

  • John A

    The show has been a let down this season but the mid-season finale was great.

  • Alan

    I hope Carl dies…

  • Nasir


    “I hope Carl dies…”

    ME TOO!!!!!!

  • Meanie

    Hopefully the second half is better than the first. I’m a Walking Dead fan but I can admit when the truth well at least in my opinion and part one was a snooze.

    AMC please being back the original show runners.

  • Aron

    The best episode this season was the mid season finalie, hopefully they can continue this momentum

  • Andrew

    They’ve been spinning their wheels ever since they left the farm. This show isn’t the comic. It has characters that don’t exist in the comics and some that have lived &/ or died very differently than the comic stories.
    Its time for the new show runner to tell stories that apply to THESE characters. Lets forget the comic. Tell NEW, interesting, relevant and entertaining stories with THIS group. Embrace the medium to tell stories that the comic couldn’t or wouldn’t.

  • Andrew21

    I know this sounds super wierd, but what if they kill Rick… I can only think that the only reason that Carl is in the poster is because he might be the main character in season 5.
    Call me crazy… even I’m doing that xD

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