Predict the Ratings for the Fifth Season Premiere of 'Community' (Poll)

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January 2nd, 2014

Community - Season 5

Tonight sees the one-hour premiere of the fifth season of Community. Will the return of series creator and showrunner Dan Harmon give the ratings a boost? Last year's premiere earned a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating, but the season four finale fell to a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. Predict tonight's performance below, and justify your opinions in the comments!

  • Brad

    Strong start!

    Wishful thinking, of course.

    Thankfully, Nikita is no more.,

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Six seasons and a movie! Oh and a 2.0 rating.

  • were123

    The second half of season 3 started with a 2.2 and ended on a 1.3
    Season 4 premiered with a 1.9 and ended on a 1.3
    By that trend, this season should start with a 1.6 and end on a 1.3. I’ll predict a 1.7

  • Timmy G

    The promos are good and people are interested in seeing Harmon back, so I’m going to be optimistic and say a 1.5.

  • Nick.

    Community always premiere strong (and then drops, but that’s beside the point). I’m going for 2.0 as there are a lot of buzz this year with Dan Harmon and other former writers returning.

    I’m thinking the ratings drop in season 4 is due to its poor quality rather than the audience’s fault. Looking at early reviews for season 5, this problem is no more!

  • Networkman

    1.6 I think viewers will be interested in seeing if there is any improvement with the return of series creator Dan Harmon. Also the show is now in syndication so it could of picked up new fans. Lastly, these are the final few episodes for viewers to see Donald Glover before he leaves. So I’m expecting better numbers than what Parks & Rec deliver but it won’t be as high of a demo as last year.

  • Nick.

    Community might actually become NBC’s best-rated comedy this season, looking at how their other sitcoms are faring, so… six seasons and a movie!

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    A 2.0 or better, baby!

  • Devin

    I’m guessing around a 1.6 but I’m hoping for much more.

  • ludotv

    Thursdays at NBC are pretty doomed and Community has got a small number of die-hard fans but I’d say no ‘mainstream’ appeal esp. by its 4th season and with all the ugliness over the past years with Harmon leaving /coming back, Chase and those shenanigans etc. (not sure Glover leaving is a major issue). Plus it goes against CBS TBBT so that’s an uphill battle… I’d say it will struggle to get more than 1.5 but if it does better, I’ll be opening the bubbly!

  • Michelle

    I think it’ll start strong tonight, possibly in the high 1s, for a few reasons. Curiosity over Harmon’s return, slightly less competition (no more NFL Thursday, some networks still in reruns), big East Coast snowstorm forcing people indoors. The real test will come in the next week or two.

    Also interested to see how the Community/Parks blocks performs starting next week. They just fit together much better than Parks + any of this season’s new family sitcoms.

  • Andy

    I wonder if Community gets a 1.5 or higher if it will help SSTW and The Micheal J Fox show?

  • Jeff (Canada)

    You know how much NBC has fallen when we’re actually talking about Community possibly being NBC’s best-rated sitcom. It’s a great show and all, but it’s never been a ratings darling.

  • chrono

    I really hope it get’s a 2.0 or more.

  • brian

    I’ll think optimistically and say a 2.1. Harmon’s return will get some fans back on its wagon, but I expect a dropoff in future episodes to a 1.5.

  • Tran

    Really hate to say this but I voted for a 1.9 – 2.1 in ratings.

  • Oliver


    I hope. I’d love it if it was higher. I would love nothing more than Community becoming an unexpected hit in its fifth season.

  • RJC

    It’s up against an all-new Big Bang, I’m saying 1.5. I do think it’ll probably end up being NBC’s highest-rated sitcom this season, which is sad.

  • Kitsune

    This might be super-optimistic, but I’m rooting for a 2.3 and NBC’s highest rated comedy telecast of the season.

    Here’s what Community has going for it:
    – Historically strong Spring premieres. A 2.4 in Season 1, 2.2s in Seasons 2 AND 3, and a 1.9 in Season 4
    – Critical acclaim is stronger than it was for Season 4.
    – Dan Harmon is probably one of the most buzzed-about showrunners on TV right now. His return is no small thing at all for this show.
    – NBC’s making a strong effort to advertise it. I know they were particularly aggressive during the Voice finale.
    – NBC has historically had really strong ratings in early January. Its entire Wednesday line-up last year hit season highs.

    Of course, I could be wrong, but I’m feeling really good about this. No way is it lower than a 1.5

  • Kissan

    I voted 1.9-2.1. If this show can premiere with a 1.9 up against TBBT and Idol last season, what do ya’ll think it’ll do the day after New Years when it only has TBBT as major competition? Plus the series creator and showrunner is coming back, it been doing reruns on Comedy Central so I say 2.0 or 2.1.

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