Rose & Fiesta Bowls Post Significant Audiences & Combined Viewership Increase for January 1

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January 2nd, 2014

The 100th Rose Bowl Game - Stanford v Michigan State

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Rose & Fiesta Bowls Post Significant Audiences & Combined Viewership Increase for Jan 1


Based on Nielsen’s Fast National ratings, ESPN’s two Bowl Championship Series (BCS) matchups on January 1 posted a significant viewership increase over the January 1 bowl games in 2013. The combined viewership for the Rose Bowl Presented by VIZIO (a 24-20 Michigan State victory over Stanford) and Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Central Florida over Baylor 52-42) averaged 14,774,000 viewers and an 8.3 US HH rating, marking an 8 percent increase over last season in both (13,736,000 and 7.7 US HH rating).


Rose Bowl Game Presented by VIZIO

The 2014 Rose Bowl Game Presented by VIZIO stands as the most-viewed program on cable television outside of ESPN’s NFL games since the 2013 BCS National Championship. ESPN’s telecast of No. 4 Michigan State over No. 5 Stanford averaged 18,636,000 viewers based on a 10.2 US HH rating. The coverage is up 9 percent (vs. 17,024,000 and 9.4 US HH rating) over the 2013 Rose Bowl in the same window.


Detroit, the top-rated market, averaged a 27.9 metered market rating, the highest-rated bowl game ever on ESPN in the market (records go back to 2000). Columbus, with a 22.3 overnight rating, was the second highest-rated market followed by Birmingham (22.2), Dayton (20.5), New Orleans and Portland, Ore. (16.3), Kansas City (14.8), Austin (14.7), Greenville (14.6) and Seattle (13.8).


Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

ESPN’s Tostitos Fiesta Bowl telecast of No. 15 Central Florida State vs. No. 6 Baylor was the most-viewed program of the night – broadcast or cable – with an average of 11,235,000 viewers and a 6.6 US HH rating. The 2014 game showed viewership and ratings increases of 6 percent (vs. 10,562,000) and 8 percent (6.1 US HH rating) over ESPN’s 2013 New Year’s Day prime time BCS bowl, the 2013 Orange Bowl, No. 12 Florida defeating No. 15 Northern Illinois 31-10.


Orlando led all markets with a 17.5 rating, the highest bowl overnight rating ever for an ESPN network in the market. Birmingham is the second highest markets with a 17.0 rating followed by Austin (15.3), Tulsa (14.2), Oklahoma City (13.2), Columbus (13.0), New Orleans (12.1), Dallas-Fort Worth (11.5), Jacksonville (11.2) and Kansas City (10.3).


Fans Follow Games on WatchESPN

In addition to large audiences on ESPN, fans turned to WatchESPN to follow the Rose Bowl Game Presented by VIZIO and Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, spending an average of 14.7 million minutes on the games combined (up 19 percent). Viewers spent 16.4 million total minutes watching the Rose Bowl Game Presented by VIZIO (up 8 percent) and 13.0 million total minutes on the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (up 37 percent).


ESPN & the BCS

ESPN's fourth year of exclusive coverage of the five BCS matchups will continue tonight with the Allstate Sugar Bowl (Oklahoma vs. Alabama, Thursday, Jan. 2), Discover Orange Bowl (Clemson vs. Ohio State, Friday, Jan. 3) and VIZIO BCS National Championship Game (No. 1 Florida State vs. No. 2 Auburn, Monday, Jan. 6).

  • E

    The BCS ruined college football New Years Day.
    None of the games matter anymore until the championship game next week.
    I hope the new playoff system will bring important games back to New Years Day.

  • Ultima

    The BCS ruined college football New Years Day.
    None of the games matter anymore until the championship game next week.

    Nonsense. Clearly you don’t actually know what things were like before the BCS. They didn’t have a playoff before, so most of the games still didn’t matter. In fact, prior to the BCS, it was hard to even get the top two teams into the same bowl game.

    The last time the national championship was determined by New Year’s Day bowl games was 19 years ago, before the BCS was even created. The previous system had already started moving major bowl games off of New Year’s.

    Additionally, in the decade before that there were a couple of seasons in which the New Year’s Day bowls were meaningless, 1984 (in which BYU locked up a national championship in mid-December) and 1986 (in which the #1 vs #2 Fiesta Bowl was moved to 2 January).

    Complain all you want about the lack of a playoff, but don’t blame the BCS for problems that existed long before it was created.

  • Jason

    Central Florida State lol. Try again.

  • Espnblah

    Espn ruined things along with greedy NCAA. Viewership has declined since it went to pay tv. These are often public schools and most people cannot watch them on cable. The feelgood days of bowl season are over for many and advertisers are not reaching this audience. Programs will pay for it down the road when the population becomes mostly unaware of bowl games and choices are made to cut expensive programs at mid tier schools. Who are the bigboys going to beat up on in the first half of their season?

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