Predict the Ratings for Tonight's 'Revenge' (Poll)

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January 5th, 2014


Revenge ended 2013 on a soft note, earning  a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating for its midseason finale. Will the new year bring good fortune to this drama after its short winter hiatus? Forecast the adults 18-49 rating for tonight's episode below, and make sure to share your rationale in the comments!

  • Parker

    100% chose 1.5-1.6… oh seems like it was just me :D

  • René

    this show it’s so dead lol

  • ethan

    I love this show, but without the Once lead in, I worry about the rating it will get. I predict a 1.3, but I hope it does better!!!

  • zap

    Well, I think The Bachelor’s viewers are more likely to join Revenge than OUAT’s viewers, but still, 1.5-1.6

  • Nathan


  • Brad


    It’s pulling better ratings over the following 1 hour dramas ABC has: Betrayal, Nashville, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Assets.

    With one season away from syndication, how is it “so dead”? Please respond. Don’t just make one stupid post and leave.

  • Kissan

    Tonight’s ratings:

    The Bachelor-2.4 and 7 mill. viewers
    Revenge-1.7 and 6 mill. viewers
    Betrayal-1.0 and 3 mill. viewers

    The Good Wife-1.4 and 9 mill. viewers
    The Mentalist-1.7 and 10 mill. viewers

    The Simpsons-3.2 and 7 mill. viewers
    Bob’s Burgers-2.3 and 5 mill. viewers
    Family Guy-3.0 and 6 mill. viewers
    American Dad!-2.3 and 5 mill. viewers

  • Ray

    Since my predications for the week seem to be going lower than what I expected, I’ll make an update.

    The Bachelor: 2.6 A18-49 / 8.9 million viewers
    Revenge: 1.8 A18-49 / 6.8 million viewers
    Betrayal: 1.0 A18-49 / 3.6 million viewers

    The Bachelor: 2.5 A18-49 / 9.0 million viewers
    Castle: 2.4 A18-49 / 8.8 million viewers

    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2.3 A18-49 / 7.2 million viewers
    The Goldbergs: 1.7 A18-49 / 5.8 million viewers
    Trophy Wife: 1.3 A18-49 / 4.8 million viewers
    Killer Women: 1.5 A18-49 / 5.5 million viewers

    The Middle: 2.1 A18-49 / 8.0 million viewers
    Super Fun Night: 1.3 A18-49 / 4.9 million viewers
    Modern Family: 3.3 A18-49 / 9.5 million viewers
    Super Fun Night: 1.6 A18-49 / 5.2 million viewers
    David Blaine: Magic or Real (R): 1.4 A18-49 / 5.0 million viewers

    The Taste: 1.4 A18-49 / 5.8 million viewers
    The Assets: 0.4 A18-49 / 2.7 million viewers

    Last Man Standing: 1.4 A18-49 / 5.4 million viewers
    The Neighbors: 0.9 A18-49 / 4.0 million viewers
    Shark Tank: 2.0 A18-49 / 7.0 million viewers
    20/20: 1.5 A18-49 / 5.4 million viewers

  • John A

    More worried for TGW as it has a Elementary Repeat lead in. TGW 1.3 and Revenge 1.5.

  • Ray

    I hope Revenge can at least get a 1.7 or 1.8, as it really needs to remain stable during its January run, as this spring will be very concerning (new timeslot, fresh new series lead-in, etc.). I hope in the spring Once Upon a Time can help Resurrection at least stabilize in the 1.3-1.6 range (which is better than any new drama on ABC this season-minus SHIELD). That way Revenge can hopefully stabilize at a 1.5ish or so (which is better than any 10pm show since Brothers & Sisters, well and GCB to an extent).

  • John A

    Has ABC been promoting Revenge this week?

  • Dan S

    I say 1.7-1.8 since it has lighter competition tonight. It has a more compatible lead in & no Football airing against it. Even cable is light so no Walking Dead either. No excuses not to go higher.

  • were123

    I guess it will do at least a 1.5, but I’m predicting a 1.7 and hoping for more. The Bachelor as a lead in might help

  • HalCapone

    A frigid Sunday night without football. What will America do?

  • Mike

    I’m predicting a 1.4 but I hope it’s higher.

  • rob60990

    In my opinion, The Bachelor is much more compatible with Revenge than Once Upon a Time. I havent really seen any advertising for Revenge. I saw one ad during the Dick Clark New Years Eve special. I only see ads for DOA Killer Women, The Taste, SHIELD, and The Goldbergs. I honestly keep forgetting its on tonight.

  • Shepherd

    Last season the spring premier matched its fall finale. This season Revenge has generally fared worse than it did last season so I’ll guess 1.4-1.5. I’ve no idea how strong that 1.5 was (1.45 or 1.54) so I think anything between 1.4-1.6 is possible.

    I still expect 0.9-1.1 for the spring finale at best.

  • CrimTV

    NBC will fall apart tonight without Football.

  • KC

    I think 1.5 or 1.6 – it’s found the audience that is faithful. Unfortunately, it was a good show at the start and has turned into something I cannot watch.

  • Valentin

    Hoping for a 1.7 but a 1.5 will be fine I guess. Can’t wait to see the episode :)

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