Predict the Ratings for Tonight's 'Revenge' (Poll)

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January 5th, 2014


Revenge ended 2013 on a soft note, earning  a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating for its midseason finale. Will the new year bring good fortune to this drama after its short winter hiatus? Forecast the adults 18-49 rating for tonight's episode below, and make sure to share your rationale in the comments!

  • Fred

    On the plus side:
    +The finale was riveting and the strongest ep of the season . Many fans will want to watch this live.
    + Far less competition tonight.
    + Bachleor is being heavily promoted. Should give Revenge a boost . Similar audience .

    On the negative side:
    – too many fans abandoned Revenge last season and this season.
    – heavily serialized shows have a harder time enticing viewers back.
    – nearly every show has been suffering fron viewer erosion .
    -ABC does not have many eyeballs watching promos for Revenge. Especially since the much more popular Grey’s and Scandal are on hiatus .

    1.5-1.6 for Revenge hoping for more . Yes Im still a fan.
    0.9- 1.0 for Betrayal. Started very dull, improved a bit then became dull again. Don’tt ask me why I continue to watch this . My wife seems to enjoy it so I watch it with her. It is a perfect sleeping remedy.

    Bachelor should manage a 2.5 or so. Probably the most anticipated new Bachleor EVER. As the host claims every season .
    Jokes aside . this show lasted far longer than most of us ever predicted.
    ABC is doing a great job keeping this relevant . My wife still loves it.

  • Rem

    The show’s best ratings were when Emily was firmly in control of the situation each week. As things got more and more out of control for the character the ratings seemed to go down for the most part.

    With the character totally out of it as seen in the previews I wouldn’t be surprised if the show rates a <1.2

  • DenverDean

    The ratings should equal or be above “fall” finale because the weather is awful in most of the country. This should lead to higher HUT across the board.

  • NBC Fan

    The Bachelor-2.3

    The Good Wife-1.5
    The Mentalist-1.7

    The Simpsons-4.8
    Bob’s Burgers-3.3
    Family Guy-3.8
    American Dad-3.0

    Dateline(First Hour)-0.9
    Dateline(Second Hour)-1.7
    Jimmy Fallon-1.4

  • cc

    Love the show, but I don’t see any major change in its ratings. Is tonight the night on Good Wife that new Springsteen songs are premiered? Even I may have to watch Revenge later On Demand if so. And I don’t even like GW.

  • diana

    i don’t think that revenge will be below a 1.2 but i’m predicting somewhere inbetween the 1.3-1.5 catagory but i’m hoping the bachalor will give it a boost to at least a 1.7

  • diana

    i don’t know why abc all of the sudden stopped promoting revenge out of sight and out of mind

  • Networkman

    I’m going with a 1.6 I do feel Revenge may be more compatible with The Bachelor. Also competition is much lighter. Lastly, I feel the Winter finale in December was really entertaining and intriguing and viewers will want to see how things continue once Emily is found. I haven’t really seen any advertising regarding its return. So that is why I’m going with just .1 demo higher than its previous episode.

  • Tim

    I agree that the show is basically dead. It wont recover from this season so the cons (ratings) outweigh the pros (syndication) for next season, I believe.

    Anyway, it will stay at or near its midseason finale rating. If it was any old rerun leading into Revenge, it would’ve gone down. But the Bachelor will probably transfer a few viewers over since they share the same target demo.

  • frodo

    I am gonna be positive 1.7 or 1.8

  • Matt M.

    The Bachelor will be a much better lead-in for Revenge tonight than ONCE.

    Final Predictions…

    The Bachelor: 2.3 / 8.0 million viewers
    Revenge: 1.7 / 6.5 million viewers

  • Matt M.

    Here are my predictions for tomorrow & Tuesday, as well…

    The Bachelor: 2.5 / 9.0 million viewers
    Castle: 2.0 / 9.0 million viewers

    Agents Of SHIELD: 2.5 / 7.5 million viewers
    The Goldbergs: 1.7 / 5.0 million viewers
    Trophy Wife: 1.3 / 3.5 million viewers
    Killer Women: 1.9 / 7.0 million viewers

  • diana

    I’m seeing very few promos for a matter of fact I haven’t any promotion for the following greys, castle, once upon a time, revenge and nashville and you wonder why most of these shows especially revenge and ouat are waaaay down this year.if abc keeps this up the only real hit it will have is scandal this technique ABC uses promoting only a couple of returning shows a couple of new shows and a few.comedies is really bringing the network average down

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Does it matter how Revenge will rate?

    The show is dead,being a serialized show, there’s no way to bounce back.ABC must be happy with the soapy stable at 1.5.The show won’t rise anymore and won’t see a 2.0 rating too.Forget about it people, move on.

  • Wade

    I wish: anything above a 2.0, predicting 1.3-4 :( . Fingers crossed hoping I am wrong!!!!

  • New England Mike

    Revenge is a show I DVR but don’t watch live. Hard to avoid some spoilers with Twitter, but whatever. I’ll watch it some time this week but whether it’s The Walking Dead, Homeland, True Blood, Family Guy, Football, Showtime comedies, etc., there’s always a better choice. Tonight, that choice, for me, will be Downton Abbey. By the way, I guess 1.5

  • abc

    I’ll be daring and predict 2.0

    The Bachelor premiere lead in + no big 9pm competition + good cliffhanger will bump it up ratings.

  • remi

    The ratings will probably plunge. Half of everyone probably don’t even know the new episodes are airing tonight.

  • Janet

    I had no idea this was coming back tonight until I saw this. That is worrying. With Downton premiering tonight for those who don’t know how to use the internet, I am very concerned for Revenge.


    I’m thinking 1.5-1.6 as The Bachelor is more compatable & there is less competition overall

    Downton Abbey returns tonight (which I’ll be watching) as well as THE GOOD WIFE (which I’ll catch OD)

    Downton never did have SNF ratings, so the real story will be NBC’s ratings this bitter (cold) eve

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