Predict the Ratings for Tonight's 'Revenge' (Poll)

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January 5th, 2014


Revenge ended 2013 on a soft note, earning  a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating for its midseason finale. Will the new year bring good fortune to this drama after its short winter hiatus? Forecast the adults 18-49 rating for tonight's episode below, and make sure to share your rationale in the comments!

  • Evan

    I think it’ll get a 1.5. It doesn’t have much competition but it doesn’t have OUAT as a lead in and people are over the show.

  • diana

    i agree i’m very concerned most people don’t even know that revenge is coming back tonight cause i have not seen any promos on its return and abc is clearly not helping but doing everything in its power to kill it

  • Dillan

    It should be up after that massive cliffhanger. I’m going to say 1.8.

  • BG

    I’m hoping for 1.7-1.8. I haven’t seen much promotion except on the Revenge FB page. When does Revenge start airing at 10pm? I thought I saw a post awhile back that ABC was moving the show to a different timeslot.

  • diana

    on march 9

  • NeNe Leakes

    Just cancel this show already!

  • Lasko6


  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    America’s Funniest Home Videos 1.3
    The Bachelor 1.4
    Revenge 1.5
    Betrayal 0.8

    60 Minutes 1.4
    Elementary (repeat) 0.9
    The Good Wife 1.6
    The Mentalist 1.8

    NFC Wildcard game 13.0
    The Simpsons 4.0
    Bob’s Burgers 2.9
    Family Guy 3.4
    American Dad 2.6

    Dateline 1.5
    Jimmy Fallon 1.6

    A 1.5 rating for the big reveal episode of Daniel shooting Emily doesn’t mean Revenge is dead. That episode should have increased from the previous episode because it was the most anticipated episode since the season 3 premiere. Tonight’s episode should just equal the last episode even though there is less cable competition tonight.

    The NFC wildcard game should boost the rest of Fox’s lineup.

    Tonight will be a test for Jimmy Fallon. I don’t expect it to do better than the other best of Saturday Night Live clip shows. Jimmy Fallon repeats will likely do better than a new Emily VanCamp.

  • Fa1c0n

    Everyone who is complaining about how the promos are affecting the shows, they can take tonight as a meter. Revenge got lots of promos during the Capital One Bowl and has others throughout the week. This is its turn to perform, and if it doesn’t perform well, then nobody can ever use the stupid excuse of how heavily Scandal is promoted. Well, you know what, Scandal is promoted well because ABC wants to put their money in the right places, not a show that will only be renewed for syndication. After tonight, never mention promotion, unless it performs to your satisfaction.

  • Fa1c0n

    @diana, how many shows on abc do you watch, must not be many because it has been promoted a lot. Just go home…

  • HeadlessHorseman

    Revenge 1.4
    Betrayal .8

  • Carl

    I’ve been trying to stay with this show, but next week when the HBO and Showtime shows air, it’s gonna be hard for me to stick with Revenge. Sunday night tv lineup is so loaded it’s gotten to the point where you have to take a vacation day from work the next day to catch up on your DVR.

  • Networkman

    Revenge was captivating. Madeleine Stowe was brilliant tonight. With ABC’s new dramas tanking, ABC should continue to support Revenge. It brings in ok ratings for airing on Sunday night. I would love for this drama to reach 100 episodes. For all those viewers who dropped the show, it is back in fine form. In my opinion, it is Must-See. A lot is being revealed and I just sit back and enjoy the next moves that will be taken. It is fun seeing both sides struggle for power.

  • Jake

    Good move to babe the bachelor as lead in for this week and next but why does abc want to put revenge opposite the golden globes next week? Revenge is better than ever, they packed so much twists and turns in one episode.

  • ethan

    Revenge got a 2.0 opposite Golden Globes last year. The Good Wife got a 1.9. I can’t believe how much both shows have fallen in the demo in just one year, especially that both shows are so much better than last year.

  • Fred

    Stelaar Revenge ep last night.
    Any disgruntled fan should return . Easy to catch on despite the serialized format.
    Echoes of Dynasty and Dallas permeate many scenes.
    The older characters are the best actors and they get the best lines , that is one reason the 18-49 demo is low .
    Revenge simply attracts older people .

  • Carl

    I respect the fact that Revenge has gotten better but this story line of getting revenge on the Grayson’s is getting tired. She has had ample time to get even, and this thing just keeps dragging. I can see why so many people have bailed on the show. It’s going to be interesting what the ratings will be this Sunday when HBO shows like True Detective air. This is probably when I’ll be moving on. Can’t keep up with everything.

  • Jarrad

    @Fa1c0n you don’t have to be rude.

  • Jeff

    Guessing a 1.3.

    Reasoning — very little promotion (I didn’t even know it was going to be a new episode until the same day it aired). Despite all of the brouhaha over the summer, the show still has not returned to what made it so good in the beginning — lots of spying and smart outmaneuvering of the Graysons. It has become a soap opera, period.

    And I am writing this after the show and feel I am ready to move on to something else after loving this series its first year. Too bad.

  • gerry

    fingers crossed for 1.7-1.8

    didnt watch last night w tgw and downton abbey, can’t wait til this finally moves to 10 pm

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