NBC Orders Six Episodes of Comedy 'Mr. Robinson' Starring Craig Robinson

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January 6th, 2014

Craig Robinson

NBC has ordered pilot Mr. Robinson to series. The show will star Craig Robinson, best known for The Office as a musician who takes a job teaching middle school. The network has not announced when the show will premiere.  Variety has more details.

  • ToXiX

    NBC needs to completely give up comedies on Thursday and debut 2 new comedies after The Voice next season Mondays @ 10pm where no other network is scheduling comedies.

  • Brad

    Ah, the six episodes of death… When was the last time a show aired that many episodes and got a second season? The most recent one I can think of is ‘Breaking In’ – and look how that turned out. lol.

  • Samunto

    Am i the only one or is this development season pretty dull. Nothing screams ‘hot’. Last year the networks and esp NBC were pretty aggressive. I guess the lack of many hits this season has made the nets cool it.

    NBC is totally scheduling sth other than comedy on Thursdays next fall.

  • chicco

    Pay zillion dollars and make a friends reunion season and build your line up from there and actually through it against TBBT and let the better comedy win and STOP the stupid shows u r trying

  • RJC

    A Friends reunion season would certainly be interesting and a huge ratings grabber (the first episode would definitely beat TBBT and it could continue to do so if it was actually good), but I think it would be so costly as to be prohibitive for NBC. Plus there’s a very good chance that only half the cast (at most) would be interested in doing it for any amount of money that could be offered to them. NBC is better off trying to find a new hit comedy than bringing old ones back.

    That said, I have to agree with whoever said that, from a pure ratings perspective, NBC might be better off trying to repurchase the rights to its old hit 90s sitcoms and airing those on Thursdays than coming up with new ones. That is no way to build (rebuild) a network, though.

  • Dan

    Sounds too much like The Steve Harvey Show. Just bring in Cedric the Entertainer for Craig’s sidekick.


    I’ll pass

  • Tomcatt630

    NBC could show reruns of 90’s shows, but local affiliates would scream. So would TV Land, Nick at Nite, and TBS. They depend on sitcom reruns, but they are running out of fresh hits, as viewers refuse to watch new shows.

    TBBT is being run into the ground on TBS, what can replace it?

    USA, owned by NBC, is making hay with an ABC show, Modern Family.

  • Tomcatt630

    A ‘friends’ reunion would have all the aging Gen X’ers screaming “OMG, they look so old!” Kudrow is 50, Perry looks 55, and LeBlanc is gray haired. Exepct for Anniston, who is preserved with leading edge cosmotology.

    Fanatics who are daily watching the reruns, would have a stroke seeing reality.

  • Tomcatt630

    There is no way that Jen Anniston would go back to TV. And again, all the fanatics would whine about how old the actors are these days.

    They would have to have it be filmed on ‘Wisteria lane’ since they are middle aged with kids.

    People need to stop living in the 90’s and accept new shows!

  • Tomcatt630

    And more:

    C. Cox is now doing a 5th season of Cougar Town, and it’s got a cult fanbase.

    Besides, Chandler and Monica moved out of NYC, and most likely made new “friends” in Westchester. For sure, Rachel and Ross broke up again, and she moved to Paris. Ross is Monica’s bro, so he still is around. But, Joey is still in Hollywood. Phoebe is married to Paul Rudd and in Brooklyn with hipsters.

    Cliques of friends grow apart, especially if there were failed romances.
    Any reunion show should be a clips one.

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