Predict the Ratings for the Return of 'Castle' (Poll)

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January 6th, 2014

Castle monday November 11

Castle had a true mid-season break. Its most recent new episode aired way back on November 25. It garnered a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating against a new episode of The Blacklist. Tonight it returns after the season premiere of The Bachelor. Its only original broadcast competition will be the series finale of Hostages. Will the show benefit from having the time period to itself and what may turn out to be a stronger lead-in than the waning Dancing With the Stars? Make your prediction!

  • Samunto

    I say a 2.4. Though given the past how Castle always stayed stable it could be the 2.1 it last had.

  • Networkman

    2.1 demo It is airing behind The Bachelor and has no real competition beside Hostages which will probably garner 1.4

    My main concern is how Almost Human will fare. FOX showed numerous repeats during the Holiday season. So I hope people like what they saw. And that more exposure and less competition will bring in more viewers. Almost Human is perfect for the FOX network. I want to see it bring in no lower than a 1.8 demo

  • CBSviewer

    I’m gonna say 2.3. There is NO competition at all.

  • Juan

    I say new season high, maybe 2.4 or even higher

  • luka

    The Bachelor – 6.46 mln, 2.2 demo
    Castle – 9.18 mln, 2.2 demo

    Almost Human – 6.55 mln, 1.9 demo
    Sleepy Hollow (R) – 3.42 mln, 1.0 demo

    The Blacklist (R) – 2.77 mln, 0.9 demo
    The Blacklist (R) – 2.38mln, 0.8 demo
    The Blacklist (R) – 2,75 mln, 1.0 demo

    2 Broke Girls – 4.22 mln, 1.1 demo
    Mom – 3.55 mln, 0.9 demo
    Hostages – 5.32 mln, 1.3 demo
    Hostages – 4.66 mln, 1.2 demo

  • Matt M.

    It won’t fall. Plus, no competition whatsoever. However, I don’t thnk it will hit any *major* highs. So, therefore, I say most likely a 2.2 but [maybe] a 2.3. I think Castle and Bach will score the same demo rating though.

    Final Predictions…

    The Bachelor: 2.2 / 7.5 million viewers
    Castle: 2.2 / 9.5 million viewers

    Almost Human: 1.9 / 6.7 million viewers

    Hostages (9:00): 1.5 / 5.5 million viewers
    Hostages (10:00): 1.3 / 4.8 million viewers

  • Matt M.

    Also, Castle is [perhaps] THEE most stable show on television right now. It’s amazing and unbelievable how stable and consistent it is from week-to-week, year-to-year, and even season-to-season.

  • Kissan

    Prediction for tomorrow’s ratings:

    The Bachelor-2.3 and 7 mill. viewers
    Castle-2.2 and 10 mill. viewers

    2BG(R)-1.4 and 5 mill. viewers
    Mom(R)-1.3 and 5 mill. viewers
    Hostages-1.4 and 6 mill. viewers

    The Blacklist(R)-0.7 and 2 mill. viewers
    The Blacklist(R)-1.0 and 3 mill. viewers
    The Blacklist(R)-1.2 and 4 mill. viewers

    Almost Human-2.0 and 6 mill. viewers
    Sleepy Hollow(R)-1.1 and 2 mill. viewers

    HOD(R)-0.3 and 640,000 viewers
    BATB(R)-0.2 and 400,000 viewers

  • Dunker

    It should be noted that the BCS Championship game starts at 8:30pm ET on ESPN.

  • gerry

    stable at 2.1, maybe up to 2.2

  • Kissan

    I don’t care about Castle. I just can’t wait until The Fosters and The Blacklist come back next Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John A

    2.2. Weird to see a Castle poll.

  • NBC Fan

    The Bachelor-2.4


    Almost Human-1.9

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I would guess a nice 2.2 if not higher.

  • James

    I think the BCS title game will have a marginal effect on Castle’s ratings so it should be about the same as normal so 2.1 ish; if the Blacklist was new as well I’d say 2.0 or less

  • HeadlessHorseman

    Castle: 2.1
    Almost Human: 1.7
    Hostages: 1.0

  • It’s Me

    Castle HAS to atleast get a 2.2 cause the so-called competition, Hostages, has ratings that are a f***ing joke. Obviously, Hostages is going to be cancelled.

  • ABCtvAddict

    @It’s Me I agree, atleast a 2.2

    Anyways, anyone else psyched about Castle’s return tonight? I’ve been so deprived this season I could die.

  • Sarah

    Castle: 2.1-2.2
    Almost Human: 1.9-2.2 (Because of the CBS and NBC repeats and The Bachelor, judging by last night)

  • Judy912

    I am hoping for great ratings for my favorite weekly series CASTLE. I’ve been loving this season’s episodes immensely!!

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