Syndicated TV Ratings: 'Judge Judy' Number 1 in Households, 'Wheel of Fortune' Wins Total Viewers, 'Ellen DeGeneres' Top Talker for Week Ending December 22, 2013

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January 6th, 2014


Judge Judy was the top regular weekday syndicated program in Household ratings, as well as hitting its 900th consecutive week as the top court show, while Wheel of Fortune again won with total viewers for the week ending December 22, 2013.

Ellen DeGeneres was the top rated talk show.

Rank Program Dist Days HH Rating Viewers (000)
1 WEEKEND ADVENTURE DAL ......S 7.5 10545
2 JUDGE JUDY (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 7.1 9710
4 JEOPARDY (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 6.4 10000
5 BIG BANG-SYN (AT) WB MTWTF.. 6.4 9855
6 LAW & ORDER:CI-WKL (AT) NBU ......S 5.6 7520
7 FAMILY FEUD (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 5.2 7659
8 Modern Family-MF-SYN (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 5.1 7675
9 BIG BANG WKND (AT) WB .....SS 4.7 7812
10 TWO-HALF MEN-SYN (AT) WB MTWTF.. 3.9 5879
11 LAW & ORDER:SVU-WKL (AT) NBU ......S 3.8 5203
13 Family Guy-WK-SYN (AT) 2/T ......S 3.5 5176
14 Modern Family-WK-SYN (AT) 2/T ......S 3.5 5639
15 WHEEL OF FORTUNE WKND CTD ......S 3.3 5087
16 Family Guy-MF-SYN (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 3.1 4585
19 DR. PHIL SHOW (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 2.8 3710
21 HOUSE-SYN (AT) NBU ......S 2.6 3854
23 Castle (AT) DAD ......S 2.4 3098
24 ACCESS HOLLYWD LV-WKD NBU ......S 2.2 3070
25 Cleveland Show-SYN (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 2.1 3006


We've entered the wacky time of year when Nielsen counts the local broadcast of the Monday Night Football games as syndicated shows and while it is syndicated to the local markets of the teams playing, Nielsen also includes the numbers from ESPN so MNF will always put them at the top of the list, pay no attention to them. Weekend Adventure is a package of nature shows airing weekends on many ABC stations.

Why Aren't The Simpsons on This List?!

While The Simpsons repeats are available nationally its ratings are not counted in the weekly syndicated ratings because The Simpsons does not sell any national advertising in syndication.

Please note that the syndicated weekly results are delayed versus normal reporting.  While we get the broadcast and cable ratings for the prior Monday-Sunday period every Tuesday, there is an extra week of lag time with the syndicated ratings and these numbers are not for last week, but for the week before last.

For syndicated shows which air on multiple days, the viewership shown is the average of all telecasts.

BUENA VISTA items are syndicated packages of old Disney movies.

DAD = Disney ABC Domestic Television, SPT= Sony Pictures Television, 2/T=Twentieth Television, ESP = ESPN, CTD = CBS Television Distribution.

AT = Additional Time/Telecasts, more than the typical number of episodes or time periods/week

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Sam

    Castle. YEAH!!
    No bad for Modern Family :)

  • catsrule

    If demo ratings are what count why do the syndicated reports only have households and viewers?

  • Dylan

    Congrats Ellen, finally she is No.1 for a week!!!!

  • Lightwizard

    I have viewed several episodes of Judge Judy over various times as it was on when I turned on the tv. I have to say that she is a moron. Sorry but she seems to form an opinion on one of the complainants and despite what evidence they might present, she rules. Even her sidekick bailiff is jus an actor who seems to be cocky and full of himself and doesn’t help to portray a fair system. After watching several of these shows I am very concerned on this whole Judicial system. It very much seems that it is her show and regardless of what plaintiffs try to present, her opinions prevail and are mostly played out and unfair in some instances. If this is what America has to look forward to when going to court? we are all screwed. I hope to never go before a judge, who knows what frame of mind he/she might be in when deciding my fate. These shows ought not be aired. I will not be watching any more, to depressing. Surprising these “Judge” shows have such high ratings. People wake up, you might find yourself in front of a Judge who has a personal “Peave” on your situation even though they shouldn’t. I have begun to question this after watching several of these “Judge Shows” Just saying!!!!!

  • MorrisonT

    Lightwizard, many times she is frustrated on how ridiculous and idiotic the participants can be. If she was the kind of Judge you think she should be, her ratings would not be very high. Face it, people in this country enjoy watching train wrecks. Like you, I can’t believe that shows like The Kardashians, Real Housewives, Snooki & JWoww ever got on the air. But like I said, people love to watch because of the train wreck value. People are not very selective anymore. Especially women, they watch anything these days.

  • Don

    I watch Judge Judy and most of the time, she thinks she is Psychic.
    Like she can read people’s mind. I agree with Lightwizard. She is
    not fair most of the time.

  • Flarikker

    I watch Judge Judy and it seems that she already has her ruling before the litigants even speak. She just listens to them to see if they can change her mind. This is not a true court, it is more of an arbitrary hearing. The litigants waive their right to trial to get Judge Judy’s ruling. By the way, I heard that both litigants get a fee for appearing on the show.

  • Richard

    When are people going get tired the OLD prejudice Hagg

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