'The Big Bang Theory' & 'Elementary'Add More Than 4 Million Viewers With Live +3 Day Lift

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January 7th, 2014

Elementary October 2013

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"The Big Bang Theory" Also Posts Season-High 3-Day Lift Deliveries in Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54


The first episodes of the new year of THE BIG BANG THEORY and ELEMENTARY added more than four million viewers with live +3-day lift, while THE BIG BANG THEORY also posted season high 3-day lift deliveries in adults 18-49 and adults 25-54, according to Nielsen live plus 3-day ratings for Thursday, Jan. 2.


THE BIG BANG THEORY added +4.43m viewers (23.63m from 19.20m), +2.3 rating points in adults 25-54 (9.6 from 7.3), +2.1 rating points in adults 18-49 (7.5 from 5.4) live plus 3-day lift from live plus same day.  THE BIG BANG THEORY posted its season-best live plus 3-day deliveries in both adults 25-54 and adults 18-49 and its second-best viewers total of the season, just behind 23.88m viewers on Nov.21.


THE BIG BANG THEORY's live plus 3-day lift in both adults 25-54 and adults 18-49 beat the live plus 3-day delivery of every primetime program on the competition except for NBC's "Parenthood."


ELEMENTARY added +4.04m viewers (13.08m from 9.04m), +1.4 rating points in adults 25-54 (4.1 from 2.7) and +1.2 rating points in adults 18-49 (3.0 from 1.8) live plus 3-day lift from live plus same day.  ELEMENTARY posted its largest live plus 3-day audience since Oct. 10, 2013.


  • I Love TV!

    :o TBBT

  • Danny

    I have been defending Elementary all season. The show is awesome and will be around for a number of years. Dvr numbers should be accounted for. Why? You might ask. When you Dvr a show, you get the commercials too! Some people fast forward, some do not. Just like when its live, a large majority of people don’t pay any attention to them anyway. That’s when they go to the bathroom, get a snack, answer the phone etc. etc. It has a large following. People tune in and Dvr because they like the show, and not to watch the commercials.

  • Networkman

    I just think Elementary needs to air at an earlier time. That may help its live day ratings increase. The show definitely has more life left in it.

  • DenverDean

    Elementary clearly has it’s own audience. People do not actively DVR week-in-week out unless they are interested in program. I really see CBS moving a drama back to 9/8 on Thursday with two comedies and then rebuilding Monday with four strong comedies. The eight comedy thing isn’t working.

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