Predict the Ratings for the Premiere of 'Chicago PD' (Poll)

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January 8th, 2014

Chicago PD Premiere

Tonight, Chicago PD, a Chicago Fire spin-off, premieres on NBC. Chicago Fire has been a solid success story, growing into the usual broadcast winner of the Tuesday 10PM timeslot (though it regularly was beaten by FX's Sons of Anarchy.) However it is not the sort of runaway hit that usually inspires spin-offs. Wednesday has been a weak spot in NBC's line-up, with Ironside tanking in the 10PM timeslot earlier this season. Last night, without the benefit of The Voice as a lead-in, Chicago Fire garnered a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. Ironside's premiere earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. How do you think Chicago PD will fare tonight?

  • Dante

    1.4 or less. BOMB.

    A spin-off based on a show that is NOT a hit. Brilliant NBC.

  • Valentin

    I’d go w/ a 1.8-1.9

  • Victor Hugo

    1.7 same for SVU

  • Edward

    It should be compatible with SVU and bring in some Fire viewers. I’d say a 1.8 – 2.0.

  • jessica

    i hope it does well. i love Sophia bush!

  • Oliver

    I hope it does badly. Hate Sophia Bush!

  • David

    My predictions:

    Revolution: 1.4
    Law and Order: SVU: 1.8
    Chicago PD: 1.7

  • reidjr


    One of the top rated shos is not a hit?

  • Dennis

    More importantly… I REALLY REALLY hope Revolution comes back with a 1.4 or higher. I really don’t wanna see it go below 1.4 :(

  • RJC

    As a spinoff of a show that itself is only able to garner 1.9-2.0 without a big lead-in, I doubt this goes above 1.8 even for a premiere. It should be compatible with SVU, but that show seems incapable of hitting 2.0 these days.

  • Shepherd

    Wow 67% think 1.7 or higher. Do people just not watch people’s choice awards? (I don’t really pay attention to award show ratings).

  • Eve

    Chicago PD seems very compatible with SVU and has told the history on Chicago Fire, so it would bring some viewers. Now, I am really hoping Revolution comes back to a 1.4 at least, the midseason finale let me with many doubts.


    Revolution: 1.4 – 5 million viewers.
    SVU: 1.7 – 6 or 7 million viewers.
    Chicago PD: 1.7 – 6 million viewers.

  • KC

    I didn’t even know there was a spin-off! I won’t watch.

  • Shepherd

    It’s not really apples to apples, but back in Oct., OUAT got a 2.6, and 4 days later Wonderland only managed to pull a 1.3 despite all of the hype.

    While Wonderland premiered lower than I and many others predicted, I did say that this wouldn’t be a good ‘year’ for spin-offs, and my opinion hasn’t changed.

    I just can’t see PD doing more than 75-80% of CF’s 1.9. I clicked 1.3-1.4.

  • iSezzo

    More scum cops. Eff it!

  • CrimTV


    The People’s Choice Awards get moderately good ratings but we’re not talking Golden Globes/Emmys/Grammys big though.

  • DenverDean


    In what universe is CF “top rated”? NBC’s only? NBC has so little confidence in CF that they have not aired a single repeat this season, even though it is a procedural. (This is a big mistake by NBC because that is how you build shows like that – so when POI is in repeats, CF has chance to draw new viewers to its repeats, etc.) CF is doing OK, but with TV lead-in and NOTHING on ABC, it should be doing better.

    CPD will get a sampling with no CSI this week. Next week, it gets CSI AND the highly anticipated return of DD. It’s going to be a tough road for this show.

  • CrimTV

    Isn’t Chicago Fire like NBC’s #2 Scripted Show behind The Blacklist.

  • Dante


    No, Chicago MISfire is NOT a hit. It isn’t even a minor one. It is barely hanging on to “decent” at this point.

  • NBC Fan

    The Middle-2.4
    Super Fun Night(8:30)-1.6
    Modern Family-4.0
    Super Fun Night-2.0

    Chicago PD-2.0

    People’s Choice Awards-2.6

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