Predict the Ratings for the Premiere of 'Chicago PD' (Poll)

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January 8th, 2014

Chicago PD Premiere

Tonight, Chicago PD, a Chicago Fire spin-off, premieres on NBC. Chicago Fire has been a solid success story, growing into the usual broadcast winner of the Tuesday 10PM timeslot (though it regularly was beaten by FX's Sons of Anarchy.) However it is not the sort of runaway hit that usually inspires spin-offs. Wednesday has been a weak spot in NBC's line-up, with Ironside tanking in the 10PM timeslot earlier this season. Last night, without the benefit of The Voice as a lead-in, Chicago Fire garnered a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. Ironside's premiere earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. How do you think Chicago PD will fare tonight?


    Chicago Fire has average of 3.4 and is currently placed on #20 for the season (18-49). How is that not a hit?


    I went w/ 1.5-1.6 AHS Coven returns tonight & I think it will score its usual 2.0 or so


    09.23.2013 – 12.01.2013

    1. SNF 8.7
    2. TBBT 7.7
    3. MF 5.8
    4. TB 5.2
    5. OT 5.2
    6. TV 5.1
    7. GA 4.7
    8. MAoS 4.7
    9. TV 4.6
    10. Scandal 4.6
    11. SH 4.5
    12. HIMYM 4.4
    13. NCIS 4.2
    14. FNiA 4.2
    15. CM 3.9
    16. AH 3.6
    17. 2BG 3.5
    18. OUaT 3.5
    19. TCO 3.4
    20. CF 3.4

  • iamrumple


    actually, OUAT got a 2.6 — and then Wonderland got a 1.7 (not a 1.3)
    It just fell off hard after that.

  • Shepherd


    Oups.. typo. :) Still no where near 75% of OUAT’s numbers at the time. Only 65% in fact.


    Those are L+7; completely irrelevant ratings. CF has never gotten a 3.0.

  • CrimTV

    I’m sorry but since when has a 1.9 on NBC at 10pm not been a hit. Do you people live in a fantasy world or something. Name me one other scripted show on NBC except for The Blacklist that hits 1.9+ consistently.

  • Michael1


    “A spin-off based on a show that is NOT a hit. Brilliant NBC.”

    Couldn’t the same thing have been said about “CSI: Miami” 12 years ago? Early on, “CSI” benefitted heavily from airing after “Survivor”.

  • Eve


    Also this is the second time it goes below 2’s in all season (even when it looks like it will adjust up). It is a hit for the network it airs on.

  • John A

    1.5. CF does decent but it doesnt deserve a spin off.



    How are these completely irrelevant ratings? They are irrelevant for advertisers maybe, but they are probably the best indicator of how much one show is popular. And it means that average 3.4% of 18-49ers are watching Chicago Fire.


    And that Chicago PD has already established name behind itself to premiere decent at least.

  • Billiam

    I think it will premiere at about 2.0 but will steadily sink from there and be cancelled… probably winding up at about 1.2 at end of the season.

  • Billiam


    Ahhhh…. CSI is still going in what, 11 seasons… CSI:Miami was very strong for MANY seasons and so was CSI:NY… so, while CSI was a success story for CBS, I don’t think we can say the same for Chicago Fire…. it will most likely get cancelled after next season unless it keeps its downward trend and gets cancelled before it has another season.

    I think Chicago PD is a pipe dream but… I could be wrong…

  • Kissan

    The Middle-2.2 and 8 mill. viewers
    SFN-1.7 and 5 mill. viewers
    Modern Family-3.8 and 10 mill. viewers
    SFN-1.9 and 5 mill. viewers

    Revolution-1.5 and 4 mill. viewers
    SVU-1.8 and 6 mill. viewers
    Chicago PD-1.8 and 6 mill. viewers

  • ToXiX

    1.6-1.7 I can’t see it going any higher but it could be lower.

    And just noticed Fox is airing Step Brothers tonight?

  • abc

    Does tv really need yet another cop/procedural show?

  • k:Alex

    I don’t know how much the buzz is, but is should get at least 1.6.

    I hope around 1.8/9, the competition is weak and it looks like a good show, little bit more serial instead of procedural.

  • CBSviewer

    Tonight ratings:

    The Middle: 2.0
    Super Fun Night: 1.5
    Modern Family: 3.3
    Super Fun Night: 1.9

    People Choice Awards: 2.8

    Revolution: 1.4
    Law & Order: SVU: 2.2
    Chicago P.D.: 1.8

  • gerry

    i’m going w 1.8. i don’t with CF but i strangely find myself rooting for it, i guess because it is something i’d consider watching at some point..?

    anyhow, i’d watch this if my wed 10 wasn’t already so laden with stuff. though this wed it isn’t up against much, so hopefully it will do well.

  • Alex

    i voted 1.5-1.6

    unless it becomes the next do no harm, no matter how badly it does it’ll definitely run for the rest of the season in that time slot. svu could be a good lead in for it especially because dick wolf produces both those shows.

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