Tuesday Final Ratings: 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.', 'NCIS' & 'Chicago Fire' Adjusted Up; 'Trophy Wife' Adjusted Down

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January 8th, 2014

Chcago Fire January 7 Big

NCIS, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Chicago Fire were each adjusted up a tenth while Trophy Wife was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for January 7, 2014

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS NCIS (8-9:01PM) 3.0/8 20.84
ABC Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (8-9:01PM) 2.2/6 6.63
NBC The Biggest Loser (8-10PM) 1.7/5 5.46
FOX Dads 1.5/4 3.64
CW The Originals - R 0.3/1 0.91
8:30 FOX Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.5/4 3.44
9:00 CBS Intelligence - Series Premiere (9-10:01PM) 2.4/6 16.49
ABC The Goldbergs (9:01-9:31PM) 1.7/5 5.28
FOX New Girl 1.6/4 3.20
CW Supernatural - R 0.4/1 0.89
9:30 FOX The Mindy Project 1.3/3 2.62
ABC Trophy Wife (9:31-10PM) 1.1/3 3.83
10:00 CBS Person of Interest 2.0/6 12.10
NBC Chicago Fire 2.0/6 6.87
ABC Killer Women - Series Premiere 0.9/2 3.96


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  • matt

    Hey dante can you name any other scripted show besides the blacklist that draws at least a 2 or more demo on nbc name it.oh yeah it’s chicago fire

  • saw

    Intelligence will drop a lot next week. Big crap, with bad quality. May be even below 1.8.

    POI and CF are too good for 10 pm shows on same night. What is new CBS death slot now? Monday @ 10?

  • HeadlessHorseman

    Another good point. Chicago Fire is not a major hit, but it’s by no means a failure.

  • Eric McInnis

    Am I the only one who thinks Dante’s haters are getting more annoying than Dante himself? I mean, if people want him to leave, all they can do is ignore his posts, especially since…Dante is a troll that should not be taken seriously, and only does this as a facade to make the people who fall for him act like buffoons, and uses Chicago Fire as an excuse to create said silliness to the people who respond to this. (I swear I’ve said this dozens of times, and yet no one listens. T_T)

  • saw

    May be CBS should move POI to Monday @ 10 so save that slot too. Or NCIS LA.
    Intelligence will collapse fast.

  • Jamiestp

    I find both Dante and his haters amusing lol

  • MeAndMrsJones

    Yay Chicago Fire!!

  • Tony JJ

    FOX needs to rethink taking Dads off the air. Glee will probably only do 1.0-1.2 in that time slot and it is growing.

    FYI I don’t watch Dads so I’m not an obsessive fanboy. Lol

  • milo

    @dante: “CBS and to a much lesser extent, ABC.”

    You’re saying CBS would be disappointed with a 2.0. Well, POI just got a 2.0.

    Just so you’re clear, you’re saying CBS is disappointed with how POI did last night? Right? So why are you so excited about that number instead of disappointed like CBS?

  • matt

    Dante you seem to have an excuse for everything

  • Dante

    Oh and since SOME (but obviously not all) of you pay such close attention, I never said CF would drop below a 2 without The Voice (though it will of course). I said it will when it is airing after those new comedies NBC is premiering soon. CF still has an advantage because The Biggest Loser is relatively popular, even after so many seasons.

    CF may get a 1.8 or something next week but once the comedies air (what’s one of them…About A Boy? or something)…then you will see permanent sub 2’s.

  • Dale

    Hey Dante, your opinion is a waste to read since you have nothing better to do than bash Chicago fire…..go get yourself a life bitch.

  • Siami

    Good for Chicago Fire getting adjusted up. It looks like Intelligence held.

  • Refrain

    Most unsurprisingly, the people who predicted the death of POI and the total collapse of the ratings because a certain character was killed off were proven wrong. Nothing has changed for 12 episodes. Nothing will change for 23 episodes either, the season will end the way it started, on a consistent number.

    While I believe the show would pull mid 2s in a 9pm timeslot, it has done well at 10pm, it has an audience in this slot. It’s the pinnacle of consistency.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    Last year is irrelevant but I’ll humor you. CBS still wouldn’t have been disappointed in 2.0-2.2 last year. Elementary pulled those ratings and got renewed. And even if CBS is disappointed in how their dramas are doing this year, Chicago Fire is still rates better than almost all of CBS’s 10 pm dramas nearly every week and it regularly ties POI in the demo, which is the only one it can’t beat regularly. CBS would much rather have a 2.0-2.2 in one of those slots than they would a 1.7-1.9 (Elementary) or .9-1.2 (Hostages).

    Wrong again Dante.

  • CBSviewer

    This 2.4 for Intelligence is low considering It was heavily promoted. I think it will get 1.4-1.6 on Monday and will be canceled.

  • Dante

    Lots of “Dante” posts in here that are not me. Mods, feel free to ban sock puppets.

  • jeanette t.

    not trying to cause a fight but since ALL of the four major networks (ABC NBC CW ECT.) are struggling for viewership much above a 2.0 rating in the 18-39 demographic, a 2.0 is pretty much a great night for almost any of them especially the CW, a network I happen to love but feel do a terrible job marketing there shows to people. I am 29 so I am barely in the demographic they target lol so I know that they need to do a better job “getting people in” to watch their shows, as do all the networks. I hop Chicago pd does get at least a 2.0 rating tonight big fan of Sophia bush formerly from ONE TREE HILL but I don’t understand why people have to fight about it if you don’t want to watch Chicago pd tonight the don’t pretty simple if you ask me???

  • greysfan

    New Girl is being wasted behind the SuperBowl. They should have put something else because imo its not that good a comedy and won’t rise much from these numbers on a regular basis.

  • jeanette t.

    * the cable networks are also another big reason why the main networks are having trouble. I feel i would rather watch NBC or ABC or the CW cable shows aren’t as good as advertised imo they just can “show more” which sometimes I feel is too much although im not a major prude but WOW do they show too much except for like ABC family maybe and stuff like that.

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