'Girls' Renewed For A Fourth Season By HBO

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January 9th, 2014


No surprise, but days ahead of 'Girls' third season premiere, HBO announced at tonight's TCA session that it had renewed the show for a fourth season to debut in 2015.


  • mathew

    my aunt loves this show. i have never seen it. but i thought the ratings were bad?

  • marc

    i believe the show adds like 300% viewers with screenings on other platforms and DVR

  • John

    Lena Dunham is a pet favorite of HBO, so the show will run as long as she wants it to.

  • andy

    Yay says the TV critics of America…

  • justin

    The ratings are abysmal. However HBO is not the powerhouse it use to be and now has to settle for 500,000 viewers, and a .01 demo.

  • CBSviewer

    It is the Renewal night for HBO ?

  • Andy

    The Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour started to day, that’s why all these announcements are being made.

    Here’s the schedule:

    Jan. 9 – Cable: Discovery, IFC, TV One, Lifetime/A&E, HBO
    Jan. 10 – Cable: Sportsman Channel, Viacom, Starz, Turner, Ovation, National Geographic Channel
    Jan. 11 – Cable: AMC/Sundance, Weather Channel, Pivot, ESPN, BBC America, Up, Hallmark Channel
    Jan. 12 – Cable (emerging networks): WGN America, Al Jazeera America, Revolt, El Rey Network
    Jan. 13 – Fox
    Jan. 14 – FX
    Jan. 15 – CBS, the CW, set visits
    Jan. 16 – Showtime, set visits
    Jan. 17 – ABC, ABC Family
    Jan. 18 – NBCU cable: USA, CNBC, Sprout, Telemundo, Esquire
    Jan. 19 – NBC
    Jan. 20-22 – PBS

  • Oliver

    Its ratings are awful but HBO is probably happy with the mounds of press it creates.

  • David

    Last season it was getting around 4.6 million viewers per episode. That sounds like a decent number for a relatively low-budget HBO show.

  • Eric_Philly

    Poor ratings in the midst of Game of Thrones and True Blood’s dominance… doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • DM

    The ratings for Girls were never very good, but Live + same day ratings don’t matter as much to premium cable networks as they do for broadcast and standard cable since they aren’t running commercials.

  • Muffy

    Aren’t the ratings for “Girls” poor by even cable standards? I don’t watch it. But I have to remember that “The Wire” went for 5 seasons and it was never a mega hit show. No, I’m not comparing the two shows. Don’t have a cow.

  • David


    True Blood (which is ending) and Game of Thrones combined is only around 20 episodes a year. HBO needs a lot more programming than that, even if they only have about 2 hours of new shows a week. Plus, Girls has a lot lower budget than something like Game of Thrones. It gets decent viewership (4 to 5 million viewers an episode) and a lot of attention. An early renewal is in no way a surprise.

  • jj


    yeah it’s crazy how the wire wasn’t a huge hit until after it ended. Then everyone was talking about it. It became legendary.

  • Colin

    @ Eric: You make no sense too.
    Ratings are not great but ok. And with all the awards the renewal is a no brainer of course.

  • Dan S

    Since HBO is not dependent on selling ad time the ratings are irrelevant. I assume they’re getting enough viewers overall to justify a 4th season & it’s not expensive to shoot either. It’s too bad Enlightened couldn’t have continued after only 2 seasons.

  • gerry

    i watch girls religiously. i buy the dvds. i stream it through hbo go. i have probably never watched an episode live.

    hbo cares about the viewers paying for their service. they could care less what platform they use to view their programming as long as they retain the monthly fee.

    also, as everyone has mentioned, it costs v little to produce in comparison to many of their shows. and whereas commercial programming may not take awards into full account, hbo does. they are top every year, and that is where they want to stay. they love the press they get, the press gets people paying for hbo monthly.

    i was only surprised the announcement came before it even began airing.

  • Jagger Dagger

    HBO is a subscriber service. Ratings are to sell ad time which HBO doesn’t do or care about, so neilson ratings are irrelevant to HBO.

  • Tommy

    I really don’t get all the hate for this series. Yes I understand that it is not most people’s cup of tea, but sometime people can be downright venomous when discussing the show… Personally I enjoy the show and I am not shocked by this renewal at all. HBO could care less about rating. All they care about is “buzz” and if people will continue to pay for there because because of specific shows. And yes while ‘Game of Thrones’ can garner maybe 12 million people when Live+7+HBO Go+iTunes are involved but it also has a much more massive budget than ‘Girls’ (and has won less awards).

  • Nancy

    This show sucks I don’t get the hype at all.

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