'Girls' Renewed For A Fourth Season By HBO

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January 9th, 2014


No surprise, but days ahead of 'Girls' third season premiere, HBO announced at tonight's TCA session that it had renewed the show for a fourth season to debut in 2015.


  • Greg

    This goes into the “HBO can’t cancel everything” category. At this point, they’ve pretty much cancelled 6 shows in 2013 (Enlightened, Family Tree, The Newsroom, Hello Ladies, Getting On and Treme) and have announced final seasons for two others (True Blood and Boardwalk Empire). It’s surprising that they didn’t announce Game of Thrones and Veep’s renewals as well.

  • Jagger Dagger

    HBO cancelled Getting On and Hello Ladies?
    Don’t remember the press release for that.

  • Dollface

    This is a good show for the crowd it is aimed at. It has a set demo for the most part and I fit into that group I like it a lot. But I think it rubs more conservitive veiwers the wrong way. As for the renewal HBO is a pay channel so they take other factors under consideration when renewing shows. The fact is the show is being watched people are watchin it online on demand and dvr. I think the people who hate it don’t get it and those that love it do so because there is something rrelatable about it.

  • Dollface

    Dang tiny keyboard please excuse my typos.

  • Greg

    @Jagger Dagger

    If they didn’t renew it by now, they’re basically dead. That’s how HBO does it.

  • Greg

    *renew THEM, rather

  • Greg

    I mean, they haven’t said a word about Family Tree either, but it’s surely not coming back.

    Oh, and they also cancelled Eastbound & Down!

  • Krystaaal

    Everyone on this show is annoying.

  • Jagger Dagger

    HBO have already said they are not picking up Family Tree, but there have been talk from the show’s creators saying they might try for a season 2 on another network.

    Hello Ladies & Getting On just ended their series runs a few weeks ago, so
    I doubt that they have made a decision yet. My guess is Hello Ladies is probably in trouble, but because Getting On was getting pretty great reviews and it is cheap to produce, it may get a 2nd season. Critical and award buzz does factor in with HBO decisions.

  • dexter

    actually, they didn’t release any kind of statement regarding these shows. except of treme, of course, which ended. and the newsroom might have a chance, if the rumours are right.

  • MediaMan23

    A native New Yorker, male and sixty, I am a big fan of this brilliant dramedy. Adam Driver is a breakout actor. And rarely has a series been so intimate and so filled with the unexpected. If you don’t like Girls, just ignore it, thanks.

  • Jim

    They cancelled Bored To Death and Life’s Too Short also.

    Enlightened was great!

  • cas127


    And double blech for this year’s annual phony ginned up Girls “controversy” – The intentionally misinterpreted “sexist” question from a TV critic to pointless exhibitionist Dunham.

    Never has HBO’s T&A imperative been more moronic.

  • Melanie

    I couldn’t stand to watch an entire episode. I saw maybe 10 minutes before I changed the channel. More power to you if you like it – yay for fans, your show got renewed — I’ll be watching — anything else.

  • Carl

    The Newsroom was renewed for a third season and will be airing this summer.

  • Tim

    Saw my first episode last night. (The fourth of the four aired.) Self-centered Billyburg goes to Woodstock. Not good. As to the question of the show’s use of nudity (or skin), good question. When Adam came down out of the hills, Hannah was presented stretched out on the leaves with her dress and panties slightly riding up her thigh and buttocks. Why? Better writing and acting would do more for the show than this gratuitous artifice.

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