Predict the Ratings for the Premiere of 'Enlisted' (Poll)

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January 10th, 2014

Enlisted It has not been a great season for FOX's comedies, with its entire Tuesday night comedy block, including former powerhouse New Girl, struggling. Tonight, military comedy Enlisted premieres in what seems like  burn-off timeslot at 9:30PM following the low-rated Raising Hope whose most recent 9PM episode garnered a 0.7 adults 18-49 rating. However, the show has gotten some good reviews. Its army base setting could appeal to the millions of Americans with a connection to the military. Maybe it will surprise everyone and blossom into a hit. What do you think? Make your prediction!

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I’ll say just under a 1.

    Why did The Finder end up enlisting in the Army?

  • Kissan


  • Dan S

    Enlisted could go down with a ratings record of being the lowest premiere ever on the big 4 networks. I’m thinking 0.6-0.7 but not much better. Truly if Fox wanted it to succeed they would’ve been scheduled on Tues or Thur after AI.

  • Tim

    Both will be less than The Neighbors…and if TN stays at its season average, that means both will be below a 1.0 or 0.9

  • TV Viewer

    The Metacritic reviews for Enlisted are mixed. 22 critics ranked the program from a high of 90 to a low of 20, with an average score of 64.

    The emphasis is on the family bonding of three of the actors on the show, although the timing of the program with wars going on, is not very good. It’s not a show that likes to deal with the real world and the situation in Asia and the Middle East. Many of the people in the show just don’t look like real soldiers in the Army. I wonder if the Army is giving any support in the making of this program, of if Fox is filming it without their help.

    The previews did not look funny, and the Friday night 9:30 time slot, means that Fox does not have much confidence in the program.
    I think it will do better than We Are Men (CBS), but, will probably still wind up being cancelled similar to Dads.

  • Sarah

    I said 1.0, but I hope it does better. I also hope Bones gets at least 1.7.

  • rob60990

    It definitely would have made more sense to air it right after Bones to at least give it some chance at success. Raising Hope has not cracked a 1 all season so I will be shocked if this show does.

  • Raffie

    Feels like outside of AI, it’s the only show Fox has bothered promoting since Christmas. If it gets less than a 1, talk about a wasted effort.

  • J.G.

    0.6; will be one and done

  • Jon

    Wow I guess this website has zero confidence in this show Lol. The highest on the poll is 1.2.

  • Mark3


  • sgt sharki

    I actually worked on this show as one of the consultants. There were a number of us brought on after the pilot. It’s a great show, funny and heartfelt, and for all the people complaining about how it doesn’t ‘deal with the real world’, not every one in the Army deploys and the war in Iraq is over for us and the war in Afghanistan is fading fast. That’s the ‘reality’. And some later episodes do deal with the fall out of the brothers return from combat.

    I was part of a rear detachment unit like the one depicted in the show. It’s actually pretty accurate. The real Army is way more Beetle Bailey then Full Metal Jacket.

    Back on topic. While I was consulting on the show, the network was still trying to figure out where to put it. It was always designated for Friday, but it was supposed to debut back in September. Then it got moved to October. Then it was going to debut the Friday after Thanksgiving. Finally, they decided on today. I think what happened is that Fox didn’t like the show at first. But the more they saw the more they liked it but didn’t know what to do with it. By the time they figured it out, it was almost too late.

    For obvious reasons, I’m really pulling for the show.

  • Jackie O

    I’ve seen the pilot and it’s a great show. I wish it were airing after Bones too though. I bet it would lift RH.

  • Keith

    I am thinking it’ll probably premiere at 0.1 with .59 mil and be the lowest premiere in television history. Fox sucks at sitcoms.

  • Networkman

    @sgt sharki, Enlisted has potential. I don’t know how many people nowadays like the type of humor or “cartoon” characters that Enlisted delivers. It reminds me of the silly Police Academy movies. It is not meant to be taken seriously. It is supposed to be just an entertaining 30 minutes with characters that act foolishly. I wanted even more zaniness from the Pilot. I hope the next couple of episodes really bring that.

    I thought Raising Hope’s episode was the stronger of the two. And I’m still pissed that this is most likely its last season when I feel it is funnier than most of the comedies on FOX.

  • Networkman

    The supporting cast of Enlisted needs flushed out more. Those in the unit need to be beloved by the viewers. Each having their distinct goofy personality that will be unforgettable providing natural comedy. I thought Keith David was excellent. It is good to be funny without trying hard to force it.

  • gsevan

    Nothing to do with ratings, but I watched it, and I liked it :) hope that it does better than people are expecting. Always got for love for ex V. mars cast.

  • gsevan

    @ Jackie o, following bones with a geoff stults show? might bring back bad memories of ‘the finder’ ratings :-)

  • scott t oberg

    This may have been the dumbest show I have ever seen, wont last 6 episodes.

  • galinthebiz

    #s are in:

    Enlisted: .7
    RH .8
    Grimm 1.3
    H50 1.5
    BB 1.5
    drac .8
    LMS 1.5
    Neighbors 1.1
    Bones 1.5

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