'The Assets' Canceled by ABC After 2 Episodes

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January 10th, 2014

The Assets

ABC has pulled The Assets from its schedule after it fell from a 0.7 adults 18-49 rating for its premiere last week to a 0.6 this week. The 0.6 was the lowest rated original drama telecast on a big four network this season. For now, the Thursday at 10PM timeslot will be filled by repeats of Shark Tank. The Assets was billed as a miniseries. ABC has not announced whether it will air the remaining episodes in the future.

  • Azzman

    Guess that answers the question: can a mini-series get cancelled? Yes, apparently!

  • Max

    i’m a TV junkie and i never even heard of this show.

  • Jeff

    Put them on Saturday. At least it would be something new to watch.

  • NEK38583

    Maybe the chances for Nashville just increased !!!!!!!!!!

  • Connman

    @NEK38583 – unlikely, as The Assets was never a series, and this only freed up a handful of hours for ABC. More likely we might see a few additional episodes added to a different series (and that’s still a stretch!)

  • donnie

    Who cares about ABC hope it collapses!!!

  • Steve

    “The Assets” was a liability for ABC.

  • Steve

    @Donnie NO, DON’T SAY THAT. ABC has Castle, ergo it has Molly Quinn. No hurting her. She’s too awesome to have the network collapse. Get her another gig, then you can do whatever you want.


    The Assets evidently was no Asset for ABC


  • Dan

    Well ABC cant expect Killer Women, Ressurection or Mind Games to do any better in their slots so no point in pulling them. Killer Women will air out its order likely because its Sofia Vergara produced but will be cancelled in May. ABC may as well have burned off The Assets in the summer.

    If anyone is a loser this season its ABC. The only 2 new shows expected to survive to next year are Agents of Shield and The Goldbergs.

  • Dave

    So umm, what’s the situation with Paul Lee? Is he on the bubble or is he certain to be cancelled by ABC as president?

  • Tony JJ

    Agreed with whoever said that ABC needs to find another desperate housewives or greys anatomy. They seem to be on this crime drama spree or dramas like killer women and the assets that are all out of what ABC does well at. Now I’m not saying ABC can’t air crime dramas or go outside the box sometimes, but it needs to stick mostly what has worked for them soaps, dramedies, and serialized water cooler shows. Most of ABC’s development for next year are crime procedurals like come on! That’s like CBS suddenly abandoning the crime dramas and their next development season are all soapy serialized shows. Stay with what your target demographic wants.

    And I know the ratings wouldn’t be that great but they should schedule some Trophy Wife repeats there instead of Shark Tank. Trophy Wife is owned by ABC and is the best new comedy this season and some repeats could help it gain some new viewers and ABC should want it to grow.

  • Randy

    What ABC should do is to have a Movie Night again on one day? They are failing on so many levels this year, and their Disney owned movies will bail them out.

    Even though I like shows such as Once Upon a Time, Revenge & Wonderland, I think those shows really hurt a network like ABC. The reason is because they aren’t showing any Reruns. They have to think of something else to fill in those spots. Plus, ABC this year has been cancelling a bunch of those shows, so than there is nothing to put in those spots. Too many serial shows!

  • KC

    I think that Thursday could be a big night for ABC, but they don’t have the right shows in the right slots.

    8:00-9:00: Grey’s Anatomy (the show has been around and has garnered enough of a fan base).
    9:00-10:00: Scandal (ABC’s most popular show needs to be at a better time).
    10:00-11:00: NEW SHOW (use your most popular show to lead into a new drama)

  • Networkman

    I felt ABC was smart going in the direction of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D And it paid off during premiere week. If I’m not mistaken the show pulled in high 4’s in the demo. It is just ashamed that the viewers did not like what they saw. The product has to be of quality and it is the producers and writers responsibility to make sure the episodes are not poorly executed. Casting plays a major role as well.

    Anyways, for next season I feel ABC should go for Agent Carter and also a suspenseful thriller. ABC needs shows with buzz, that will pull in the youth demo while also being able to repeat decently.

  • Ally Oop

    I think ABC should bring back The Wonderful World of Disney. I also think that they need a couple family dramas, something multi-generational a la Dr. Quinn, The Waltons or Little House On the Prairie. Not remakes of these shows, just new family dramas all generations can like. Enough with the crime procedurals already. I have really been enjoying The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife this year and along with shows like Modern Family and On e Upon a Time, ABC may have found their niche again. Try only family programming on two nights and see how it does.

  • jake

    ABC needs to stick with soapy dramas or create a succesful reality show to sustain the ratings long term. But Paul Lee is so stupid, always cancelling good shows (APT23, GCB, Body of Proof)

  • Tony JJ

    Paul Lee was awesome at ABC family but there he only had about 5 hours off original programming and he got lucky with a few hits. But ABC he has done awful other than the few hits he had his first year that are now all dwindling except Scandal. But every good quality show or shows with promise he messes up.

    A few mistakes.

    Happy Endings shouldn’t have been moved to die
    Suburgatory shouldn’t have moved from the middle where it was growing out of it for a while
    Devious Maids should’ve been picked up
    GCB should’ve been renewed
    Malibu Country should’ve been renewed
    The Neighbors should’ve been cancelled and not placed with multi camera last man standing.
    Body of Proof should’ve been renewed (I mean did he even watch this years pilots to see they would all be stinkers?)
    Apt. 23 should’ve debuted in the fall where there was a lot of buzz surrounding it
    Trophy Wife should’ve gotten the post Mod Fam slot and should be marketed big time because it’s one of the best comedies this season.
    And he’s picked up some of the worst shows in the past few seasons.
    Bad scheduling with shows going against award shows, etc.
    terrible marketing.

    Geez I didn’t expect this list to be so long so I’ll just stop here but man this guy has had a lot of stinkers. Unless resurrection, mind games, or mixology premiere to 3.0+ and is a hit. This guys needs to go before they become as desperate in comedy and dramas as NBC. modern family won’t be pulling in good ratings forever. They need a new comedy hit ASAP stop playing comedy musical chairs.

  • skyfi

    They cancel Lucky 7 and this one, but keep Wonderland?!

  • Tony JJ


    Lol. Although wonderland never fell as far as lucky 7 or the assets did.

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