Will 'Grimm' Stay Strong Against Increased Competition? (Poll)

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January 10th, 2014


Last week, Grimm started its year off right with a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating, a good number for a Friday scripted show. It was up from a 1.2 for its previous episode. However, last week Grimm was competing with reruns of Shark Tank and Hawaii Five-0. With both of those strong performers airing originals tonight, will its number hold? Make your predictions!

  • American

    I doubt Grimm will go down that much, none of the shows share a similar audience

  • merrrranga

    are you kidding? Grimm can run miles without sweating. no problem.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    No poll for Enlisted?

  • were123

    I think it will hold with either a 1.5 or 1.4

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    The 1.2 was due to The Hobbit. It will not fall that low again.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Grimm doesn’t have competition from ABC and CBS, they have differents audiences.

  • Dan S

    I said 1.4 for tonight. I think a slight dip from last week will happen. Both ST & H50 will likely affect it even though you wouldn’t think that they shared the same audience.

  • Mike

    Enlisted is DOA because of raising hope what a shame
    Who bets it premieres it’s under a million viewers

  • gerry

    small dip, 1.4

  • Jon

    Grimm has a pretty set audience. People who watch rich people buying silly inventions from people drowning in their own business venture aren’t going to be watching Grimm anyway.

  • Carmen

    Grimm has found its niche. It will generally get between 1.1 (low)against full competition and 1.5 (high)against reruns on the other nets.

    It all comes down to whether NBC feels that these ratings are acceptable. For a Friday, I would say. . .probably.

    For tonight, I’ll say 1.25

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    So why did The Finder have to enlist in the Army?


    I’m thinking 1.4 as that’s basically what Grimm averages with original ST & H50 airings

  • hello

    1.5, same as last week

  • John A

    1.4. Interesting how H50 will do with a repeat lead in.

  • Rebecca

    I say 1.6 but won’t be surprised if it’s lower.

  • TV Viewer

    Enlisted looks like junk. Misfits in the Army in 2014. This show probably would not be funny in peacetime. With war in the Asia and the Middle East, it looks out really out of place.
    Most of the people in the show look as though they would be killed in minutes if they were sent into a real war zone.
    I did not see anything that made me laugh in the previews for this program and I love comedys.
    A real mid season show that starts in January and is cancelled soon after.

    I think Grimm will hold steady in it’s time slot, and the 9 to 10 winner will probably be Shark Tank (ABC), same as usual.

  • cimmer

    Grimm will be okay, it has a pretty steady and loyal audience. They aren’t looking for something else to watch on Fridays.

  • ludotv

    Hoping for stable but may go down a little…
    Agreed with previous commenters wondering about an Enlisted poll – Am I the only one to think Fox expects Enlisted to fail since it is premiering it at 9.30pm on a Friday night with a terrible lead? Seems DOA….

  • DonnaT


    I like both Grimm and H50 and will DVR Grimm, watch H50 on demand this weekend and watch the SPN rerun “live”.

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