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January 12th, 2014

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It's Golden Globes night. While it's illogical,that awards voted on by fewer than 100 foreign journalists have become a major event, the telecast's freewheeling, unscripted format coupled with the fact that both film and television are honored, makes for what is usually a very entertaining show. Tonight, the awards face off against new episodes of The Good Wife, and The Mentalist on CBS, Revenge and Betrayal on ABC, FOX's animated lineup,  and a slew of high profile cable premieres including True Detective on HBO and Shameless and Episodes on Showtime. Last year's telecast, which was also hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, garnered a 6.4 adults 18-49 rating. How do you think the Globes will fare this year? Make your predictions!

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    Golden Globes Arrivals Special 1.3
    Golden Globes 6.7

    Chargers at Broncos 13.3
    60 Minutes 3.2
    The Good Wife 1.4
    The Mentalist 1.6

    America’s Funniest Home Videos 1.3
    The Bachelor 1.5
    Revenge 1.4
    Betrayal 0.6

    The Simpsons 2.2
    Bob’s Burgers 1.6
    Family Guy 1.7
    American Dad 1.6

    Golden Globes fans like last year’s show (the hosts and the comedy) so the ratings should go up 0.3 from last year.

  • Hardline_Pro

    I cannot stand Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but I am watching the Golden Globes to root on the American Horror Story cast!

  • BurkeMan

    Everyone who says Revenge won’t take a major hit and will remain around the 1.5/1.6 level, you are crazy. The show will take a major hit, just vlik eit did last year and DH did the year before.

    Actually, if I remember correctly, revenge dropped from 2.4 to 2.0 last year (wouldn´t call that a major hit) and Desperate Housewives dropped from 3.0 to 2.7 the year before (definitely not a major hit). That is a loss of 17% and 10% respectively. So even if Revenge dropped 20% tonight, it should still be able to pull at least a 1.4. I think it will pull a 1.5 with the bachelor lead in. Fingers crossed.

  • Kissan

    Brooklyn 9-9 won two awards at the Golden Globes beating Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory!

  • HalCapone

    Just a serviceable performance from Fey/Poehler which was short on laughs. Overall, one of the most boring Globes…had to keep switching to some other channel. The Brooklyn 99 and Andy Samberg win just shows how clueless the Hollywood Foreign Press is about American television and what constitutes funny.

  • Networkman

    Revenge was excellent. I don’t mind taking a hour off from watching the Globes to support Revenge. I can always find out who won later. I think the Globes will garner 6.0 and hoping Revenge will see at least 1.5 This was a can’t miss episode.

  • HalCapone

    Totally agree with you. Revenge was spectacular tonight. It’s definitely got its groove back and then some. Like you, I paused the boring Globes to watch Revenge live.

  • Oliver

    I really enjoyed the Globes. The show flew by, especially when compared with the recent dreary Oscars and Emmy ceremonies.


    Watched the Globes from 8-9 & 10-11

    Then THE GOOD WIFE (I know, a real shocker) from 9-10, then True Detective (WOW) from 11-12

  • RJC

    According to Berman, the Golden Globes hit a seven-year high in total viewers. Not sure how that’s going to translate to the 18-49 demo, but it may mean the projections here were too pessmistic.

    I’m not sure why people think scripted programming would hurt the Globes so much. The Globes are live and, thus, relatively DVR-proof while Girls, True Detective, Revenge, etc., etc. can all be recorded and watched later. I think people who have DVR and are torn between watching live programming and pre-recorded programming are more likely to watch the former as it airs and record the latter for later viewing.

  • RJC

    “it may mean the projections here were too pessmistic.”

    Never mind, I was going based on the comments and didn’t notice that the leader in the poll was “>6.6″.

  • Ray

    I watched the Globes until Revenge came on and boy was I glad I did!! Anyone who missed last nights episode missed one of the best ever!!!

  • Really Tired

    Shameless on SHO. True Detective on HBO Girls x2 on HBO.

    You think I’d watch the Globes?????

  • Rebecca

    I was okay with Andy Samberg and B99’s wins (I enjoy the show), although I would have loved to see Parks win. And the song from “Frozen,” which I hope gets the Oscar. I’m very happy for Amy Poehler – I’ve wanted her to win for a long time. I’ll re-watch certain segments later before erasing them from the disc, but overall I enjoyed the Globes. They weren’t the best ever but they were fun. The bleeping delay was a bit off, maybe covering too much at times and then not enough at other times (heard someone say “–it” but just the “it” part). And I wish they could bleep the word “_itch” these days, considering Amy said it in the first hour of the show (which for me was in the 6 pm hour and the kiddo was still up. Joke was funny but I was too aware of the kiddo still eating dinner at the table). And maybe this part was just local, but the audio for the commercials that followed the very end of the show (post credits) didn’t match the visual for commercials onscreen at the time (Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show commercial had audio from The Biggest Loser). Some of the commercials last night were good, too.

  • Really Tired

    Oy. TV at the dinner table?

  • Galinthebiz

    Globes by hour

    Good wife 1.8
    TM 1.7

    Bachelor 1.0
    Revenge 1.6
    Bet .8

  • NOT HalCapone

    I’m sorry Hal Capone and others who thought it would be in the 5’s. It shows how clueless and/or biased you were.

    Tina and Amy were amazing and deserve all the raving plaudits and media attention.

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