FOX: "No Decision" Yet on 'The X Factor' Fate

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January 13th, 2014

THE X FACTOR: Purple logo.

Fox Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly said at today's TCAs that "No decision" had been made on The X Factor yet, and added that if the show were to come back, it  "would not be in its current format".

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Two hours a week, either one hour each on Wed/Thurs or just all at once 8-10 on either Wednesday or Thursday. I think those are the most logical options.

  • Dan

    Guess what that means…. goodbye X-Factor!

  • Fred

    Different format also could mean no Simon.

  • Bradley

    Put 2 hours on Friday. FOX isn’t having any luck with Fridays now.

  • Billy

    The geniuses at FOX renewed a dead has-been like SYTYCD with 4M viewers so they will surely renew this disaster with 6M viewers. They don’t care about maximizing profits, they just care about being profitable. Poor Simon, he has failed miserably on the FOX show he ripped off from FOX. And he got his friend’s girlfriend pregnant while engaged to someone else. Only in Hollywood!

  • Farris Flagg

    CANCEL IT!!!!!!! Bring Simon Back To “American Idol”!!!!

  • were123

    Cancel it, it has already implode and next season it would go even lower. You can put Gordon Ramsey there, or move Almost Human to Wednesday and premiere another drama, and have Thursdays led by Rake if it is a success

  • j

    Cancel it so it doesn’t kill Idol some more.

  • Mark3


  • echster

    What he said: “No decision has been made.”

    Translation: “It will be back if we can make the money details work out.”

  • HV

    The X Factor will not be on Thursdays next year, if it does come back. I think that if American Idol does well, The X Factor will come back, but, if not, Idol will be back but just on Wednesdays, and The X Factor not at all.

  • JR35

    SYTYCD is a summer show, though- unless perhaps it will air X Factor as a summer show, as well.

  • Tomcatt630

    They are figuring out a way to buy out Cowell. They will get all 20-something judges, but still will lose ratings.

  • Chase


    Rake is DOA!

  • I Love TV!


    Who cares?


    I must say “cancel it” as well.

  • were123

    Not sure it is, it will premiere after American Idol, and even if it’s not as big as it used to be, it’s still a very big lead in

  • Maximillian

    Put it out of its misery. I’m sure its fate mostly lies in how American Idol performs.

  • Maximillian

    Or maybe they can cut the format and costs down significantly and run it as summer programming on the cheap

  • iSezzo

    X it!

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