HBO's 'True Detective' Premieres To 2.3 Million Viewers, 'Girls' Returns With 1.1 Million

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January 13th, 2014

True detective

New HBO drama True Detective premiere averaged 2.3 million viewers in its initial telecast marking the best series premiere for HBO since 2010's Boardwalk Empire.

Girls 3rd season premiere averaged 1.1 million, up from the 866,000 the season 2 premiere averaged.

  • MeAndMrsJones

    I enjoyed it very much. Wonderful pacing and the acting was as expected. The storyline was a pleasant surprise since I hadn’t been exposed to the promotions for it. This will get me through the next few weeks while I wait for The Walking Dead to return.

  • av

    Series high for Girls.

  • Steve-A

    True Detectives reminds me of The Killing, but just taking place in the south

  • Dan

    Girls was just renewed so thats great the show returned up but last year the series had no lead in because HBO had expected Luck to return last January, and did not have a back up plan drama wise when they couldnt bring the show back.

    True Detective will probably be renewed tomorrow. With Treme, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, and The Newsroom all out this year, if True Detective gets renewed that would leave it and Game of Thrones.

  • Sam

    Kind of expected with those 2 actors as leads.

  • John A

    Is True Detective just a miniseries?

  • Concerned Citizen

    @John A

    It’s an anthology series, meaning we’ll see different characters and stories in future seasons.

  • Dave

    This should help Girls secure another 12 episode season instead of HBO trying out that many episodes once and then reverting back to 10 episodes.

  • John A

    @Concerned Citizan Thanks

  • Jenny

    “Girls” premiere is up from last year, but it dropped 52% of it’s lead in.

  • Ser Tahu

    Those are good numbers for True Detective. Unless I am much mistaken that is roughly the same number of viewers as Game of Thrones’ premiere.

  • Ser Tahu

    Those are good numbers for True Detective. Unless I am very much mistaken that is roughly the same number of viewers as Game of Thrones’ premiere.

  • I Love TV!


    But still.. I don’t think TD and Girls share the same audience

  • Frost

    I watched the GGs live and DVR’d TD. I wonder how much bigger it could’ve been.

  • Freda holley

    True Detective: bad acting, bad directing, bad splicing, and awful posturing. Is this the best HBO can do?

  • Daniel

    I didn’t like True Detective. It was very complicated, and I feel like nothing happpend.

  • gerry

    still need to watch all of these. why hbo would air new programming against the globes when they could have just waited a week is beyond me. but speaking of this week, i cannot WAIT for looking. i just hope its well done. fingers crossed.

  • j

    Eh, a 1? It feels like this kind of slow show wouldn’t be the kind to grow very much too, more a Boardwalk than a GoT/True Blood with their built-in book fanbases and the cinematic approximations Lord of the Rings/Twilight proving popular.

  • MediaMan23

    Bad acting!? For me the debut was excellent! We may have a generation issue, the slower pace works for older viewers like me. The was the sensational performance Matthew McC gave, he has really evolved in recent years. BTW, I’m also a devoted fan of Girls – was actually in Cafe Grumpy for a shooting months before its debut. Brilliant.

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