'Jimmy Kimmel Live' is the #1 Late-Night Channel on YouTube, with a Lifetime Total of 1.4 Billion Video Views

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January 13th, 2014


via press release:

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” YouTube Channel

For the calendar year 2013, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” accumulated over 620 million video views (620,947,711) on the show’s YouTube Channel, growing over 2012’s tally (335,722,700) by 85%. With a total lifetime count of more than 1.4 billion video views (1,438,154,205), the “JKL” Channel is the No. 1 late-night channel on YouTube.


·         The “JKL” YouTube Channel saw the addition of nearly +2.9 million new subscribers (2,881,898) during 2013 (versus +420,065 in 2012), growing to a lifetime total (as of 01/13/14) of 3.7 million subscribers (3,721,551) to double the current subscriber count of the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Channel (+97% - 1,891,163).


·         The estimated number of minutes of video watched on the “JKL” YouTube page in 2013 was over 1.5 billion minutes (1,534,887,556).

  • Joel

    ABC is really reaching here…

  • GARebelman

    What’s next? Is Kimmel going to be number one on Linkedn or something Lol

  • Gary Middleton

    I guess with the younger Fallon making his debut, Kimmel wants to establish that he’s big in new media.

    What I find especially funny about it is I have never been asked to view an ad on that channel.

  • Carson will always be #1

    Desperate much ABC? Duh ofcourse it has more viewers considering they started their youtube channel before the others.

    Even though I prefer the old guns like Letterman and Leno I think it’s pretty obvious that Fallon is the most popular among the younger crowd. Fallon has 11 million followers on Twitter compared to the 3 million for Kimmel.

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