Kevin Reilly: Next 'Bones' Renewal Expected to be its Last

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January 13th, 2014


Fox chairman Kevin Reilly said today that he believes a Bones renewal for a tenth season is likely, saying “We’re negotiating on Bones for another season [and] I anticipate it will be back." However, after the panel, Reilly was asked if a 10th season would be the last for Bones, and he confirmed that a final season announcement would be the expectation.

  • Hector

    10 seasons is more then enough. Most shows don’t come even close to this!

  • KC

    No surprise there!

  • Charmed

    Noooooo :(

  • Charmed

    Ending two vets next year? Ouch….. it’s not in a great condition as it is

  • Dan

    Bones fans should be happy, 10 years is a big achievement, congratulations!! Hopefully this will end all the talk of how badly FOX treated this show and how they screwed it up.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Will be renewed, but for its last season. How bittersweet! :sad: :grin:

  • Charmed

    I’m assuming this is because of the cast

  • skyfi

    That means more chances for Revolution.

  • charlie

    Skyfi wrong channel….

  • Silas

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(

  • Bitter Go On Fan

    :( At least it will end properly.

  • John

    Let’s be honest, no scripted series NEEDS more than 10 seasons to tell a story.

    10 years is an incredible run. Time to wrap it up.

  • Charmed

    @John it’s a procedural, it could go on forever and I’d still like it


    Ten seasons is a remarkable achievement. It’s rare that I follow a show for five seasons & I’ve pretty much followed Bones for nine. It’s been a bumpy (but fun) ride!

  • John A

    But it works well on Friday on Fox. They really struggle that night. Since Fox are doing this bad im a bit surprised by this.

  • BJH

    @Charmed. What’s the other vet show that’s ending next year?

  • Richard

    I do not want to live in a world where there aren’t going to be new episodes of Bones. 10 Seasons will be an incredible achievement though. I guess the fact that I’ll still be hungry for new episodes is just a testament to the high-standard they’ve been able to maintain.

    It’s probably all about cast salaries. Emily and David are both on $250k per episode, with the rest of the cast on 6 figures. That’s an expensive show to make.

  • j

    Yeah I can’t think of another vet.

    I agree with those saying 10 years is pretty spectacular. The likes of smash Desperate Housewives didn’t hit it.

    It’ll be tied as Fox’s longest-running drama ever, along with 90210

  • David James

    Even if it is the last season this show has a had a stellar run and will be remembered. Hart Hanson has Backstrom starring Rainn Wilson next season, so I’m not surprised by the Bones announcement. Emily and David probably want to leave the show soon as well.

  • Charmed

    @BJH @j Glee is ending next year, not much of a loss but still, that’ll be a lot of new shows they’ll be relying on.

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