Kevin Reilly: Next 'Bones' Renewal Expected to be its Last

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January 13th, 2014


Fox chairman Kevin Reilly said today that he believes a Bones renewal for a tenth season is likely, saying “We’re negotiating on Bones for another season [and] I anticipate it will be back." However, after the panel, Reilly was asked if a 10th season would be the last for Bones, and he confirmed that a final season announcement would be the expectation.

  • Dan

    I think 10 seasons is appropriate for the series. Even in season 9 the show is pulling in decent numbers but if it gets a nice final wrap up season then that would be nice. I wonder if it would be on Fridays paired with Glee’s final season. That would give FOX some room for dramas on Mon and Thur.

    FOX is at that point where they are on the brink of some drama hits with Sleepy Hollow and if Rake does well and The Following holds up then they can give Bones and Glee nice sendoffs without having to worry about the fate of their new dramas.

  • Charmed

    What’s going to fill Friday? Unlikely they’ll find a new show performing even close to that, especially on Friday.

  • Networkman

    FOX needs Bones for one more season. It will continue to do good ratings on Friday for FOX. Also I will like for Bones to hit the magic number of 206, the amount of bones in an adult body.

    @John, there have been numerous scripted series that have gone way over a 10 season run. What about the classic Gunsmoke with 20 years. Law & Order also with 20 season, ER with 15, Dallas with 14 and NYPD Blue with 12. And I think depending on the writers and actors season 11 and beyond could be just as strong as the previous 10 seasons.

  • John

    NYPD Blue limped to the finish line the last couple of seasons. Law & Order isn’t a fair comparison because that show was a revolving door of cast members. I don’t think any of the originals were still around by the end. It was more like Saturday Night Live with a different group of actors every few seasons.

    Bones is a procedural, yes, but not a pure procedural like Law & Order.

  • Charmed

    @John Bones certainly isn’t limping to the finish line, it’s thriving on Friday.


    @ Networkman

    Season 11 and beyond..

    Like NCIS & SVU (to name a few)?

  • Mathew k

    Renew raising hope for final season!!!!

  • Truth

    Looks like 20th Century Fox has reached the point where the cost of producing new episodes outweighs the profit. Good run for a network drama.

  • CarShark

    They’ll have over 200 episodes for syndication purposes at that point, and Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz have to be getting expensive, especially for a Friday night show. (even though it doesn’t deserve it with the ratings it was getting on Monday) Alse, Deschanel probably wants to be with her kid now.

  • CBSviewer

    FOX wants to end two veteran dramas the same year ?

  • Sarah

    Even though I completely expected next season to the last, seeing it in print makes me want to cry. :(

  • Dan

    @CBS Viewer – 2 veterans ending is uncommon for FOX but has happened with other networks (Gossip Girl and 90210 both ended last season for CW, comedies The Office and 30 Rock ended last season for NBC) NBC may also want to end both Community and Parks & Rec next season and

    The fact is while Bones and Glee are both ending next season for FOX, both dramas are completely different shows. Bones still has healthy ratings & Glee was already renewed for next season but has sinking ratings but as FOX (with their limited 10 hours a week) gets more and more successful dramas, the old ones have to go.

    Next season will be interesting for FOX and will determine where they are drama wise. Bones and Glee will get final runs, X Factor will probably be back for a different format & final year maybe 2 hours a week, and FOX will use Sleepy Hollow and possibly The Following (if renewed) to try to launch more new dramas. If next season is good with new dramas then they dont have to worry about where to move old shows like Bones and Glee because both will be done.

  • CBSviewer

    @ Dan

    FOX needs to find new hits. If Rake is a success then OK but if all their new Shows fail next season they will be in trouble.
    Maybe they will renew Almost Human because it can get a 22-episode order contrary to Sleepy Hollow and The Following.

  • psychic

    About time.
    Sorry, fans. I used to be a fan, too. But the show is crap now. And it’s really, really, REALLY run its course.

  • r0ckmypants

    @John A – “But it works well on Friday on Fox. They really struggle that night. Since Fox are doing this bad im a bit surprised by this.”

    It does work well on Friday, but I guess it doesn’t work well enough to warrant Fox paying the ever-increasing fees that come with a show’s age.

  • Dan

    @CBSViewer – I don’t think Almost Human will be renewed. Its doing OK but not well enough to warrant a second season. Plus FOX didn’t even give it a full season which if it was doing well they could have because when the show ends its run on March 3, they don’t have anything to replace it with yet. My guess is Bones will move to that slot and Kitchen Nightmares will air Fridays.

    I think FOX’s main focus for next season is their limited series and their split seasons.

    Drama wise they have 22 episode seasons of Bones and Glee. The rest will be half seasons. That includes Sleepy Hollow in the fall as well as The Following and Rake should they be renewed for spring. The rest of the shows they announced have short orders for either spring or fall. I think that strategy will work for FOX.

  • AdWhois

    I had no idea Bones was coming up on its 10th season. Can’t believe people had been complaining about its possible cancellation all year. Talk about spoiled…

  • Paul

    Bones and Glee being on Fridays next year makes sense. Bones might only get 13 episodes, that way Fox will still have Fridays as a dumping ground.

  • jj

    10 seasons is a lot. That’s something to celebrate and congrats on that accomplishment.

  • k:Alex

    If it hold ratings around 1.7, is it possible NBC will pick it up as a strong 8PM show, or is it really that expensive?

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