Soap Opera Ratings: All Soaps Hit Highs in Total Viewers

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January 13th, 2014

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via Soap Opera Network:

Ratings  for the Week of December 30-January 3, 2014

 Note: No soaps aired on January 1. The New Year's Eve episodes of The Young & the Restless, The Bold & the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives were considered specials and were not included in the week's average. General Hospital aired a repeat on New Year's Eve which was not counted.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,313,000 (+473,000/+792,000) *
2. B&B 4,127,000 (+308,000/+699,000) **
3. GH 3,330,000 (+309,000/+570,000) ***
4. DAYS 3,021,000 (+273,000/+571,000) ****

* Highest since January 31 – February 4, 2011
* New high for Phelps/Altman/Passsanante regime

** Highest since February 25-29, 2008

*** New high for Valentini/Carlivati regime

**** Highest since January 31 – February 4, 2011
**** New high for Tomlin/Whitesell regime

1. Y&R 3.7/10 (+.3/+.3) *
2. B&B 2.8/7 (+.1/+.3) **
3. GH 2.4/6  (+.1/+.3)
4. DAYS 2.2/6 (+.2/+.2)

* New high for Phelps/Altman/Passsanante regime
** Highest since/Last time at 2.8: January 26-30, 2009
Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 851,000 (+138,000/+56,000)
2. GH 748,000 (+143,000/+76,000)
3. B&B 740,000 (+179,000/+70,000)
4. DAYS 669,000 (+128,000/+147,000) *

* Highest since November 21 – 25, 2011
* New high for Tomlin/Whitesell regime

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.3/7 (+.2/+.1)
2. GH 1.2/6 (+.3/+.1)
2. B&B 1.2/6 (+.3/+.2)
4. DAYS 1.0/6 (+.2/+.2)




Source: Soap Opera Network


Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Mike

    The writers really need to start planning some short term stories to come to a boil during these times or some nice cliffhangers.

    Short weeks tend to be good for the soaps and holidays can be up or down. But you do have that chance of casual viewers who are at home tuning in or that old fan checking in to see how things are going.

    Several years ago Days did the Olympic thing with a big cliff hanger knowing they would be on hiatus. They came back big because people wanted to know.

    The writers need to plan for these times when casual viewers are tuning in and write something that will make them want to start DVRing the show or trying to watch live.

  • MBmomof3

    I agree with jonboy. I don’t watch the recent reruns GH airs but did enjoy the classic episodes Y&R recently aired very much. Jason is right; GH should have shown a classic (’80s or ’90s) GH epi featuring Robin/Anna/Duke etc. to tie in with the current storyline to recapture some former viewers who enjoyed that era of GH. Or even an old “Heather Webber” episode (Iced tea, anyone?) would have been awesome.

  • Jonathan

    Ratings have been going up for months! Any hope of ABC making a new soap, they have to have something replace Katie.

  • GH50

    GH was up to 3.3 million the week Robin crashed the wedding. They lost 250,000 the next two weeks because of the epic fail of how the return was handled, the continued showcasing and propping of Sabrina. The ratings the week of 12/30 went back up when Patrick finally returned to Robin and Thursday’s episode was the highest at almost 3.5 million when Patrick and Robin renewed their vows.

    Now we are back to the OLTL 3 eating the canvas, Franco/Todd/Howarth, talking to himself and on everyday, Easton boring me to tears and Alderson shrieking on cue. And of course Sabrina’s uninteresting drama front and center. RATINGS WILL BE GOING DOWN!

  • JayTN

    Jonathan…ABC isn’t going to replace “Katie” with anything. ABC gave the 3PM hour back to the affiliates (local stations) to entice them to pick up “Katie” (which the network produced as a syndicated talk show). It will be up to each individual affiliate to replace “Katie”. ABC only programs the 11AM hour, the 1PM and 2PM hours in daytime for a total of 3 hours (not counting “Good Morning America”).

  • bethann10

    I hate Robin. I wish Kim McCullough would just go away. I’m not even a Sabrina fan, either, I just always hated the humorless, whiny Robin and her unhappy, dysfunctional relationship with Patrick (he cheated on her more than once, with good reason). I like Patrick and would like to see him with Sam or Liz.

  • Marie H

    Excellent news for JFP and Y&R. I hope Jill gets a huge raise in salary for putting up with hateful fans who claim that she has ruined Y&R. Far from it. 5.5 million viewers on Thursday? Incredible! Y&R is on fire!

  • Jack

    Y&R at its highest rating in three years? I don’t understand it really. To me, the soap is totally boring with many characters I wish would vanish.

  • Matt M.

    This is absolute shocking and fantastic news for all soaps. The genre is surely on the rise again – and has been for the past 2 years. Bravo!

    ALL soaps hit multi-year highs in total viewership during a HOLIDAY week. Wow!

    DAYS was even above 3.0 million most of the week!

    Seems like above 3.0 million has become “the new normal” for GH! So happy for the show. Despite ABC wanting to cancel it, they know they can’t now. Show is still under budget and ratings have been surging for the past 2 years.

    Great for YR and BB too. Both hit 4 and 6 year highs in total viewership.

    Cant even REMEMBER the last time ALL soaps were above 3.0 million during the same week. At least probably about 7-8 years ago for [these 4 remaining soaps].

    Such an UNDERESTIMATED genre has finally made its long-awaited and not-predicted comeback. Soap actors AND crew members are some of the HARDEST WORKING people in the entire television and entertainment business. Yet barely credited. 3 years ago, it was predicted there would [maybe] be only 2 soaps left… Look where they are now.

    BRAVA for all! Keep it up.

  • Matt M.

    Its also quite amazing that all soaps gained AT LEAST 570,000 viewers compared to last year. YEAR-TO-YEAR growth is KEY nowadays in the genre.

  • John Black

    Whoever said the soap genre was dead was an idiot. The soap will never die.

  • tvnerd

    What about primetime specials? YR used to do it monthly on Friday nights. I think with primetime shows floundering there is room for each show to have a chance at a p t slot. Could happen if they keep rising and regain respect as a genre.

  • jason

    The classic GH Heather Webber LSD storyline
    from 1979 also coincided exactly when the show hit #1
    in the ratings, where it stayed until 1988.
    Mary O`Brien played Heather back then and she was front and center on the show.
    I actually prefer her to Robin Mattson.
    That storyline can be found on You Tube in high quality if you haven`t seen it lately.
    It was a ratings giant of a storyline and it`s too bad ABC couldn’t show it again.

  • James

    happy for all soaps.

  • KarenfromAlbany

    I’m so happy that the soaps are enjoying a ratings surge. I love Y&R and General Hospital!!!

    HELP :) MBmomof3? Jason?
    There are a lot of smart people posting here and I hope someone can help me win a bet.

    My two sisters and I have been watching General Hospital since we were in our teens in the mid 70’s.
    I have a bet with both of them on which current “character” has been in the soap the longest. We each say it’s someone different.
    One of my sisters claims that it’s Monica and the other one says it’s Heather.
    I think it’s Scotty.
    I know they were all on in the 70’s but doe anyone know which character has been on the longest????

    Thank you!!!

  • MBmomof3

    @Jason, I recently watched the original LSD storyline on youtube. I think when Heather first reappeared last year. It was awesome! Just seeing the sets again were so cool for this long-time fan.

    @KarenfromAlbany, I’ve been watching GH on & off since pre-K. Love the history of this show. My sisters and I were really into it (and OLTL) during the mid-late ’70’s. The character Scotty Baldwin first appeared on the canvas in 1965. Monica and Heather both first appeared on GH in 1976. Wikipedia is a great resource for settling family bets ;)

  • MBmomof3

    @Mike. Not trying to kick the hornets nest, but did you see Kristoff St. John’s facebook posting comparing “Muhney-gate” to the LA Riots? I’m sure it may feel that way to him, but it’s a “bit” of an over-statement to me. lol. They don’t call it daytime drama for nothing. (But I am a fan of KSJ, no hating here.)

  • jonboy

    @Jason And with all this Jerome storytelling they could have aired a repeat episode featuring the original Julian Jerome. Who the hell wants to watch an episode u just saw? I am soooooo close to giving up GH. Sorry but I can’t agree about Heather. The whole thing is just plain ridiculous and completely defies credibility.

  • Mike

    Yes MbMom, I saw that.

    I like Kristoff too but that was totally off base. It was like the fan a year or so ago comparing the cancellations of OLTL and AMC to the bombings on 9/11.

    People need to stop and put things into perspective.

    I also saw the article from a Muhney supporter saying that Muhney is gagged and can’t say anything. But then Braedan fired back that absolutely no one involved was gagged.

    I firmly believe the only reason that Muhney hasn’t said anything is that he knows once he does the evidence Sony had to fire him will become public. Muhney has never held back on Twitter or anywhere. He even made posts on Twitter gloating when his former co-stars would get fired. He has always lashed out. So I am sure it is killing him not to say anything, but I just have a feeling he knows that once he does that evidence comes to light and his career is toast.

    I am also hearing rumors from some folks I correspond with through e-mail that some of the actors are being attacked on set or going to the set by Muhney fans. As well as ugly e-mails, fan mail, etc.

    I just hope it dies down soon. Y&R can’t be a pleasant working environment now, and it will definitely takes it toll on the cast and production before long.

  • KarenfromAlbany

    Thank you MBmomof3!!!

    A co-worker of mine also told me that Lesley has been on since 1973 so Denise Alexander is the longest running actress. We didn’t consider her at all but she is rarely shown today.

    I didn’t realize that Wikipedia would have that information. Wow! Scotty since 1965. That’s amazing!

    I thought I remember the character as a boy in the mid 70’s but since Lee had adopted him, I wasn’t sure of when the character started.

    I wonder why there was no mention of Denise Alexander hitting 40 years with the show last year.
    Quite a milestone!!!

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