Syfy's 'Helix' Infects 1.8 Million Total Viewers During January 10 Debut

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January 13th, 2014

Helix - Season 1

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NEW YORK – January 13, 2014 – Helix, Syfy’s highly anticipated new series from Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica), garnered robust numbers during its special 90-minute premiere on Friday, January 10 from 10-11:30PM (ET/PT), ranking as the #2 cable entertainment program among Adults 25-54 (893K) in its time period.


Helix also delivered 1.82 million total viewers and 734K Adults 18-49.


This represented Syfy’s best performance in the time period (Fridays at 10-11:30pm) in more than four years among total viewers, Adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49.


As well, the 11:30PM encore delivered nearly one million total viewers (988K).


Powered by Helix’s debut, Syfy was the #2 cable entertainment network from 8-11PM (ET/PT).


Helix also set records across Syfy’s diverse digital platforms:

·         Helix was’s best series premiere day ever in all key metrics, ranking as the #1 section of Syfy’s Digital Portfolio.

·         Helix’s premiere was Syfy’s second most social scripted series premiere (behind only Defiance), outperforming recent competitive cable series premieres including BBCA’s Orphan Black, Showtime’s Masters of Sex and Starz’s The White Queen.

·         Driven by Helix, the Syfy Now website and mobile app set records for full episode segment starts.


Helix is an intense thriller about a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to the high-tech research facility, Arctic Biosystems, to investigate a possible disease outbreak, only to find themselves pulled into a terrifying life-and-death struggle that may hold the key to mankind’s salvation or total annihilation. However, the lethal threat is just the tip of the iceberg, and as the virus evolves, the chilling truth begins to unravel.


Billy Campbell (Killing Lincoln, The Killing) stars as Dr. Alan Farragut, leader of the Centers for Disease Control outbreak field team called upon to investigate and control a potential outbreak. Hiroyuki Sanada (The Wolverine, 47 Ronin) also stars as Dr. Hiroshi Hatake, director of Arctic Biosystems and its mysterious viral research program.


Helix also stars Kyra Zagorsky (Supernatural) as Dr. Julia Walker; Mark Ghanimé (Emily Owens, M.D.) as Major Sergio Balleseros; Jordan Hayes (House at the End of the Street) as Dr. Sarah Jordan; Meegwun Fairbrother as Daniel Aerov; Catherine Lemieux (White House Down) as Dr. Doreen Boyle, and Neil Napier (Riddick) as Dr. Peter Farragut.


Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica, Outlander), Steven Maeda (Lost, The X-Files) who is also showrunner, Lynda Obst (Contact, Sleepless in Seattle), and Brad Turner (Hawaii Five-0, 24) are Executive Producers. The 13-episode series is produced by Tall Ship Productions, Kaji Productions and Lynda Obst Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television. Prolific director and producer Jeffrey Reiner (Friday Night Lights) directed the premiere episode, which was written by creator and co-executive producer, Cameron Porsandeh.


Syfy is a media destination for imagination-based entertainment. With year round acclaimed original series, events, blockbuster movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming, a dynamic Web site (, and a portfolio of adjacent business (Syfy Ventures), Syfy is a passport to limitless possibilities. Originally launched in 1992 as SCI FI Channel, and currently in more than 98 million homes, Syfy is a network of NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies.  NBCUniversal is owned by Comcast Corporation.  (Syfy. Imagine Greater.)



  • skyfi

    Expect, expect, but it will never come…

  • cimmer

    The truly sad part is that whenever Syfy tries a ‘real’ scifi and it doesn’t work out Syfy tends to ‘blame’ the audience, saying they’re not there for real scifi, they never look at the show itself or perhaps they’re expectations. Maybe they need to look to their financing or what their idea of real scifi is. BBCA seems to be fine with shows like Orphan Black so the audience is there but then one tends to get more quality from BBCA then one gets from Syfy.

  • Sean

    Haven fans, if SyFy renewes it for a fifth season will probably be its last. Eureka, Stargate SG-1 (first five seasons where on Showtime), Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (if you count the miniseries as a season) and Warehouse 13 (6 eps, really SyFy?!) all got five seasons and that was it.

  • vision of tomorrow

    Have watched Sci-Fi since the two week test pattern. The channel is having hard times. Helix is to be part of the fix.
    Helix is pretty well done. It has a serious flaw for me- rather slow and boring. Battlestar Galactica and the last Stagate series flirted with the same problem. Watched Helix for 1.5 hours to see yet another plague movie. Nothing original. This show should have hit full speed out of the gate and it didn’t. Doubt it makes more than two seasons. I hope it gets more interesting.

    There was one X Files moment with the outdoor snow scene. Need more of that.

  • DTravel

    Helix is not a science fiction show, its a medical soap opera and a badly written one at that. If Syfy wants its audience to continue to “expect more” they need to actually provide it.

  • Steve

    The Helix premiere was decent, not great, but certainly much better than the disappointing “Defiance”. And the clip reel they showed at the end of the episode, of clips from the upcoming season, really looked pretty good.

  • bluto182

    I can’t believe anybody still even watches Syfy. Those numbers just make Lit lyrics play in my head: “Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding. The cretins cloning and feeding, and I don’t even own a tv”
    Real scifi fans stopped watching syfy when NBC bought it and turned it into a B movie showcase with Atari-grade CGI.
    I can’t speak to Helix, but if it’s that good, Syfy will kill it like they’ve killed the only good shows they’ve had. (Which you can count on one hand.)
    I don’t have satellite or cable anymore. Netflix is the future. I wait until I know a show has lived for 3 or 4 seasons and then bingeview the backlog. Cliffhangers neutralized and no commercials.

  • yekcirsu

    Another syfy channel show that will never have and ending ,So-called intellectuals with no common sense , with and inability to maintain their on training ,asking unnecessary questions or no questions at all with the actions of being at a flower garden , ahh smell the roses .Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica) lmao it figures

  • Crystal

    I have loved many SciFi/SyFy shows over the years. They do have a tendency of killing the great shows. I was a huge fan of Farscape. I was glad we got the movie wrap up for that show. Then I loved BSG but not as much as many. The mini series start was amazing but there were so many religious and political undertones that I got bored at times. I was never a huge SG-1 fan. However, I thought SGA was awesome in the early seasons. The pilot was amazing. Then they managed a great story for 3 seasons before it lost its ways. I also believe Atlantis could have been so much better had they waited longer to reconnect with earth. Granted that means it would have probably been darker. I love Haven right now but this last season was all over the place. It was great early but with the turn it took towards the end with out any answers to the previous stuff kind of threw you off. I know I’ve watched more stuff on SyFy but I’m drawing a blank at the moment.

  • SirStephenH

    I’m not usually into medical shows but this one has me hooked. I sure hope this doesn’t end up as a mini-series.

    As for the Haven discussion, I’ve read that calls went out to extras a while back saying they got the green light. Hopefully this will turn out to be true. I really only see it going 1 to 1.5 seasons though due to the story line and SyFy’s latest major series being cut off after 5 seasons.

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