'Beauty and the Beast' to Return in May, No Decision Made on Series' Fate

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January 15th, 2014

Heart of Darkness

Mark Pedowitz said at today's CW TCA presentation that Beauty and the Beast will be back in May to finish out its current season, but added that no decision has been made about the show's future yet.

  • Victor Hugo

    dead anyway

  • HeadlessHorseman

    “…no decision has been made about the show’s future yet.”


  • taylor

    this screams cancelled .
    i’ll have 5 episodes to air finishing in summer is not a good sign.. unless cw plans to keep it as a summer series and wants to see how’ll i’ll do if not it’s down guys.

  • Ultima

    “…no decision has been made about the show’s future yet.”

    He knows the show will be canceled, but they haven’t officially made that decision yet. So what he told you was true, from a certain point of view.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    That’s one way of looking at it. :)

  • David Howell

    Best cancellation announcement of the season!

  • Jorge

    If only the show was this good last season, maybe people would still be watching. There’s actual plot going on!

  • John A

    I Kind of expected the 4 obvious shows to be renewed by the cw today.

  • Matthew Chapman

    Sounds like a burn off to me.

  • John A

    Its amazing that CW didnt just cut its order.

  • Shepherd

    @David Howell

    Best cancellation announcement of the season!


    Maybe in theory the are seeing how it might do as a summer series first. I’m not too familiar with timetables for tv production, but if they wait until June to make a decision; it doesn’t even seem possible that they could be ready by September. Assuming that the production crew will be given a least a few weeks return notice once The CW does make their decision.

    I know many shows can produce episodes in 10-14 days, but I imagine that there would be a little bit of ‘set up’ time at the front end of production. But again, I’m not at all familiar with how these things work.

  • Charmed

    The Veronica Mars treatment

  • Maggie McDuff

    This show has a huge following world wide and gets great ratings in many countries. The US just has an outdated rating system unlike the other countries. CW would be smart to give it a season 3 since the rating system will be updated next fall. Otherwise they will be causing problems for their other markets. Wining 2 PCA’s shows that popularity world wide. Season 2 is better quality and has really developed a great story line that can build a strong foundation for even bigger returns.

  • Shepherd

    OKaay Maggie McFluff.

  • josh

    Kill it.

  • Timmy G

    @John A, the early pickups came in February last year so I suspect that’ll happen again this year. Seems to be the usual time.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    @Maggie McDuff
    PCAs in no way, shape, or form measure popularity. All they mean is that 4 or 5 fans are willing to waste an evening just pressing a virtual voting button.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    @Maggie McDuff
    And what changes to the ratings system are you talking about?

  • Pr

    Okay whatever. Nobody watches that crap anyway and the actors can’t act to save their lives. Just watch at that pic! People’s Choice Awards didn’t even tickled its ratings. :D Bye bye annoying beasties!

  • Connman

    This is definitely “not your father’s” B&TB. Not sure if I like the current storyline or not – depends on how it plays out, but the last preview made it look like Vincent is turning into a Private Investigator????

    As far as a renewal, I can live with it whichever way it goes. The international POV is interesting, and could make or break it. On it’s face, it does sound like a cancellation (or non-renewal) is coming, but I could see it going either way…

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