'Beauty and the Beast' to Return in May, No Decision Made on Series' Fate

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January 15th, 2014

Heart of Darkness

Mark Pedowitz said at today's CW TCA presentation that Beauty and the Beast will be back in May to finish out its current season, but added that no decision has been made about the show's future yet.

  • Dan S

    Is that the bear I hear licking his chops ?

  • Chmarin

    Do you people seriously believe the PCA’s are legitimate? They’re fixed. Do you really believe The Good Wife, yes, THE GOOD WIFE, got more votes than Grey’s Anatomy worldwide? Even if, in some weird way, global popularity measured through meaningless awards shows was a factor in deciding a show’s fate, the PCA’s would be the single biggest irrelevant piece of non-information.

    When Julianna Marguiles accepted the award this year for TWGW, she said something like “The cast and crew were really shocked when we won…” Unknowingly hinting at things that are so painfully obvious – a) that all the winners find out they’ve won beforehand because b) that’s the only way CBS can bring the celebrities to come to the ceremony – by letting them know they’ve actually “won”.

    Anyway, back to The CW – hopefully BATB gets the axe and TCD lives to see another day. I know that’s the unlikeliest scenario, but a guy can hope.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    At least it’s rated so poorly that nobody will be saying that the CW should have kept it. The TSC season 2 cries got annoying fast.

  • Valentin

    So, it is almost cancelled but I won’t say anything as they said they weren’t sure about The Carrie Diaries & Hart of Dixie either.

  • CBSviewer

    I hope The CW will renew something considering they are making a lot of announcements.

  • Maggie McDuff

    Headless horseman
    The new rating system will be taking into acount all avenues of watching tv now like streaming. Many households, like mine have gotten rid if expensive cableto just stream tv. The US rating system does not take actual viewing into consideration. They only take into acount the viewers with their boxes. They do show DVR veiwing 7 days later but advertisers dont use that information as much since viewers can fast forward through shows. BATB has a big increase in viewers off DVR but currentky it doesnt count.

  • Holly Quixote

    @Maggie McDuff,

    What do you think the purpose of the ratings system is?

  • Brandy

    @Maggie going from 0.3 to 0.5 isn’t that great.
    I call BS on “no descion made”-the descion was made to cancel when they put it on hiatus ,replaced it with TTP and now it’s summer burn off.

  • Lisa

    Fingers crossed the Beauty and the Beast will be around for a few more seasons. Really only CW show that has caught my interest. Fall show, summer show. I care not as long as I get to continue the journey with these wonderful characters.

  • Pr


    Stop it. Beauty could at least hit a 0.6 rtg and it would be safe, just like TTP and Reign. Beauty is a flop and even if they counted every single person who watches the show in the universe, even Dixie would have more viewers than that. Every single show has its ratings up from DVR viewing, yet B&TB still lags.

  • Charlie

    oh well,it was fun while it lasted.

    if it does go fingers crossed it takes the Carrie diaries with it

  • HeadlessHorseman

    @Maggie McDuff
    I hate to break it to you, but the changes you speak of were announced last February and Nielsen planned to implement them for the 2013-2014 season, which is this year. So not only have they been active since this fall, but BATB is horribly rated even with the changes in effect.

  • TJ

    So is it still returning in February, leaving in March, then coming back in May? Or is it just not coming back at all until May?

  • Dan

    BATB will be cancelled but like all bubble shows (Smash, Touch) the network will not admit this until the upfronts. Idk why CW didn’t just air the remaining episodes Fridays and save Whose Line for Summer.

  • Mark Wood

    Maggie McDuff

    The changes Nielsen made have no real impact on the financial viability if a show. Outside of tv and DVR the data is only for viewers or downloads. Which contribute almost nothing. When we ever get a system that counts the viewed of commercials, the income of those viewers then and only then will things like streaming bring in real sizable revenue.

  • Brandy

    @Dan Ikr?But Pedowitz said if Whose Line did well in summer,he would try it in regular season.It did well in summer.

  • Brandy

    TJ it’ll air til March 10 then be off til May(date tab).March 17 TTP takes it spot.

  • Born to shine

    Uh oh looks like they should have kept The Secret Circle & Ringer…… LOL

  • Mark

    Personally I think most shows on the CW would work better on cable stations that can air it like 4-5 times in a week. If BatB makes money in other places maybe instead of renewing the series the parent companies should try pawn it off to a cable network.

  • jack

    I wasn’t a fan of BATB in the first season or the a few of the episodes in season 2 but I kept on watching and its really starting to pick up with action and the mythology of the story

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