'Enlisted' Premiere Jumps 86% in Live + 3 DVR Viewing

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January 15th, 2014

Enlisted Pilot

via press note:

Friday's series premiere of ENLISTED grew +86% (from a 0.7 to a 1.3) in just the first three days of time shifted viewing

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Huh, I guess a 2-season renewal will be coming forthwith?

    :grin: :-)

  • mathew

    i wish that this meant something!

  • beached

    Who cares.

  • Colin

    L+3 do matter. It helps in renewal, too.

  • Ultima

    L+3 do matter. It helps in renewal, too.

    No, C+3 ratings are the ones that matter. In most cases, the C+3 ratings are very similar to the Live+SD ratings.

  • Ram510

    I don’t know why they are even pretending like they haven’t already decided to cancel this show. Why even have a press release at all

  • Juan

    I just watched it yesterday. I thought it was good. Sad that it was scheduled like that

  • Frost

    Dude, “Enlisted” has a trifecta of hotness. Plus, you know, it’s funny.

  • AdWhois.com

    It was funny. Very sophomoric but so is Brooklyn 99…
    I can never understand why networks even bother premiering shows on a Friday night… Unless its for old people it’s gonna fail…

  • Percysowner

    The show has gotten good reviews. It did well in DVR viewing. Although this in no way means it deserves renewal, I think that FOX would be well advised to move it to another night and see if it can pull an audience. Burying it on Fridays is wasting a show that has some potential, more potential than some of the shows they have in better time slots.

  • catalina

    That’s still not saying much. A 1.3 rating is still very low. Enlisted live plus 3 ratings is still less than the average for the Tuesday comedies live ratings.

  • KC

    Well, Reilly just said this week he looks at DVR numbers….so…..

  • Harvey

    TV can do well on Fridays. Look at Blue Bloods – rocks 10 million plus nearly every week. The issue is 18-49 is lower.

    It’s too bad there is no such thing as a combined TV Show Popularity Ranking that would rank shows on their live/same day ratings, social media chatter, streaming, and dvr usage. Rather than the measures really only directed to a specific stakeholder group-advertisers. Look at music-their rankings includes downloads/sales, airplay, and streams. Imagine if it only included downloads/sales, how skewed the rankings would be.

  • Mark3

    Funniest show on fox! Stop dvr show people. Watch LIVE! ya know lile how people did from 1955 to 1999.

  • psychic

    Holy crap. A 1.3. Never before have ratings of this size been seen. Fox, be proud of yourselves. You have out-PR’d every network in existence.

  • RJC

    @psychic: “Holy crap. A 1.3. Never before have ratings of this size been seen. Fox, be proud of yourselves. You have out-PR’d every network in existence.”

    My reaction exactly. So it went from an embarrassingly awful live rating to a slightly less awful Live+3 rating that is largely irrelevant anyway. Big whoop.

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