Predict the Ratings for the Season Premiere of 'American Idol' (Poll)

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January 15th, 2014


Tonight, American Idol premieres its thirteenth season. Will new judge Harry Connick Jr. and a switched-up format bring viewers back to the reality stalwart? Last year, the premiere of the twelfth season of American Idol earned a 6.0 adults 18-49 rating, which was the lowest premiere rating since the first season debuted in the summer of 2002. Will this year see another low? Make your predictions below and let us know why in the comments!

  • Samunto

    I say a 5.3. JLo doesn’t have as much buzz as when she was last on.

  • Charmed

    Almost no interest this year. May seem pessimistic but 4.7 is my guess.

  • Charmed

    Will be lucky to reach 5.0

  • k:Alex

    The Voice got a new low this season, so I expect the same for AI.
    And last year they had only competition from ABC (second hour CBS), this year ABC (second hour CBS), CW and NBC.

    Around 5.8

  • CBSviewer

    Tonight ratings:

    American Idol: 5.1
    The Middle: 2.0
    Revolution: 1.4
    Two and a Half Men (R): 1.5
    Arrow: 1.1

    Suburgatory: 1.8
    The Millers (R): 1.4

    Modern Family: 3.3
    Criminal Minds: 2.4
    Law & Order: SVU: 1.7
    The Tomorrow People: 0.6

    Super Fun Night: 1.9

    CSI: 2.0
    Chicago P.D.: 1.6
    Nashville: 1.4

  • Eve

    I don’t care, I just don’t want Revolution to suffer.

  • Doug

    I’m thinking between 4.5 – 5.
    No way it will reach a 6.0 like last year. No. way.

  • k:Alex

    (Why 5.8, the show always premier well)

  • Eve


    The Voice had the biggest premiere (not counting Superbowl) ever, the downward was the finale.

  • gerry

    i think it will come in right around 5.0 with some trickle off, but the general consensus seems to be that people don’t care all that much so maybe it will be less.

    once x factor is officially over, simon randy and paula need to come back to idol. it would shoot the rating through the roof.

  • Eve

    THE LISTINGS ARE BACK!!! *throws confeti*

  • Scott

    Slightly lower than last year but not a huge from like from Season 10 to 11 and then season 11 to 12 again.

    X Factor is dead, do you think that will help or hurt Idol?

  • Shepherd

    Don’t care, but I think CPD could do better than CF this week.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I was thinking about watching the first hour, but I have some shopping to do after work. But I’ll be home in time for Criminal Mimes.

    :grin: ;-)


  • Sassy Much

    5.0 or 5.5 I think. If it does lower than a 5 I expect FOX to announce that they’ve cancelled XFactor. Candice Glover’s album getting pushed back 3 times already doesn’t help much either.

    Actually I’m already prepared for it to go lower than a 5.0 and I expect heads to be rolled at FOX considering The Voice had a 5.1 for its premiere.

  • Sassy Much

    Why do people think Simon and Paula want to retun to Idol? Simon was hit by the lawsuit that costed him millions (settled out of court, the other Simon received substantial Syco shares) and Paula is still hurt and angry. Especially knowing how much Mariah and JLO are/were getting paid.

  • Raykov

    4.8-5.0 is my guess… It went really low at some point last season and all the singing competitions are hurting each other.


    Their current panel is so boring. What good is having no bickering judges when their personalities are so bland. They should’ve went for at least 1 crazy/out of box judge. That’s how Simon got so popular.

    3 main reasons why The Voice is a better format.

    1. The Voice works because they all have chemistry and a great sense of humour (especially Adam and Blake bromance).

    2. The Voice has different stages to the competition to keep things fresh and entertaining.

    3. The coaches rather than judges are REALLY involved with the contestants. Idol gets so boring after awhile when JLO says the same thing over and over again. Just sitting behind that desk and she’s getting paid HOW MUCH?! Blah!

    Can you tell I don’t like miss Lopez? The only reason why she’s being asked back is because Shakira is such a success for The Voice. Same reason why XFactor went with whatshername.

  • psychic

    Nobody cares about American Idol. Like, two people care about American Idol and one of them is Simon Cowell.
    I hope it hits 2.0.

  • Jon

    It will premiere high it always does but it will be getting low 2’s by march.

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