Predict the Ratings for the Season Premiere of 'American Idol' (Poll)

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January 15th, 2014


Tonight, American Idol premieres its thirteenth season. Will new judge Harry Connick Jr. and a switched-up format bring viewers back to the reality stalwart? Last year, the premiere of the twelfth season of American Idol earned a 6.0 adults 18-49 rating, which was the lowest premiere rating since the first season debuted in the summer of 2002. Will this year see another low? Make your predictions below and let us know why in the comments!

  • Michael1

    “The X Factor” and “The Voice” have managed to dilute the brand of “American Idol”, not just among viewership, but among the careers of the contestants. The only way an “Idol” contestant can have a hit song is to perform it on the show, and the only way a “Voice” contestant can have a hit song is in their career prior to being on the show. It is not clear what “X-Factor” has ever achieved in the US.

  • Benjamin

    There’s no buzz for it like with last season because of the leaked fight so I think it will do 4 something.



    I think 5.5, it’ll be down, but show still has loyal fan base. This season is back to the “feel good” vibe, which is good after last year mess. It doesn’t have to beat last years premiere, it just has to stabilize better than last year. When live shows came on ratings fell, in Season 10 for example, it was the opposite. So if they get good contestants and good competition between contestants, ratings will be better then last year.

  • Nick.


    I second that!

  • Nick.

    Hopefully Revolution holds on to its ratings. Serious competition tonight, Idol and also new Arrow too.

  • RJC

    5.5 and steady drops thereafter. there doesn’t seem to be much buzz for this season but the show has enough of a fan base to premiere fairly well, and the auditions are always everyone’s favourite part of these shows.

  • Seth

    I’m thinking it will go up from last year.

    6.2 is my guess

  • were123

    4.3, new low. It will go down to low 2s by the april


    @IWILLNOTWATCH. How is The Voice more about contestants rather than “coaches”, when the judges seem to perform to promote their songs EVERY season. IDOL actually creates artists who can sell records (10 out of 12 winners have gone platinum). All The Voice does is produce FLOPS. ALSO they asked back JLO because the show had better ratings in S10/S11 when she judged and was “talked about” judge. Shakira is had nothing to do with bringing her back. Shakeria wasn’t even a good coach.

  • steven

    hope it tanks lol kinda getting over all this reality make me a star crap

  • Aron

    I predict 7.0 long shot but it can happen


    Knocking off another 20%, I’m going w/ 4.8

  • connerc

    I think it will be far below last year’s premiere, but well above where last season ended. Therefore, the media can write whatever article they want. Either how it’s dead (compared to last year’s debut) or how it rebounded (compared to the last part of last season).

  • dan

    I could care less, I’ll be watching American horror story!

  • Cam

    I think American Idol will be up from last year, I am estimating 6.0 with 20 million veiwers. T’ve heard a lot fo loyal fans coming back to the show because of Jennifer Lopez and the chemistry between the judges and Seacrest. For those who think The Voice is better, just some stats for you.

    American Idol was the #1 show for over a decade, the shows winners and contestants have sold over 100 million singles and albums, countless sold out tours. Even contestants that didnt win have gone mulit-platinum. Carrie Underwood has a networth of over $100 million, 15 million albums sold, 6 Grammys etc.

    The Voice has never been number one, their first winner sold an embarrasing 50K for his first album (Carrie Underwood’s debut album has gone 7X platinum). Past winners havent even gone gold and no awards. I think The Voice is more about the judges then contestants. History speaks for itself. I will be tunning in to American Idol tonight!

  • Eve

    If it premieres behind The Voice (5.1) I’m gonna laugh hardddddd.

  • Eve


    No one has said that The Voice produces more music stars than American Idol, but that’s and old story. Now you get famous with YouTube.

    Last star for Idol is Phillip Phillips but still not that big. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are exceptions, because they won when Idol was HUGE. Now, The Voice Season 3 and 4 Champions, Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradberry have a lot of Billboard Hot 100 songs.

    Where’s Fantasia? Jordin? The ones that still are famous if I recall correctly are Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson.

    But still, those are television shows and they need to get ratings.

  • SJ

    3.8 seems about right.

  • Michael1

    “Modern Family” will beat it head-to-head between 9:00 and 9:30, although AI may win overall. I’m guessing 4.5 for MF and 4.0 for AI in the H2H, but AI may end up with something like a 4.6 for the full 2 hour block.

  • connerc

    @Eve Daughtry, too. Personally, I think The Voice is a better tv show. Idol is a better star maker. I tend to like the idea that someone may become a big star, so I lean with Idol.

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