Tuesday Final Ratings: 'The Mindy Project' Adjusted Down; No Adjustment for 'Chicago Fire' or 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

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January 15th, 2014


The Mindy Project was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for January 14, 2014

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS NCIS 3.0 9 19.72
ABC Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2.2 6 6.37
NBC The Biggest Loser (8-10PM) 1.7 5 5.56
FOX Dads 1.2 4 3.20
CW The Originals 0.9 3 2.07
8:30PM FOX Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.4 4 3.53
9:00 PM CBS NCIS: LA 2.4 6 15.87
ABC The Goldbergs 1.8 5 4.89
FOX New Girl 1.6 4 3.24
CW Supernatural 1.0 3 2.21
9:30PM FOX The Mindy Project 1.1 3 2.47
ABC Trophy Wife 1.1 3 3.46
10:00 PM CBS Person of Interest 2.0 6 12.54
NBC Chicago Fire 1.8 5 6.76
ABC Killer Women 0.7 2 3.51


Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Siami

    @David James

    I agree with the first 2.

  • thesnowleopard

    Good to see SPN hold up! TO not so great, but it’s still perfectly safe and it does tend to bounce up and down. I’m sure its fans are happy about that. It seems like a safe bet for an early renewal at this point, along with SPN, TVD and Arrow.

  • Pr

    Ugh Mindy! People should watch it! It’s 10000000000 times better than the so-called comedy that airs before it. :(
    The Originals is a great series. Will be renewed for sure.

  • Bella Bellini

    Good ratings for TO. But the CW shouldn’t schedule the show at the same time as PLL next season. Same audience and more viewers watch PLL live because of the whole ‘social experience’ on twitter and tumblr.

  • Sarah

    POI – such a fantastic, thought-provoking quality show.


    Things are looking up for Growing Up Fischer

  • John

    Mindy and Brooklyn aren’t happening no matter how much the network tries to shove them down viewers’ throats.

  • k:Alex

    It’s a fake one, you can see it on the way it’s written.
    And he never use smiley’s.

  • Janice

    @ John
    I agree. I so wanted Brooklyn to happen. I watched it over and over forcing myself to fall in love with it following the enthusiastic reviews I had been reading all over the internet. But it doesn’t catch fire. It’s not BAD – it’s just not good either. that’s a shame cause the premise seems like a lock for funny

  • SJ

    Mindy isn’t going anywhere. Critical acclaim + young viewership + minority lead + Fox’s new year-round programming model = renewal.

    New Girl really has gone downhill, both in ratings and quality.

  • Rob R

    OK I love Trophy Wive and like Mindy Project. I don’t understand the widespread rejection of either. Brooklyn 99 has potential and is growing on me. But the idea that the Hollywood Foreign Press considers it the best comedy on television is beyond absurd.

  • Sebastian P

    I really think Fox should had scheduled The Mindy Project on Fridays with Raising Hope and give Enlisted a chance on Tuesdays after New Girl; it could be a good match-up next season with Brooklyn-99

  • Raffie

    Mindy has been given 30 odd episode and is going on it’s second reboot. It’s a lost cause. Not charming, not remotely clever, not funny. If Fox wants it they can put it to Friday’s since it’ s headed for Friday numbers anyway. Best to concentrate on Brooklyn 99 and New Girl, which are actually funny and have potential to get some ratings. New Girl got a 1.9 in Nov. before Fox aired reruns for 6 weeks and failed to promote it. And it’s still top 10 in the 18-34 demo. Also, it in no way averaged a 3.2 last year in 18-49. Maybe after L+7, which it’s pretty close to averaging this year as well. It’s fallen off to be sure, but it was pulling 1.9s and 2.0s at the end of last year. Brooklyn 99 is already significantly after 10 episode than Mindy is after 35 and pulls the young male demo. They won’t get a huge SB bump, but I could see both shows bouncing back a bit in the coming weeks. And there is no way B99 bleeds away NGs audience at the rate Mindy does. This really is a no brainer.

  • Kate

    ‘Shiva’ got 23 million viewers this time last year for ‘NCIS’ so it’s down 4 million viewers.

  • Alan

    yay TO above 2 million viewers. Hope it hits a 1.0 next week.

  • Raul

    Poor ABC, NBC would be at the bottom of them if it wasn’t for football.

  • Mike

    Suprised that B99’s big award night (and the media coverage after) didn’t result in ANY new samples.Is tv comedy dead,or what?

  • Drew (@TheEmulator23)

    Don’t worry Kids, Goldbergs will be renewed. People are catching on because the 80’s were hilarious. The creator of this show has actual footage of himself & family at the end of each episode. I know what I’m talking about here…shame that’s it. Like Neighbors but doubt it sticks around even though it’s produced in house.

  • Dante

    What? No snarky comment from Dante?

    So, even when I am not around, you want me to be? LOL.

    I didn’t need to comment on this because nothing changed. A low 1.8 remains a low 1.8 and it wouldn’t matter if it was a 1.7 or a 1.9. Both adjustments would be pathetic. I speak the truth but I’m not going to add salt to the wound. The numbers speak for themselves.

  • Dan

    Mindy is still writing so she has plenty of time to come up with a good series finale. I hope she is considering doing this as it will help her fans get closure since her chances of getting another year slide with every drop in her ratings.

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