'American Idol' Season 13 Debut Hits Another Premiere Low (Updated)

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January 16th, 2014


On FOX the 13th season premiere of American Idol earned a 4.6 4.7 adults 18-49 rating, with 15 million viewers overall  which is the lowest premiere rating since the show's first summer season.Last year's season premiere earned a 6.0 adults 18-49 rating.  The premiere was up 31% from last season's finale which earned a 3.6 adults 18-49 rating. This is the first time American Idol has come back higher than its most recent finale since Season 10 (2011)

This is the first time American Idol has premiered lower than NBC’s fall cycle of The Voice, which debuted to a 5.1 adult demo rating last year.


  • Justcrusin’

    Don’t be so quick to write this off. I REFUSED to watch the trash panel last year…never saw a show and obviously neither did a lot of others.
    THIS PANEL last night was GREAT. I was expecting fun and quality…I got 1000% more than I expected. That was a fun night. This group will re-energize Idol. IF..they have the talent and looks like they have a LOT of good young talent. Not a JLow fan myself but she was great with the panel..Good Luck..

  • Mantlebuck

    Harry Connick Jr. will add a lot. He knows quality voices and will not hesitate to disagree with Lopez and Urban. There are too many of these kinds of shows but this is still the best produced and the talent is as good or better then the other shows.


    @JustFacts I under predicted the annual decline IDOL has every season, but I have faith it’ll be up from last year during the live shows- like S10 was… @Eve Her Wikipedia said her single is gold. Also Eve, season 10 winner released his third album a week after Cassadee’s debut album, and his album has higher sales. So food for thought.

  • tankrothchild

    What’s a J.Lo?

  • Rachel

    JLo is reason I’m not watching. She alienated me last time and to hear people say they admire her SINGING just doesn’t do it for me. If you lip synch during a live performance, you suck. So, I went from an avid watcher thru Season 9 to disgusted. All the blowing smoke starting with Durbin in Season 10 was disgusting and misleading to the contestants. If anyone heard his live acoustic performances at a few radio stations to promote his album, it was embarassing and pitiful. He was only one of many I could name. Sob stories are not grounds for praising a SINGER. Don’t mean to be a bitch, but show’s not for me any more, nor for many who used to really enjoy it. And now that they’ve canceled Lyndsey Parker’s DAY AFTER blog, which was a blast, there is no reason to even DVR it.

  • EarlyCuyler

    Maybe if they had the Duck Dynasty crew as judges they could get the ratings needed.

  • Max

    @Doc Michaels – Connick is the reason I am not watching the show for the first time since AI premiered.

  • scott

    Why would anyone watch American Idol when it comes on at the same time as Duck Dynasty?

  • skp53

    Once people hear about the awesome changes and the new judges ratings should go up. After last year’s AWFUL group of judges it’s no wonder ratings are down. Now that Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are gone things will improve.

  • KenD

    Why does ANYONE watch any of these “singing competitions?” No thanks – I would rather just listen to all of the TONS of outstanding singers all singing really well, on my MP3s, in concert, etc. No duds, no “pitchy, dawgs.” Singing competitions strike me as a solution in search of a problem.

  • imadiva

    Wasn’t the purpose of changing the show was to get higher ratings, ah ha it didn’t can’t blame Nicki and Mariah they had a way better premiere;so it’s that the show is old and misses the original judges and simon, but to do all that and premiere with lower ratings and a big dip in key demo is funny.

  • Nick

    This show is LAME! It has seen it’s day’s!

  • Kathi

    I actually like the show…I watch all of the singing shows because I enjoy watching the artists grow from week to week and I just happen to like hearing people sing and compete. Its about giving someone a chance to make it big when they normally wouldn’t have a chance so I support it. Everyone enjoys different things so I hope it continues for those of us who like it!

  • jr YOU WING

    The show is going down the drain. It;s more popular than the soon to be cancelled X Factor USA, but it’s a waste of time. The winners are all losers and who cares what any judge says. Jen Lopez is a bore sandwiched by a tattooed loser and a hyper nobody. Enough. It’s all downhill from here kids.

  • Eric

    Last night was a HUGE improvement over last season. The judges have great chemistry, the tone of the show was refreshing and positive…no more wasting an hour on horrible auditions. Harry Connick is the perfect addition, he’s going to prove to be one of the best judges the show has ever had. I’m cautiously optimistic about this season, especially if they can find some real talent.

  • Leslie

    The first show’s not bad. You could learn a lot from Harry’s advice. Didn’t hear one “yo” which a long-term viewer would have expected during judges’ comments.

  • yont

    Hollyweird in general has spit on true Americans for so long, we no longer care about any of the crap it spews forth. From GaGag Me, to Amerikkan Adultery, to the libtard actors and actresses spewing their hatred, true Americans are voting with their wallets and keeping them shut. Soon now, the networks revenue will dry up, they will die off, and blow away in the wind and nobody will miss them. Bye Ya’all

  • Underthewood

    Yesterday was a complete BOREFEST. I’ve been following AI since 2002 and I was entirely surprise that they left out the joke auditions. It’s the only reason why I watch the auditions to begin with! Hello there’s a reason why the auditions do so much better ratingswise than the latter stages of the competition.

    AI is trying to copy The Voice with all the likable and positive judges, but where’s the banter? The producers are really stupid if they think they can replicate the chemistry that The Voice coaches have by bringing 3 judges together that have never been on together before. Really stupid decision.

    And lastly, why so little screen time for Ryan Seacrest? If you pay all that money and hardly show him means it’s a big waste of money! Should’ve invested some of that money for more high profile judges. I was so ANNOYED by that segment or montage or whatever when they showed all those people who don’t know Connick Jr.

    You failed me AI, I thought this season was supposed to be an improvement. Ditching Mariah Carey for JLO tells us enough about the direction you want to take it.

  • Alan

    lmao, but considering that X Factor is super dead, I can see AI getting renewed again.


    @Underwood. Thought yesterday’s premiere was FANTASTIC.. I think what made it so great was that the show didn’t have joke contestants.. Often IDOL did auditions with WAY too many joke contestants, but yesterday offered just right combo of good and bad singers. ALSO there was banter between the judges, more so than The Voice. I think this panel as MAJOR chemistry, especially for just meeting each other.. And FINALLY, if you thought Mariah Carey was a good judge last season, than idk whay to tell you because she was beyond bland and a diva.

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