'American Idol' Season 13 Debut Hits Another Premiere Low (Updated)

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January 16th, 2014


On FOX the 13th season premiere of American Idol earned a 4.6 4.7 adults 18-49 rating, with 15 million viewers overall  which is the lowest premiere rating since the show's first summer season.Last year's season premiere earned a 6.0 adults 18-49 rating.  The premiere was up 31% from last season's finale which earned a 3.6 adults 18-49 rating. This is the first time American Idol has come back higher than its most recent finale since Season 10 (2011)

This is the first time American Idol has premiered lower than NBC’s fall cycle of The Voicewhich debuted to a 5.1 adult demo rating last year.


  • Ron

    Last year I bailed on Idol because the judges were awful. Watched the premier, Connick and J-Lo are good and there is chemistry. Looking forward to the competition.

  • Guido Viviani

    Until the show becomes more about talent than a circus, the numbers will remain low.

  • Lily

    I was going to skip it this year, but my husband and I checked it out last night. Harry Connick was hilarious, and none of the contestants knew who he was and why he is famous. All the kids were googling his name, which made for a very funny show. And, not as many goofy performances.

  • Bob

    I haven’t watched in 3 years, but Harry Connick has breathed new life into the judging panel with his humor and his knowledge of how music and singing work. Word of mouth will boost the shows ratings.

  • Renton

    Fox should just put american idol out of its misery.
    Of course they have nothing to replace it with so they wont.
    I feel like america has become tired of singing competitions.

  • adolsucks

    IDOL.. WHATTA JOKE!!! GIVE UP THE GHOST ALREADY! Personally, I think I rather watch paint dry! Is this going to be like Survivor where they have 1Million episodes before they understand that nobody gives a crap!!!

  • ctuton

    The season opener would have been higher if Angie Miller had won last year. Angie was another Underwood/Clarkson. It’s sad to see how her career has not taken off. I blame it on bad management.

  • Ma Linger

    First, these shows make a ton o money. All those phone votes costs money and they spilt the costs with Verizon who whomever 50%. That is millions of dollars per show they are taking in. No way they stop doing it.
    I did notice they are really not showing a lot of the wieirdo’s. A few but the show is much more somber now, down to business so its also a lot more borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.

    I do not plan to watch the actual show. Its stupid. I mean you’ve got 20 people who will end up fighting for it so all these other singers are just meaningless.

  • John

    Finally a true judge of talent, Harry Connick is a great addition.

  • Gina

    JLo is not a good role model for young kids, she left her husband for a younger man, she’s trashy with her sex crazed videos. I’m done with AI.

  • dess

    Watched it. Show lost the substance. Didn’t like the way diva JLo acts… HCj can save the show, he is the only technical one… KU is too soft. Maybe, the jurry should received grades from the public, too.

  • R

    I believe that this show, and others like it, are on their way out.
    They suck. And the people in them suck.

  • Opinionmine

    AI beat Duck Dynasty in the ratings, for those of you stating otherwise. To the person who offered the challenge to name the last four winners above, here goes…. Candice Glover, Phillip Phillips, Scotty McCreery, Lee Dewyze. As for The Voice, I can name Cassadee Pope. I know that The first season’s winner Javier Colons CO release went nowhere, debuting at lower numbers than DeWyze, who is AI’S lowest seller. And I can tell you that without watching either show for the past two years.

  • Fred GArvin

    Wow, is that crap still on TV ? Guess you would have a life to waste to know that answer.

  • D Rex

    Yeah, how do I already know that out of 50,000 auditions, they will end up with some crazy unique group to include a fillipino girl, a gay cowboy, an Asian male with highlights, two or three ordinary white girls and a bohemian one. Booring …….

  • satch

    All shows have a lifetime and AI’s has come and gone.

  • BeefMeister

    It’s a rigged show with mediocre singing talent and a bunch of contrived Springer-style drama. I stopped watching many years ago and don’t miss it.

  • BeefMeister

    JLo is basically Kim Kardashian with a few crummy movies and recordings.

  • jim

    I actually liked the new judging panel. Unlike the previous crews, they seem to all have at least a high school education.

  • Kevin

    Fox doesn’t have the onions to cancel this rotten show. No one cares, the artists don’t do shizz any longer, the industry doesn’t care.

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