'Duck Dynasty' Fifth Season Premiere Draws 8.5 Million Total Viewers

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January 16th, 2014


Duck Dynasty drew 8.5 million viewers at 10 p.m, dipping just 400,000 from the December Christmas special but down a substantial 3.3 million  from last summer's  fourth season premiere. Among adults 18-49, Duck Dynasty drew 4.2 million viewers.

  • Eve

    What about Bates Motel?

  • Jon

    Glad to see it not so successful! I decided not to watch(started watching the majority of the episodes in season 2) While I disagree with Phil’s comment, I believe he can say whatever he wants but I was disappointed with how the family reacted. I was hoping they would at least offer an apology. I might see a episode or two, but definitely not going to watch it anywhere near as much as I use to.


    And people thought Duck Dynasty was going go best Idol. LOL

  • Stephen

    HA! Loss of 3.3 million viewers…and everyone thought the controversy would increase their ratings. Glad that a lot of people had enough after his comments! Of course the ratings are still good for cable, but not as good as they thought they were going to be.

  • Carmen

    @ AllofherTtw!st

    3.6 demo and 8.5 million

    Doesn’t it work out to a 3.3 in the demo?

    Possibly, I thought I remember reading Robert say at the start of this season that the demo number had been dropped to just over 1.2M. But maybe it’s closer to 1.3M or so. I

  • SJ

    Down with the inbred folk of the swamps! I will relish the doom of your hateful ilk! :D

  • Tommy M.

    I’m really surprised all the controversy didn’t result in record ratings for the show. I’m interested in seeing what the next few episodes do. As a gay person myself, I’m glad that there are signs of cracks appearing ratings wise.

  • Corizz

    I had no idea DD s5 started last night. It kinda went under the radar here! oh well, off to see if my dvr recorded it

  • Alan

    Guess they lost people who was intelligent enough to stop watching.

  • Happy Gilmore

    Why did they take Rebecca away from her real family in Taiwan? She obviously came from a respected enough family considering most people who could send their kids away as exchange students are not considered poor. I think that’s foul on the part of the Robertson family.

    And how obvious is it btw that Rebecca was the only family member who they didn’t show much up until now after the controversial comments regarding gay marriages and slavery.

  • Bob

    I forgot it was on last night. I think a lot of people were in the same boat. I guess I could have turned it to A&E after American Idol but I won’t watch another A&E show except for Duck Dynasty. Networks WISHED they had Duck Dynasty and their ratings.

  • Happy Gilmore


    DD was on at 10 pm so they didn’t went up against eachother. Best believe those 8.5 viewers would hurt Idol a lot though. You would not have that 4.7 rating if DD was up against it. Idol would probably been somewhere in the 3’s.

  • Bob

    @Happy Gilmore,
    These episodes were filmed WAY WAY WAY before the overblown nonsense of A&E.

  • Happy Gilmore

    8.5 million

  • Happy Gilmore

    @ Bob,

    Are you aware of editing?

  • Holly

    @Happy Gilmore,

    I don’t watch the show, but… are you accusing them of kidnapping? Is there reason to believe that this girl or her family aren’t happy with the situation? That’s a really serious charge.

  • Freyja

    I never wish a show to die cause I don’t like it, those that do probably need to grow up some. Just change the channel and leave it for the rest who do. Oh well whatever, you all are just so perfect I forget.

  • DenverDean

    if only Tracy Morgan had been “dealt with” the same way by Nbc after his homophobic rant, but we know why he was untoubable. DD ratings are still huge 9plus compare January v. August) in terms of competition. At some point soon, A&E running 10-15 episodes a week will hasten the burnout.

  • AllOfHerTw!st


    I believe the demo point is currently 1.265 million.


    Was you one of the smarts ones who stopped watching? ;-) :razz:

  • Mark3

    @richie bigots? How? Cuz they havr there OWN OPINION. U SOUMD LIKE a left wing loony toon liberal who loves PC BS! DEAL WITH THE FACT that 90% of the world agrees with there views. Esp russia.

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