'Gilligan's Island' Docks at TV Land For the First Time in 10 Years

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January 16th, 2014


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Join TV Land For A “12-Hour Tour” With Your Favorite Stranded Sailors on Monday, January 20th



New York, NY, January 16, 2014 – The old gang is back and better than ever!  TV Land is welcoming “Gilligan’s Island” back to the network after a 10-year hiatus and for the first time ever, fans will be able to see the series re-mastered in HD. The network is celebrating in a big way by kicking off with a “12-Hour Tour” marathon on Monday, January 20th from 9am to 9pm. The classic sitcom then settles into its regular slot in primetime airing between 7pm and 9pm from Monday through Saturday.


Join the fun online and follow @TVLand #12HrTourathon, and check out the TV Land Buzzfeed list of “Best Uses of Coconuts.” Pinterest will house pictures of the actual “island” and users can go to TVLand.com and TV Land on Facebook for more “Gilligan” fun.


Launched in 1964, “Gilligan’s Island” became one of the most widely-seen and successful series ever in syndication. Created by Sherwood Schwartz and inspired by “Robinson Crusoe,” Schwartz developed what he believed to be a meaningful show that represented various citizens of America, brought together to survive on a deserted island.  With his selection of characters -- the wealthy, the glamour girl, a brainiac, a wholesome girl, the misfit and the resourceful bull of a man -- Schwartz had hoped that the audience would find someone on the island with whom they could identify. The S.S. Minnow crew – the bumbling, Gilligan (Bob Denver) and the Skipper, Jonas Grumby (Alan Hale, Jr.) -- get their passengers to safety and then spend the next four years trying to get themselves off of the island.  The other survivors include:  Thurston Howell III (Jim Backus) and his wife Lovey (Natalie Schafer), who are worth millions of dollars; Ginger Grant (Tina Louise), a Hollywood movie star; Mary Ann Summers (Dawn Wells), an all-American girl from Kansas; and the Professor Roy Hinkley (Russell Johnson), a scientist.


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  • romo

    Why did some of them have all those clothes for just a 3 hour tour ?

  • Andy

    The Professor, Russel Johnson passed away today. RIP

  • TV Viewer

    What’s the news source to confirm that Russell Johnson is dead?
    I looked all over Google.com and the only evidence for that is Wikipedia, (which gets phoney edits all the time).
    Mr. Johnson has his own web page; The Professor’s Place, and it does not report his death.
    This might be a case where the death of a celebrity is reported on the internet, but, it’s not true. It could also be another person named Russell Johnson has died.
    Without another source to confirm that he is dead, I have my doubts that he has passed away.

  • TV Viewer

    I just went to Bing.com and many sources including ABC news have confirmed that Russell Johnson died a short time ago from kidney failure at age 90.

    Considering all the times that phoney news stories are reported on the internet, speed does not always equal accuracy, I wanted a reliable news source to confirm the news.

    Thank you Andy for telling everyone about the passing of Russell Johnson.

    This is quite a coincidence; having a story about Gilligan’s Island on the same day that one of the three surviving cast members dies. The other two living actors are Dawn Wells and Tina Louise.

  • SpyTV

    This is easily one of the funniest sitcoms of all time.


    I can’t believe I just turned 11 years old the same week that Gilligan debuted in 1964 and nearly 50 years later I’m blogging about GI (we only “talked” about it back then). We lads always argued over Ginger & Mary Ann–wonder why!

    Sorry to hear about the passing of Russell Johnson & hope I’m blessed enough to be around another 30 years. Rest in peace, mate & thanks for all the smiles you gave me!

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    RIP Russell Johnson

  • Shepherd

    It’s quite a coincidence that this announcement comes on the same day as that of the professor’s death. I wonder if he was somehow keeping this show from airing on TVLand.


    @ romo

    That is one question that has plagued mankind for the last 50 years! We kids were asking the same question back then as well.

  • TV Viewer

    Russell Johnson was 89 when he died, not 90 as I wrote earlier.
    Dave Madden who portrayed the road manager, Mr. Ruben Kincaid on The Partridge Family program has also died. He was 82.

  • a p garcia

    This is one show I wouldn’t mind if is rebooted.

  • joel

    Now comes word that Dave Madden of the Partridge Family died today too. There’s an old saying that this stuff happens in threes but I’m not superstitious. I remember meeting Dave once after a two-man stage show that he and Danny Bonaduce performed. I must have been a nervous kid… he told me he didn’t bite. RIP

  • Fake Me Out

    RIP to both Russell Johnson & Dave Madden and thanks for all the laughs over the years especially Laugh-In, great stuff back in the day.

  • a p garcia

    If it is rebooted, I hope it is not NBC.

  • LukeSky

    30 minute sitcom no more.

    20 minutes of show, 16 minutes of commercials.

    TV Land, if you monitor these posts. You just lost a faithful viewer.

  • Brett Heitkam

    What’s the point of having it remastered in HD when TV land doesn’t broadcast in HD on most cable/satellite providers?

  • Fake Me Out

    Speaking of happening in 3’s, earlier today Roger Lloyd-Pack passed away @ 69 from pancreatic cancer. He played Trigger on Only Fools And Horses and farmer Owen on Vicar of Dibley as well as many other roles. I especially loved his work as Owen on Dibley and hope he is now at rest.

  • Fakeem

    Does this mean that METV is losing the show, like when they lost the Jeannie/Bewitched hour to Antenna TV?

  • Carmen

    @ Romo and The Old Man

    @ romo

    That is one question that has plagued mankind for the last 50 years! We kids were asking the same question back then as well.

    It wasn’t just the clothes they magically turned up with.

    A second question was about the amount of cash Thurston Howell managed to come up with over the years. Someone one time did a study of that, and it was off the charts (for someone on a 3 hour tour).

    But those were just a couple of leaps of faith you had to accept in order to enjoy the show.

  • cimmer

    I’d rather watch it on MeTV where it’s been for a few months. It makes a nice line up with Hogans Heroes and F Troop.

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