Tuesday’s 'General Hospital' is the Series’ #1 Telecast in Over Six Years in Total Viewers

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January 16th, 2014


via press release:

 “The View” Sets 1-Year High in Total Viewers and Near 1-Year High in W25-54


“The Chew” Devours Record Highs in Total Viewers and

Women 25-54; Delivers Top 12 Weeks Ever in 2013/14


Tuesday’s “General Hospital” is the Series’ #1 Telecast in Over Six Years in Total Viewers; Ranks as the Week’s #1 Program in Daytime in Women 18-34


“The View”: (11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)


At 11:00 o’clock, “The View” returned from two week of encores surging to a 1 year high in Total Viewers (3.51 million) and a near 1 year high in Women 25-54 (782,000/1.3 rating) – since weeks of 1/28/13 and 2/18/13, respectively.


  • Notably, Tuesday’s telecast hit a near 1-and-a-half year high in Total Viewers (3.95 million) and set a 1 year high in Women 25-54 (915,000/1.5 rating) – since 9/25/12 and 1/28/13, respectively.


  • “The View” posted double digit year to year increases in target demos: by 16% in Total Viewers (3.51 million vs. 3.02 million), by 12% in Women 18-49 (575,000 vs. 512,000) and by 17% in Women 25-54 (782,000 vs. 671,000).


“The Chew”: (1:00 – 2:00 p.m.)


On the verge of breaking into the Top 5 programs in daytime in coveted sales demo Women 25-54, “The Chew” returned from two weeks of repeats recording all time weekly highs in Total Viewers (3.28 million) and Women 25-54 (774,000/1.3 rating – tied week of 12/9/13).


In fact, 2013/14 season to date, “The Chew” has generated its Top 12 weeks in the show’s history in Total Viewers, Top 13 in Women 18-49 and Top 7 in Women 25-54.


  • Impressively, Tuesday’s telecast – featuring healthy yet delicious recipes to kick off the New Year – stood as the show’s #1 telecast of all time in Total Viewers (3.67 million) and Women 25-54 (889,000/1.5 rating).


  • Versus year ago, “The Chew” delivered the largest growth of any program in Daytime, surging by 41% in Total Viewers (3.28 million vs. 2.34 million), by 38% in Women 18-49 (574,000 vs. 416,000) and by 44% in Women 25-54 (774,000 vs. 536,000).


“General Hospital”: (2:00 – 3:00 p.m.)


With four week highs, “General Hospital” ranked as the week’s #1 program in daytime among Women 18-34 (254,000/0.8 rating – tied on rating) and was the #2 program in Women 18-49 (776,000/1.2 rating) and Women 25-54 (1.05 million/1.7 rating).


  • Tuesday’s telecast ranked as the series’ most-watched telecast in over 6 years in Total Viewers (3.55 million – since 11/12/07).


Source: NTI, U.S. ratings, weeks of 1/6/14, Live + Same Day. Program rankings based on U.S. ratings and include ties. Gapped/Breakout/Specials programming excluded.



  • moshane58

    Go GH…Hoping higher with soapnet shut done. But still gaining veiwers…

  • rob60990

    Good for daytime but Tuesday was the day it was frigid cold so no surprise.

  • CrimTV

    remember when people were worried GH would be cancelled a couple of years back….

  • MBmomof3

    Congrats to ABC Daytime and thank you for acknowledging GH. Keep the momentum going!

  • Stephen Judson

    ABC Daytime schedule is finally seeing results, so happy for that it is working out. Hopefully this means a higher budget for GH.

  • Mike

    Good grief 3.67 million for The Chew on Tuesday. It even beat GH that day and that was a record for GH.

    I always had more faith in The Chew than many soap fans did but I never thought it would be approaching or even near 3 million by now and now it inches over 3.5 million for a daily total already.

    The Chew and GH are a great combo. And the fact that The Chew is cheaper will really help both shows if they both continue to grow. The more money ABC makes the more money they will have to spend on each show.

  • Tom

    Color me paranoid. I read the official ABCD press release and GH barely got a blurb about being #1 in 18-34. The main focus was The View and The Chew. I’m afraid if tptb find a”suitable” cheap replacement GH is toast. After all OLTL was #1 in 18-34 for several weeks during its cancellation period. I think cost vs demos won’t fair well for soaps. And no, I don’t like “informational” TV or talk shows. The Chew has found its audience, it’s not me, but the era of scripted drama creation is over for now. I’m not one for ill will, but I really wanted that show to tank and ABCD feel the sting.

  • GH50

    I wouldn’t get too excited, ratings for everything were up, It was 30 below zero in parts of the country and big markets like NY and Boston. And the CHEW beat GH. GH lost viewers from the CHEW!

    If 3.55 million people tuned in on Tuesday, it means that all those people saw how terrible GH has become with this horrid Franco/Cranco/Heather garbage.

  • GH50

    I wouldn’t get too excited, ratings for everything were up, It was 30 below zero in parts of the country and big markets like NY and Boston.

    If 3.55 million people tuned in on Tuesday, it means that all those people saw how terrible GH has become with this horrid Franco/Cranco/Heather garbage.

  • Jeff

    Good for ABC, and good for GH. People can say how horrible GH is, but the ratings are up a lot, and GH’s 18-49, beats the Chew’s and the View’s 25-54, and beats the Chew and the View by 200k in 18-49. Plenty of room on the schedule for all the shows that are doing well, and trust me, it won’t be long before the CHEW is just as expensive if not more. Those hosts are going to start demanding lots of money if the ratings keep improving.


    Damn what the hell with the chew probably first time they ever outpaced Gh in ratings and those are stellar numbers on a cheap budget. Wowsa ABC daytime is looking stellar and making money.

  • Diane

    55 yrs of watching General Hospital, our age should/ finally counts. I don’t understand how can any one can enjoy a food channel.

  • Mike

    Why does it have to be either or with folks.

    Different types of shows have existed in daytime in the past.

    There can be a place for both in daytime TV on the networks again. Right now what we have is working. Everything in daytime is doing well.

    One doesn’t have to spell the end of the other.

  • Stephen Judson

    I agree with Mike. Clearly ABC is happy with the ratings or else they would of never done a press release for it. This is probably the first time all of ABC Daytime has seen above 3.5 Millon Viewers. ABC is making money. As long as they are happy, the shows will stay on.

  • let the numbers speak

    @Jeff: You’re absolutely right. “The Chew” is far away from the outstanding numbers GH is drawing in the key sales demos, especially women 18-49 AND women 18-34.

    It’s very telling that ABC doesn’t put out all the numbers of “The Chew” / “The View” in their press releases in the key sales demos in order to avoid the direct comparison with GH’s significantly higher numbers!

    Advertisers don’t care how cheap a show is. They want the best numbers in the key demos, and soaps are by far superior to these crappy replacement shows!

  • Marissa

    I said this months ago, and I’ll say it again….I wish they’d stop cramming Franco down our throats. I like Roger Howarth, I really do, but the Franco stuff STILL isn’t working. I wish they’d back off. It’s absolutely killing any momentum the show had built.

  • Elizabeth

    GH is getting more and more ridiculous. Now they’re bringing in Donna Mills (but they don’t have enough money to have a decent story for Genie Francis over the 50th year?)

    Each show has less interesting than the last. Fans hate it and Ron Carlivati just taunts them. I’m done with the show. Let’s see how it does when the 30 degrees below 0 temperatures go away.

  • Jocelyn

    I don’t see where The Chew beat GH in key demos. It says that GH was the #1 in daytime in the 18-34 group. That’s very important to advertisers. Also, Genie Francis will be back. She left previously because she had a contract and the contract ended.

    The poster “let the numbers speak” is correct. Advertisers have stated they’d rather advertise on soaps than on game shows and talk shows.

  • Jocelyn

    Also, according to an interview with the new head honcho at ABC, Paul Lee, the network has no plans to dump GH anytime soon. It was because of Lee that it was kept. It was the old regime that wanted all the soaps gone.

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