Wednesday Final Ratings: 'American Idol' Adjusted Up; 'Law and Order: SVU', 'The Tomorrow People' & 'Super Fun Night' Adjusted Down

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January 16th, 2014


American Idol was adjusted up a tenth (as previously reported) while Law and Order: SVU, The Tomorrow People and Super Fun Night were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX American Idol (8-10PM) -P 4.7 13 15.19
ABC The Middle 1.8 6 7.51
NBC Revolution 1.3 4 4.78
CBS Two and a Half Men -R 1.2 4 5.36
CW Arrow 0.9 3 2.52
8:30PM ABC Suburgatory -P 1.6 5 5.30
CBS The Millers -R 1.1 3 4.78
9:00PM ABC Modern Family 3.2 9 9.14
CBS Criminal Minds 2.4 7 10.35
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1.4 4 5.44
CW The Tomorrow People 0.5 2 1.46
9:30PM ABC Super Fun Night 1.5 4 4.44
10:00PM CBS CSI 2.0 6 10.30
NBC Chicago PD 1.5 4 5.50
ABC Nashville 1.3 4 5.10

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  • EatMorePez

    @Valentin and Pr

    Arguing about Super Fun Night being better than The Tomorrow People is like arguing that my favorite football team is better than your favorite basketball team.

  • Valentin

    @CrimTV : when I wrote “you”, that didn’t mean you sorry :) But to those people doing that, I just think it’s disrespectful.

  • Shepherd


    When exactly did CrimTV levy any judgement against SFN? In spite of any name calling, I doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t watch SFN because of an actresses weight; I’m sure it has everything to do with them not finding the show funny.

  • SJ

    Suburgatory looks like it’s here to stay. I’ve got to say, I was expecting much worse. Nashville is dead. Super Fun Night is so pathetic – not even holding half of the lead-in’s audience? ABC can’t get rid of this piece of garbage fast enough!

    I have a feeling NBC will announce the current SVU season as its last any day now (when is it going to be NBC’s turn at the TCAs?). These ratings are way too low for a show this old and expensive.

    American Idol still sinking, but doing better than I expected. It will go on for a few more years but it’s no threat to the competition anymore.

  • Tom

    It looks like the producers of Suburgatory are trying to reboot the show, but its too late. Last season’s Ryan “the Body” arc was a crashing bore and it isn’t likely that the writers can create another concept that will reanimate the show. ABC should put this program out of it misery, but the network may just let it hang on until it reaches syndication numbers. It’s too bad though. The first season was pretty decent and the cast is great.

  • Shepherd


    That may be true, but my local Lacrosse team would pound your Football team into the dirt! ;)

  • Valentin

    @Sheperd : never meant to accuse CrimTV, but Pr calling the show “Super Fat …”

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Revolution doesn’t look all that bad next to SVU.

    Go Criminal Mimes!

  • CrimTV


    You’ve got to remember there’s always going to be who criticise something or someone because of what they look like! It’s wrong, but it happens!

  • solverex

    I was a supporter of Super Fun Night but after watching the past couple of episodes I’ve noticed the quality’s going down and the laughs few and far between. It’s like the show knows they’re heading for cancellation at this point and doesn’t care anymore.

    I find the concept of the show great being about three 20 something misfit women but I think the show just lacked proper direction from the start.

  • Shepherd


    I might tend to agree with your assessment of SVU, but it seems NBC may have decided to just let another veteran actor go. (The bald ‘captain’) That should help keep costs down.

  • Jamiestp

    I read @crimtv after your posting accusing him of not liking “non skeleton’s” as a lead.
    Never did s(he) state that was the reason. Maybe they just don’t think she is funny? I love Melissa McCarthy in movies but don’t like her on Mike and Molly. Does that mean I hate obese people in leading roles on television? No!

    @crimtv if you really don’t like SFN because she is fate then shame on you lol I don’t like it cause it looks lame.

  • CrimTV


    I love Rebel Wilson, I just never got into the show because it took away everything that was good about her, it seemed to scripted compared to her Pitch Perfect character and her American accent instead of Australian ruined that slightly. I don’t dislike her because of her weight, I don’t dislike her, period.

  • Valentin

    @Jamiestp : never said that CrimTV was thinking that. Not at all! Pr did. But yeah I get that people can think she’s not funny but I cannot stand the fact they hate the show because of her weight mostly.

  • Timmy G

    Still will fight for TTP till the end!

  • EatMorePez


    Oh yeah? Have you seen the Water Polo team at my local high school?

  • ryhs

    Nobody’s hating on Wilson because she’s fat. As a matter of fact, I love Mindy Kaling and her show, even if they constantly adress her weight. Plus, comparing two totally different shows is kinda lame but we can all agree that any show is way better than SFN.


    Caught Nashville On Demand & cannot believe the downward spiral the writing has taken. All I can really say is they have promo’d Revenge & Resurrection to death during the airing.

    Also, what’s with Gunnar’s hair?

  • Dave

    TTP is toast, regardless of Reigns performance.

  • Dave

    Chicago PD seems to be following the pattern of its parent show. It would have to maintain those numbers to survive for a second season.

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