ABC: 'Killer Women' Canceled, To End "A Little Early"

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January 17th, 2014


ABC boss Paul Lee has said that Killer Women will end "a little early" to make room for Mind Games but will remain in its current timeslot until then.

When a planned eight episode run is shortened to six, the show has been canceled.

  • mathew

    noooo i like this show!

  • Trisa

    They should have moved it to a different time slot.

  • Shepherd

    “A little early”.

    Translation: “As soon as Mind Games is ready and we can get the damn thing off the air”.

    Doesn’t Slater’s participation all but guarantee MG’s failure. I’m not sure ABC should be in such a hurry to get it on the air. ;)

  • Cyrax86

    ABC picks up these fodder shows with limited episode orders and yet they still cannot be aired properly?

  • Mbento

    The show only has 8 episodes… how early are they talking? Push Mind games sooner with the olimpics? crazy people in the network. lol

  • Owlman

    They should ask NBC if they can replace it with reruns of “Chase” from 2011.

  • brandy

    @Owlman LOL yes!

  • sara hempstead

    When I like that one

  • Ultima

    The show only has 8 episodes… how early are they talking? Push Mind games sooner with the olimpics? crazy people in the network. lol

    Mind Games has been moved up two weeks to 25 February.

    Presumably the final two episodes of Killer Women will be burned off on one or two Saturdays, probably in early March.

    (Paul Lee said that they’re going to try and air The Assets, so the assumption should be that Killer Women will get TV burnoff instead of just showing up online.)

  • Jazz

    This is very funny to me. I like both, The Assets and Killer Women. Neither is amazing but I have ep 2 of The Assets on my DVR. Something tells me that was a series that needed to be aired in its entirety for it to make sense. I am unsure as to whether or not it even makes sense to watch Ep 2 at this point in time. I won’t remember it in 6 months when it shows up.

    I wish they could burn these off now instead of in the summer. I had to wait a long time to see Zero Hour and it ended up bring pretty good. As a matter of fact I think Zero Hour and Assets might have paired well together.

    They need to come up with something that will pair well with S.H.I.E.L.D. which has been good lately, surprisingly.

  • a p garcia

    And I though ABC would air all 8 episodes!!!!!

  • RJC

    @Owlman: “They should ask NBC if they can replace it with reruns of “Chase” from 2011.”


  • Dan

    ABC should just burn an episode off on Saturday. No point to have 8 eps and just air 6 or 7 of them.

    Somewhere in TV heaven Body of Proof is laughing at Lucky 7 and Killer Women and probably ABC in general.

  • Moses

    With few exceptions, including Killer Women, so many new television shows have been appearing, only to be cancelled without the remaining shows being aired in a timely manner, that I’ve taken to skipping more and more of them while waiting to see if they’ll survive through the end of their scheduled “season”, and then buying watching them on a purchased/rented optical disc, or streamed from Hulu or Netflix.

    I know I’m not alone in doing so.

    I apologize to the sponsors, but there are just too many new showsthat I enjoyed which were cancelled too soon for me.

  • Jami

    To bad, actually liked it. Kinda reminded me of Quentin Taratino and a Spageti Western.

  • merrranga


    i wholeheartedly agree. after the bloodbath that was last season (‘specially with comedies) i’ve started the practice of watching all the pilots and then, if i liked it, watching the rest of the show if and when it gets picked up.

    having said that, that model has already failed me with Copper. *crosses fingers for Sleepy*

  • Mark3

    Im done with network tv. All they do is cancel shows! People dvr them doesnt help either but still. Damn abc!

  • American

    LOL! Hilarious

  • thesnowleopard

    Oh, please. Body of Proof is deader than dead and has only itself to blame. It was lucky even to get a second season because its ratings were so lousy and it is not coming back.

  • Addicted to Stories

    Avoiding TV shows that might be cancelled early is usually pretty easy. Simply follow this one rule.

    Don’t watch a show until it has been picked up for its 3rd season.

    This usually works. With only a few minor “gotchas”.
    (Darn you to heck A&E for your abrupt deathblow to Glades!)

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