Soap Opera Ratings: 'The Young and the Restless' and 'The Bold and The Beautiful' Hit 5-Year Highs

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January 17th, 2014

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via Soap Opera Network:

Ratings  for the Week of January 6-10, 2014

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,472,000 (+159,000/+833,000) * <—- 5 year high
2. B&B 4,135,000 (+8,000/+576,000)
3. GH 3,289,000 (-41,000/+433,000)
4. DAYS 2,991,000 (-30,000/+426,000)

* New high for JFP/Altman/Passanante regime
* Highest since December 28, 2008 – January 1, 2009

1. Y&R 3.9/11 (+.2/+.5) * <—– 5 year high
2. B&B 2.9/8 (+.1/+.3) ** <—– 5.5 year high
3. GH 2.5/7 (+.1/+.4)
4. DAYS 2.2/6 (same/+.3)

* Last time at 3.9: Dec 28 – Jan 1, 2009
* New high for JFP/Altman/Passanante regime

** Last time at 2.9: April 28 – May 2, 2008


Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 963,000 (+112,000/+57,000) *
2. GH 776,000 (+28,000/+96,000)
3. B&B 748,000 (+8,000/+49,000)
4. DAYS 688,000 (+19,000/+109,000) *

* New high for JFP/Altman/Passanante regime

** New high for Tomlin/Whitesell regime

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.5/9 (+.2/+.1)
2. B&B 1.2/7 (same/+.1)
2. GH 1.2/7 (same/+.1)
4. DAYS 1.1/6 (+.1/+.2)


Source: Soap Opera Network


Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Marie H

    Just heard that the casting news is Donna Mills. Really? Her face doesn’t even move anymore. Donna is worse than Jackie Zeman and Leslie Charleson in the plastic surgery area. I’m not sure what Donna can bring to GH other than me watching and wondering why she did that to her face.

  • Marie H

    And by the way, a HUGE congratulations to Jill Farren Phelps and CBS for 6 million viewers last Monday of Y&R! Yes, weather probably played a role in that, but viewers had a CHOICE of what to watch and they chose to watch Y&R. I love the show lately. Can’t wait for the big Billy/Adam confrontation.

  • mama`s cooking the chicken

    @ MIKE DONNA MILLS from knots landing will be on GH

  • Mike

    When Maria Bell did all the stunt casting at Y&R, and Guza and Phelps did it at GH the soap press and fans went crazy saying it was awful that they could spend money on these stars but couldn’t keep vets, etc. Even Days was criticized when they paid money out for Shirley Jones several years ago.

    I know it gives them a little bit of free publicity, but I hated it at Y&R. I would a whole lot rather for them to spend the money on the show. Or to keep some beloved star or vet.

  • Kia

    Recasting on BB/Days
    I am loving the new Ridge on B&B. He really stepped right into that role like it was made for him. The show is great,best its been in years. Anyone else enjoying the new Ridge as much as I am?

    On another recasting note, the new Will Horton on DAYS, not. A great fit. Still watching DAYS because it is great lately but suffering through the new Will.

  • Jeff

    Why is it always stunt casting when it’s someone from beyond the soap world? She’s an actress, hasn’t worked in a long time, and may be working for average pay of an established soap actor/actress. Is it stunt casting when a show snatches a star from another soap? And, I am not sure if it’s a long time role or note, but what little details did get given say that it’s a BIG role. Now, I don’t think GH needs any new characters unless they plan to purge some useless ones like Felix, Taylor, Sabrina, Carrrrrrrlos, and Franco. But, I also don’t think it’s necessarily stunt casting either.

  • Kia

    @Jeff and Mike. Does anyone know if she is making a cameo or will be a regular? Sometimes stars make an appearance because they like the show. Liz Taylor and Carol Burnett.

  • diana

    Oh jeez .. Jan. 7 was a “FF through the whole thing” episode for me on GH. And yet it got the highest ratings in 5 years or something like that .. I guess we can look forward to more Heather, Carly and Franco. Ugh!

  • Mike


    Those days would have been higher no matter who would have been on. I think even the producers are smart enough to know not to judge it by the characters on that day.

    That Tuesday was one of the coldest on record in the US, and it was even dangerous for many people to even step out the front door.

    The only way that characters might have made a difference was if someone had the 15 minute break downs. If they continued to watch for a certain amount of time they got counted for total viewers, but how many stayed with the show for the full hour.

    That is the reason in prime time you will find break downs for hour and 2 hour shows. They want to see how many people stayed the full time. They still count toward total viewers but the break down gives them a better cue to what worked and what didn’t.

    Unfortunately I have never seen those for daytime even though they do exist.

  • Mike

    Marie H,

    I have a problem to a degree with performers who have so much work done on their face that they appear plastic. I understand why women esp. do it. We are a youth oriented society and esp. the entertainment business.

    But to me a performer can do so much acting with their face — often more than words or anything else.

    I know Jodie Foster is good at that. So was an actress from As The World Turns — Elizabeth Hubbard. She could emote more with her face and eyes than many actresses can do with their whole bodies.

    When their faces get so drawn and plastic they can’t do that anymore. I love Dolly Parton but I tried to watch her last movie and all I could do was laugh at how her face looks now. It is sad. She was really a beautiful woman, but I can hardly look at her anymore.

  • Mike


    All I read was that Ron C. and Frank V. were supposedly big fans of Knots Landing. I don’t know if they sought her out or how it happened. I have not heard what role she will play other than someone said it would be a big one.

    I do know that they are after William Shatner too. Not sure if it is them or just William De Vry doing it, but he has been sending out Tweets to William Shatner pretty regular trying to get him to come to GH for a role.

    I don’t think he would be doing that without knowing for sure there is a role for him.

    The last thing I saw on it was that Shatner said he didn’t have time for it now.

  • JayTN

    In my opinion, “Days” did a good job in recasting Will Horton. Personally, I never really liked Chandler Massey. He seemed to make Will rather passive and weak (a lot of it had to do with the writers, but it was also Massey’s body language and delivery). Guy Wilson seems more believable in his scenes with co-star Freddie Smith (Sonny) than Massey did, especially when the two characters are “physical” with each other. Not to sound stereotypical, but Wilson seems to play Will as if the character is actually gay, meaning that Will is slightly more less masculine, but not a weak-willed push over. Massey seemed like a straight actor playing a gay role while not wanting anyone to think he is actually gay (I’m not making any pronouncements on Wilson or Massey’s sexual orientation).

    At least Wilson bears a similarity to Massey. While the two would never be mistaken for brothers, or even related, the recast was not jarring to viewers. I remember reading about one soap recast in which the new actress had a different hair color than the one she was replacing, and she spoke with a British accent (her natural accent). Now, that is a jarring recast. Overall, I would give “Days” producers a grade of “B” on their recasat of Will.

  • JayTN

    Correction to my previous post. I meant to say that Guy Wilson plays the role of Will slightly less masculine (when compared to other male characters on the series) than Massey portrayed him. Basically, Massey’s Will seemed like a wimp, whereas Wilson’s Will just seems like a gay young man.

  • Kia

    Hey Jay, I am definately not a Guy Wilson hater but did way prefer Chandler. Time will tell.
    Mike thanks for info about D Mills.

  • Kia

    Everyone seems neutral about Thorsten Kaye as Ridge on B&B. I am loving that recast. Anyone else?

  • Mike

    Loving it too Kia. I have read quite a few favorable responses toward him on various boards, but not a lot.

  • Kia

    Hey Mike, good to hear. It feels like the role is written the exact same way and he just brings a new yet familiar energy. I cannot really explain it but he feels right. I liked Ronn Moss too so in my mind there are now two great actors to play a great part. I felt the same way about Alex Donnelly and Susan Walters as Diane Jenkins on Y&R. Maura West is terrific in other roles but Alex and Susan felt interchangable.

  • KansasGuest

    LOVE that GH is regularly breaking the 3-million mark. Last year on this website, the naysayers were saying it would never happen & GH would be cancelled by the end of the year. I don’t know if the soap fanbase is simply getting more used to having only 4 broadcast soaps, or if the soap genre is winning over more viewers. Either way, it’s good for our Final Four, isn’t it?

    About Donna Mills – AWESOME! When Maura West first appeared, many people on GH’s FB page said there was such a resemblance btw her & Donna Mills that GH should try to get Mills to appear as her mother. And, who better to run a crime syndicate than Abby Ewing herself. Well, that didn’t happen because for some reason they decided to make Delia Ryan the mother of Ava Jerome. I have a feeling either Shirley Jones or Donna Mills will be Julian’s mother. The other one will be Nina’s wealthy mother & Silas’ enemy. I also think that neither one of these actresses needed the work, and that we’ll see some pretty juicy stuff on screen. There would have to be good stuff in the script to lure both of them to a soap soundstage, don’t you think?

  • Kia

    It sounds like GH is getting really good. I am not a big GH person but have been watching here and there. Will DVR it this week. If I become a GH regular that will mean that I now watch all 4.
    I wonder if the ratings increase for soaps has to do with peoples new binge watching habits.the good thing about soaps is you don’t have to wait a year for a new episode.

  • James Michael

    I also say what a difference a couple of years makes. This blog used to contain so many predictions of GH’s demise and just look now. Ratings are up for all soaps. GH solidly in second in the most important demo and still showing yearly growth. TVGN shows both B&B and Y&R in the evening. All soaps are available online. GH is on On Demand cable. I was able to watch an episode on WatchABC on my iPhone while waiting for my car to be repaired. People are talking about the soaps again. Press releases every week again after a lengthy break. Even Richard is liking GH again. I think they got it right.

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