Greenblatt: 'Parks and Recreation' to Have a Seventh Season; "Not Happy" With 'Michael J Fox Show'

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January 19th, 2014

Parks and Recreation

At today's  NBC presentation at the TCAs,  NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said that  "Parks & Recreation is going to have a seventh season.” and added that  Community has a "strong possibility" for renewal.

Meanwhile, Greenblatt said of The Michael J Fox Show that he's "not happy" with the show's performance, adding "I don't know what the chances are" on a Michael J. Fox Show renewal and "We may move it around the schedule."

  • Charmed

    So is that an official renewal?

  • Oliver


    No, but it’s everything but one.

  • James

    So is this like definite Parks and Rec season 7 is happening!??!

  • Rene


  • TV Addict

    and great for Parks too! I love both shows.

  • StevenD

    I’m so happy Parks is basically renewed!!!!

    I’d imagine Community is too, because what else would pair with Parks? Also they’ll get hell if there isn’t six seasons

  • omabin

    I find it funny that him saying that he gives a statement saying that he is not happy with the performance of michael j. fox. That’s like saying the sky is blue!

  • rob60990

    No one can sugarcoat a .6 rating.

  • CrimTV


    The CW can! :)

  • Shepherd

    How can the entertainment chairman at NBC possibly be the only person working for the network who hasn’t been informed that MJF is getting cancelled. Did he recently return from a 6 month vacation?

  • CBSviewer

    NBC will renew Parks & Recreation, About a Boy and Community. Everything else is cancelled.

  • Dan

    Well there you go, Community and Parks and Recreation will have final seasons along with Parenthood (maybe SVU)

    With NBCs lack of success and Community, Parks and Parenthood holding their own, bring renewed seems inevitable for these veterans.

  • Chris Etrata

    If a movie on community were to happen like the fans of community say, would it be studio funded or would the budget be raised from kickstarter, like veronica mars.

  • John A

    Nice too see honesty about MJF show. Give Community and a parks a short final season. I guess they deserve it but i would cancel both.

  • Dan

    @Omabin – Exactly Network heads do that all the time, they say they aren’t happy with how a show is doing then instead of saying its dead because upfronts are 4 months away, they just say it might be moved around or make up another excuse. Same thing happened to Happy Endings when the Network head said they loved the show and wanted to save it. MJF show may be moved to 9 by April once Sean ends and Undateable premieres but it’s dead by May.

  • Carmen

    I’m sorry for Michael J. Fox that his comeback show failed. By all accounts he is / seems to be a pretty good guy.

    On the other hand, I LMAO at NBC’s failure of OK’ing a show that had no pilot, in fact, didn’t even have a premise at the time it was greenlit.
    Also, if that wasn’t enough, they gave it a full season (22 episodes sight unseen).

    No, there should be no sympathy for NBC.

  • Dan

    @John A- Honesty about the MJF Show would be saying that it’s cancelled now but they will continue to air out the season. He’s being vague, he’s saying a statement of what we all know that the show is doing crappy and then making an excuse by saying something irrelevant and giving viewers who know nothing about the ratings false hope.

    Remember Go On was pulling in twice the amount that MJF is averaging this time last year and NBC moved it to Thursdays and it still was cancelled.

  • CBSviewer

    Well there you go, Community and Parks and Recreation will have final seasons along with Parenthood (maybe SVU)

    I don’t think NBC is going to end four veterans next season.
    I agree with you about Community and Parenthood but SVU and Parks can see more seasons.

  • Dan

    @Carmen – it’s not necessarily that the show is bad it’s just people would rather watch CBS than NBC comedy wise on Thursdays.

    And networks are still doing the commitment without the Pilot. NBC is close to a 10/90 deal with Roseanne and their are other networks following suit of 10/90 deals, George Lopez, Kelsey Grammar, Kevin James. So basically if you did a successful sitcom in the past 2 decades, a network will order 90 additional episodes if the first 10 do well.

  • Dan1a

    Folks, Hold your horses on the Community celebrations.

    Community was not renewed today. The words used were “strong possibility”. So be hopeful if you are a fan, but if it’s current 1.1 in the demo falls below 1.0 then “strong possibility” means nothing, it will be cancelled.

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