Greenblatt: 'Parks and Recreation' to Have a Seventh Season; "Not Happy" With 'Michael J Fox Show'

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January 19th, 2014

Parks and Recreation

At today's  NBC presentation at the TCAs,  NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said that  "Parks & Recreation is going to have a seventh season.” and added that  Community has a "strong possibility" for renewal.

Meanwhile, Greenblatt said of The Michael J Fox Show that he's "not happy" with the show's performance, adding "I don't know what the chances are" on a Michael J. Fox Show renewal and "We may move it around the schedule."

  • Megan

    Oh my god! I’m so happy about Parks and Rec! I’m going to go and do a Leslie Knope style break dance!

  • Dan

    @CBS viewer – Well considering all 4 veterans are getting very expensive and their ratings are below last season it would seem likely that they get a final season.

    Parenthood is building on its lead in and Parks & Community are doing only Ok so should NBC find success next season that would be the perfect time to wrap these shows up.

  • Dan

    @Dan1a – No one is celebrating a Community renewal but it is doing better than NBCs new comedies and NBC is a big fan of final seasons so that is what gives Parks & Rec, Community, and Parenthood a good edge.

    Plus it has a better chance at renewal than it did this time last year.


    nbc and its fans are pathetic, these shows will be under a 1 in the spring yet they are talked about as if they are hits

  • Carmen

    @ Dan

    So basically if you did a successful sitcom in the past 2 decades, a network will order 90 additional episodes if the first 10 do well.

    And this is sound business practice in what way?

    Sounds like break even to lose to me.

    If they show is successful, it will get years of renewals anyway.
    If the show starts acceptable and then tanks they are on the hook for 90 episodes or so.

    Oh, I guess they’re afraid that the big name star will go to another network.
    Hey that strategy has worked well. . huh, NBC?

    Tell me this, of all the successful sitcoms in the past 10-15 years. How many had big name stars to start with and how many started with much less known people who were elevated to star status as the result of the shows success?

  • Oliver

    The idea is to have a faster production schedule that lets them create 40 episodes/yr. This lets the network make episodes for half the cost of a regular sitcom.

    I doubt the Roseanne thing is going ahead since she reminded NBC execs that she’s mentally ill.

  • Mark3

    I love parks. But make season 7 the final season. Otherwise itll be beating a dead horse. The show is great. But has fone downhill alot past 2 seasons.

  • Dax Jackson

    Just want a 7th and final season, it can be 13 episodes or something like 30 Rock.
    I just want it to resolve properly. Before more cast start leaving.

  • Dan

    @Carmen – I never said this would be successful (look at Anger Management) I just said the networks are clearly running out of ideas. None of the shows were successful when they first started, The Office, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family only did Ok when they began.

    The reality is with no comedy hits in the past few seasons, eventually ratings will go lower and lower and then with all other media platforms. Viewers will stop watching TV live altogether.

  • Dan

    @Mark & Dax – my guess is that Parks will get a final 22 episode season like The Office and Community will get a final 13 ep season like 30 Rock. Giving the shows 134 and 110 episodes respectively.

  • Rebooted

    Greenblatt also said that he is hopeful that they can get Parenthood to another season. It doesn’t mean anything really, but I’m hoping it just might happen!!

  • Rebooted

    Question: Could NBC give final season to 4 shows???

  • CBSviewer

    @ Dan

    I think NBC will move SVU to Thursday at 10 and keep Parenthood for midseason. If SVU is able to get 1.4-1.5 on Thursday there’s no reason for it to end.

  • Dan

    @Rebooted – Given the timing it’s seems extremely likely, they have 4 very old shows that are getting expensive.

    For example CBS (Along with HIMYM) could end The Mentalist, The Good Wife and Two and a Half Men all this May.

    That’s 2 veteran dramas and 2 comedies even though CBS doesn’t usually announce final seasons, NBC does so its feasible that they end 4 shows.

  • Dan

    @CBSViewer – I agree It’s more likely for SVU to get another season while the 3 Thursday shows will get final seasons next year but remember SVU is the oldest drama on the air, NBC could easily let it go.

  • AJ

    I don’t understand why people keep bashing Parenthood and saying it deserves a final season. It was retaining at least a 1.5 last season when it had a decent lead in on Tuesdays. Parenthood pulling in a 1.2 or 1.3 is pretty good considering its lead ins now: The Michael J. Fox Show and Sean Saves the World. It’s NBC’s own fault Parenthood is declining, but for NBC standards and considering it’s lead in shows, Parenthood is doing good. Parenthood deserves a better time slot or lead in, it should be moved. Parenthood has nothing to do with the 4 comedies that proceed it, it’s a drama. Not good scheduling on NBC’s part. Last week they doubled their lead in, MJF had a .6 and Parenthood had a 1.2. NBC would be stupid to cancel it or give it a final season, that show has always maintained good numbers and has always had a loyal audience. Before Blacklist, it was one of their best dramas for a 10pm.

  • Eve

    PARKS! <3

    Now you, Greenblatt, move that MJFS to Saturdays and premiere Undateable at 9 and put SSTW at 9:30 after the Olympics.

  • Dan1a

    Wherever MJFS moves to SSTW should go with it, no way NBC can do worse then what they are currently getting from both these shows.

  • PRW

    Someone’s bubble watch needs to be updated ;)

  • brent w


    Compared to their current new shows this year, Go On, looks like a certified hit they could build a comedy block around.

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