NBC Announces Pilot Orders for 'State of Affairs' Starring Katherine Heigl and Untitled Amy Poehler Project

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January 19th, 2014

7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, Private residence, Brentwood, California.

via press release:







Title: “State of Affairs”


Studio: Universal Television


Production companies: Bob Simonds Company, Abishag Productions


Cast: Katherine Heigl


EP/W/D: Joe Carnahan


EP: Katherine Heigl, Nancy Heigl, Alexi Hawley, Bob Simonds, Sophie Watts, Henry Crumpton, Julia Franz and Rodney Faraon


Logline: Heigl portrays a key CIA attaché who counsels the president on high-stakes incidents around the world. She balances her intense political responsibilities with a complicated personal life.




Title: Untitled Amy Poehler project (”Old Soul”)


Studio: Universal Television


Production companies: Paperkite Productions, 3 Arts


Cast: Natasha Lyonne


EP: Amy Poehler, Dave Becky, Jon Fener, Josh Bycel


Logline: Lyonne plays a young woman who’s trying to find herself, but in the meantime she’s working as the aide to a group of elderly people

  • taylor

    So parks and recreations cancelled ? Sounds like a good cast add Tina fey to the mix and u have a hit if writers can deliver !

  • Jay

    Scandal 2.0?

  • Shepherd

    I had to google Natasha; it took me a moment to even remember her from American Pie. I certainly don’t recall her being all that funny.

    Hopefully “State of Affairs” will be decent, although I sense a “betrayal” like story judging from the title.

  • rob60990

    State of Affairs sounds just like Scandal. Maybe it’ll be a better written and acted show though with Heigl leading, the chances are slim in the acting department though she did have her moments on Grey’s.

  • Shepherd


    Be careful what you say about her; that girl has some freaky alien powers! I once saw her take out an entire military base! :)

  • CBSviewer

    State of Affairs looks like the next NBC hit on Monday.

  • Mark3

    Parks just got renewed. Basically this means season 7 will be the last:) yaaa closure:)

  • Rebooted

    A verbal renewal? Network presidents usually don’t do those. Congrats to Bob Greenblatt lol

  • CBSviewer

    Parks just got renewed. Basically this means season 7 will be the last:) yaaa closure:)

    Parks & Recreation wasn’t Renewed. Greenblatt just said the Show IS GOING TO HAVE A SEVENTH SEASON. It’s not a renewal !

  • merrranga

    welcome back, kathy! movie career done now?

  • Michael1

    Will the “Untitled Amy Poehler Project” have “Parks and Recreation” as a lead-in? If it does, then it can use that as an excuse for its low ratings.

  • Brad

    Heights show will be gone after 5-6 episodes. Just like her movie career

  • CrimTV


    First of all, it’s “Heigl”, second of all, a movie career does not have ‘episodes’. Lastly, she is rich as hell, has a husband and children so what does she care!

  • oitnb14

    Natasha Lyonne is hilarious in orange is the new black, and with amy onboard i think the show will be pretty good. The premise reminds me of Go On, with the main character trying to find themselves amidst a dysfunctional group.

    The Heigl show is sort of been there done that, it sounds too similar to scandal and homeland. NBC isn’t renowned for “inventive dramas” so I doubt it will make it past 6 episodes.

  • merrranga


    the heights thing is an obvious autocorrect. he was obviously likening a handful of episodes to her handful of movies (sorry if that was confusing) and lastly he was saying her tv show will fail and die quickly, so i’m pretty sure she would care. what sane person wouldn’t? otherwise, she wouldn’t be acting at all.

  • Rebecca

    I’ll watch the Natasha Lyonne one – I remember her being pretty good in all I’ve seen her in (most recently “Orange is the New Black”). Amy P is my favorite – good luck to her.

  • Bradley

    NBC needs to launch some comedies off of The Voice in the Fall. Let Parks and Community stay on Thursday and Use Monday at 10 for 2 new comedies.

  • PurpleDrazi

    What?!? NO! I hope this doesn’t mean Natasha is leaving OITNB! She’s great on that show and one of the main characters.

    Although, the filming schedule for Netflix shows is a bit different so I suppose it’s possible she can do both. I hope so.

  • RJC

    This really does seem like a Scandal ripoff. Sigh.

  • CrimTV


    Actors/actresses know what they’re getting into when they sign up for a TV pilot/show, they know it will possibly be cancelled so they set themselves up for that!

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