ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS & Turner Bidding for NFL 'Thursday Night Football'

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January 20th, 2014

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Could The Big Bang Theory or Scandal move from their familiar Thursday night timeslots next season? According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC and CBS have both submitted bids to the NFL to air Thursday Night Football. NBC, and FOX, whose Thursday night lineups have struggled this season are also in the running, along with Turner Broadcasting.The NFL is offering a one year deal for a package of 6 to 8 Thursday night games.

  • DamC

    I can see ABC snatching this deal. they could air 6 to 8 NFL games and premiere Grey’s and Scandal in November, allowing them to run uninterrupted until May

  • Holly

    Everyone wants this deal, the question is how much are they willing to pay for it. I see NBC wanting it the most, but can they afford it?

  • Ryan Schwartz

    If NBC fails to get this deal, and The Blacklist sticks at the mid-2 range in Voice’s absence these next two weeks, I imagine they use it to anchor Thursdays next season, with a new drama at 10. And unless they decide to relocate The Biggest Loser to Thursdays at 8, I imagine Community and Parks will remain just where they are, both with full season orders.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Who wants it the most? Probably CBS, to see how high ratings can go.
    Who needs it the most? Probably NBC, whose ratings on Thursdays can (relatively) skyrocket.
    Who will end up getting it? Probably Fox.

  • Ryan Schwartz

    If CBS gets this deal, do they have a say in what time the game starts? I imagine they’d wanna keep Big Bang at 8, leading into the game?

  • CrimeDawg

    It would certainly be good for NBC that is for sure. I don’t know what CBS would do if they got it. They usually have a pre-game show so if the kept BBT at 8:00, the games wouldn’t start until 9. That would suck for the east coast.

  • rob60990

    It would be most fair if ABC gets it. If NBC gets it, I’ll scream. They don’t need football propping them up 2 nights a week.

  • Matt M.

    ABC needs this the most. They could EASILY hold off GREYS and SCANDAL till November and have them air uninterrupted 18 episode runs from November till May. That would actually help the shows, too.

  • Carmen

    It would certainly be good for NBC that is for sure

    Yep, having 2 nights a week of football would mean that NBC can claim No#1 for years. They will no longer have to tolerate all the jokes about how bad the rest of their line up is and beat their chest about how they are No#1
    (oh, except for their reality show The Voice).

    I think that sports results (i.e. football, or once every 4 years events like the Olympics) should be somehow removed from he ratings comparison game since it is an apple to oranges comparison.

  • Matt M.

    CBS CERTAINLY doesn’t need this, FOX can do without it (plus FOX already has rights to championships and such), NBC needs it, BUT they already have Football on Sundays, so it wouldn’t be fair, and ABC DOESNT have ANY sports propping it, and needs help in the 8:00 slot, AND could EASILY hold off both Shonda shows till October/November. Therefore, ABC would be the most FAIR choice.

  • Scott

    Last time I heard FOX, CBS and ESPN were all bidding.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if FOX wins. They’ll really want it considering X Factor was a bust

  • Fed Fan

    @Ryan Schwartz
    If CBS gets this deal, do they have a say in what time the game starts? I imagine they’d wanna keep Big Bang at 8, leading into the game?

    Why would they waste the BBT lead on football when it will have great ratings without it. BBT will go to monday, and they could start the game at 8 pm so that it runs all thursday night. That is unless they don’t air the games on the CBSSN.

  • Ryan Schwartz

    @Fed Fan

    They’re not gonna move BBT to Monday, only to have Thursdays crater without it. This deal is only for 6 or so games a year. And it’s only a 1 year deal!

  • jay

    The Big Bang Theory would be moved to a different night, duh.

  • jay

    ABC needs it. They don’t have the NFL. I don’t wanna hear about how they’re partners with espn. It doesn’t matter. ABC doesn’t have the NFL.

  • Fed Fan


    I’m sure CBS thursdays can do just fine without BBT. They have enought shows that can take over the night after football is over. Monday needs far more BBT than thursday. I mean NBC and Fox (without AI) are virtualy no competition on thursdays. Whereas mondays are far more competiteve between all networks. HIMYM is ending and even with it their monday lineup is struggling.

  • jay

    You act like TBBT will air forever. It only has a couple of years left. The NFL thursday deal would be a test for one year but a plan for good.

  • Gabriel

    It’s kinda funny people saying that would be fair to “x” network get the deal…I mean, this is business, who pays the most win

  • Holly

    It will be interesting to see if/how the other nets change their schedules if one of the broadcast nets gets the deal. Do you hold the course? Keep the same shows but schedule repeats on game nights? Change things up to save some shows and throw others under the NFL bus?

  • Andrew21

    I would count CBS and Fox out, cbs is not moving big bang and fox doesn’t realy have all the time in the world

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