Live + 3 Ratings: 'American Idol' Premiere Draws Higher Percentage Gains, Narrows Gap Vs. Last Year

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January 20th, 2014


via press note:

The Live + 3 ratings for last Monday through Wednesday are in, and the AMERICAN IDOL season 13 premiere saw a +15% gain in Adults 18-49 rating within the first three days of time shifted viewing (4.7/13 > 5.4/16). This is higher than last year’s premiere L3 gain (+12%) and narrows the year-over-year premiere gap to -19% (vs -22% in the Live+ Same Day ratings).


Also: In the Live + 3 ratings, the premiere of AMERICAN IDOL XIII is now up +32% from last season’s finale.

  • Obo the clown

    Now we are comparing shows to last year? What if last year was a Train Wreck, I guess that means this year is a winner. Face it, this show is dead.

  • Crysti

    Obo the clown is an idiot. He/she must clearly not know how ratings work.

  • Shepherd

    Yay!! Down less than 20% from last season! Stop the presses; this calls for a press release! ;)

  • Moses

    Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj made watching the last season of American Idol unbearable. And I have no doubt it would have been just a bad if only one, or the other had been a judge, rather than both at the same time. My family and I skipped watching all but the first and eighteenth episodes. Both left us with the belief that American Idol was in fact a train wreck, and that it probably wouldn’t be brought back for another season.

    We’ve now watched the first two episodes of the current season, and have found that with Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr., American Idol doesn’t suck anymore.

    Hopefully the network, and the show’s producers won’t make anymore stupid decisions.

  • Nick

    This season is actually the best in a long time, I’m hoping positive buzz and word of mouth keeps ratings strong throughout the season. I doubt FOX would be sad with a ~4.0 performing show airing three hours a week, regardless of the “powerhouse” it once was.

  • Maxx

    Last season was everything until Mariah had to run her mouth and bitch about Nicki being on there. But ratings went down because Idol has reached it’s peak. No judge is to blame for the ratings.


    @Maxx. It was combination of unwatchable judges and terrible talent. They can have an effect on ratings.

  • Networkman

    This season is actually better than when Steven Tyler was on there.

  • PeaceLady

    The 3 judges Harry Connick Jr. Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez are so funny cool and down to earth! I love watching them!
    The only bad thing is that American Idol is on Fox! Otherwise it’s a great show!! Love to Harry Keith and Jennifer! <3 <3 <3

  • jRobnyc

    I don’t care about the show (anymore) but it’s still amazing ratings even if this is done from any year.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    People record Idol? Seriously?

  • Rod

    Haven’t returned yet to AI…that Minaj force-feed was too much for me, the show doesn’t listen to their fans who made their popularity. They were on the right track when they floated the idea of the judges being past winners, but that got nixed and we got a round two of J-Lo…sorry Fox, still gone!

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