Predict the Ratings for the 'Sleepy Hollow' Season Finale (Poll)

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January 20th, 2014


Tonight,the two hour season finale of freshman hit Sleepy Hollow airs on FOX. The show premiered to a big 3.5 adults 18-49 rating. Over the course of its season, its weekly numbers declined, with the two most recent episodes each earning a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. Will its number rise for the finale? Make your prediction, then discuss your reasoning, as well as your predictions for what aspects of twenty-first century culture Ichabod will find frustrating tonight, in the comments.


  • jenna

    I’d say somewhere between a 2.3 and 2.4 but I am hoping it’s way less. What a dumb show this is.

  • Kissan

    Bachelor-2.4 and 7 mill. viewers
    Castle-1.9 and 8 mill. viewers

    HIMYM-3.1 and 8 mill. viewers
    2BG-2.8 and 8 mill. viewers
    M&M-2.5 and 9 mill. viewers
    Mom-2.3 and 8 mill. viewers
    Intelligence-1.0 and 6 mill. viewers

    HGN(8:00)-1.4 and 3 mill. viewers
    HGN(9:00)-1.4 and 3 mill. viewers
    Blacklist-2.5 and 9 mill. viewers

    Sleepy Hollow-2.5 and 7 mill. viewers

    HOD-0.5 and 1.1 mill. viewers
    BATB-0.3 and 800,000 viewers

    Switched At Birth-0.7 and 1.8 mill. viewers
    The Fosters-0.8 and 2.0 mill. viewers

  • HalCapone

    1.8-2.0. The show has lost most of its buzz and mojo. They should seriously consider a network demon crossover “event” with CW’s Supernatural where the portal to hell opens on both shows simultaneously. Ichabod and his bad ass sidekick, Detective Abbey meet Sam and his bad ass sidekick, Dean where together they battle demons and the prince of darkness together.

  • Eve


  • NBC Fan

    The Bachelor-2.4

    How I Met Your Mother-3.1
    2 Broke Girls-2.8
    Mike & Molly-2.5

    Sleepy Hollow(First Hour)-2.4
    Sleepy Hollow(Second Hour)-2.6

    Hollywood Game Night-1.2
    Hollywood Game Night-1.4
    The Blacklist-2.4

  • HeadlessHorseman

    Tonight’s predictions:

    Sleepy Hollow: 2.4

    The Blacklist: 2.5

    HIMYM: 2.9
    2BG: 2.6
    M&M: 2.4
    Mom: 2.1
    Intelligence: 1.1

    Castle: 1.9

    Hart of Dixie: .4
    BATB: .3

  • CBSviewer

    Tonight ratings:

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.2
    2 Broke Girls: 2.7
    Mike & Molly: 2.4
    Mom: 2.0
    Intelligence: 1.1

    Sleepy Hollow: 2.6

    The Bachelor: 2.4
    Castle: 1.9

    Hollywood Game Night (8pm): 1.3
    Hollywood Game Night (9pm): 1.4
    The Blacklist: 2.4

    Hart of Dixie: 0.4
    Beauty and the Beast: 0.3

  • jenna

    Boy, it sure is a sad day when Sleepy Hollow’s number one delusional stan, HeadlessHorseman, thinks it can do no better than a 2.4 for its finale.

  • Patrick G

    It will go higher. How much, I’m unsure. With heavy promotion and the possibility that viewers who fled will want to see how it ends, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually goes above your 2.7 max, which is how I voted. More realistically, it will probably be 2.5-ish. I’m just glad it’s already renewed. I love this show! ;)

  • Abyss


    …ahem… and a 2.5.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    Not sure why you felt the need to insult me. All I did was make a prediction.

  • Lasko6

    Either a 2.4 or 2.5.

  • Larry

    I’m going with 2.4-2.5. I would of like to have seen the show have a more compact schedule, then I think it would have had a higher finale rating.

  • ludotv

    Wishful thinking but I hope it goes over 2.5 (I voted +2.7 but that is definitely a dream) because it deserves it and frankly the competition on network TV 8 to 10pm is not very good and pretty female-orientated

  • Sebastian P

    Depends, how has Fox been promoting it?

  • Scalemail Ted

    Regardless of how it rates what an awesome season finale it was

  • Jazz

    Wow…that was crazy. It will probably do really well with the DVR if people did not get a chance to catch it already. Loved the first part. Second part was crazy. Wow. Best finale in ages.

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    Sleepy Hollow 8 pm: 2.1
    Sleepy Hollow 9 pm: 2.2

    Sleepy Hollow, like Revolution season 1, probably won’t end the season with a bang. It will probably end up with similar ratings to last week.

  • Networkman

    2.5 This episode had to be heavily advertise during American Idol and Football. People will want to see how they wrap up season 1. The show is great counter-programming to all the other offerings on the Big 4.

  • C Whitty

    2.3 slight increase and agree its better the show carries 13 episodes rather than 20-22 but have they announced how many episodes the second season will have?

    I felt the series sag around the Horseman revelation I hope it can improve!

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