The CW's 'Supernatural' Has Its Most Watched Episode Since 2010

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January 22nd, 2014

Supernatural January 21

via press note:

Last night's SUPERNATURAL was the series' most watched episode (2.7M) in more than three years (10/15/10).

Week to week, SUPERNATURAL was up 22% in total viewers and up 10% in both W18-34 (1.1/3) and in A18-49 (1.1/3), and flat in A18-34 (0.9/3).
SUPERNATURAL outrated original episodes of ABC's comedies in the 9pm hour in A18-34, and W18-34, and outrated Trophy Wife in the 9:30-10pm half hour in A18-49.

At 8pm, an all-new episode of THE ORIGINALS rose 14% week to week in total viewers (2.35M) and rose 11% in A18-49 (1.0/3).

One note that there were some preemptions for NCAA basketball in 2.4% of the country last night, so these numbers could be adjusted slightly in the nationals.

  • Kris

    Great episode of Supernautral. This season is shaping up to be excellent.

  • moshane58

    To bad the ratings don’t match the like on facebook. Over ten million people love Supernatural and that is just internet users. Something has to give on Nielsen ratings. They are so far off and to many shows get cancelled over Nielsen.Why don’t these networks do something about it? Its lost of advertising money over old school Nielsen ratings. You think we were still in the 70’s….

  • tj

    Good job to my boys and show runners!

  • Lukes

    Even if it’s adjusted down, it’s an incredible feat for a series that old after a slump of several years!

  • Laina

    Great episode of Supernatural last night! It deserved the high ratings! Hopefully it doesn’t adjust down too much in the final ratings due to the pre-emptions.

  • Ashley

    Is it normal to put out a press release like this before final numbers are in?

  • DougF


    All networks put out press releases based on preliminaries.

  • Charmed

    @moshane58 Ikr, I mean a show like TCD could be the most watched show in America (I know it’s most definitely not lol) and we would never know

  • SueP

    Last nights episode renewed my interest after a lackluster season 8 and start of 9. This is the show I used to love! Great job by Osmudnson as Cain and the twist to the biblical mythology was well done. Crowley was at his con-artist, sniping best and Dean was finally the kick-a$$ hunter I remember him to be. Thank you Robbie Thompson for remembering how cool this show is supposed to be! The plot was solid, the set-up was solid, the action was fun and the characters were all recognizable. Excellent episode.

  • Megan

    Wow, the Beliebers boycott sure did ruin the show! We’ll be getting cancelled any day now. How delusional were they to think they could actually hurt the show by not watching?? You guys have to watch and THEN stop watching it in order to hurt it.
    Such an amazing episode! Can’t wait to see where this new development will lead us!

  • reedmac

    Just another reason why Sam should be written out, he was surplus to requirement. People loved an episode where he had very little to do and where Dean was away from him doing his own thing with better guest stars. The Sam/Cas scenes seemed tacked on just for contractual purposes. I just wish Jared would take the hint that no one likes Sam and leave already, he could be put to better use elsewhere.

  • Mel

    That’s awesome. now i want to know which 2010 episode they are talking about.

  • Shepherd


    To bad the ratings don’t match the like on facebook. Over ten million people love Supernatural and that is just internet users. Something has to give on Nielsen ratings. They are so far off and to many shows get cancelled over Nielsen.Why don’t these networks do something about it? Its lost of advertising money over old school Nielsen ratings. You think we were still in the 70?s….

    Networks pay Nielsen to track how many people watch their broadcast commercials. Why on earth would they care how many people like or dislike their show? But the show has 10m ‘likes’, so what? Not every fan of a tv show watches every single episode; there is such a thing as a casual viewer. And what about those people who clicked like, but have since stopped watching? Not everyone takes the time to unlike things that have fallen out of their favor. Some people have even been known to create multiple Facebook pages.

    But let’s assume the show has 10m diehard fans. Facebook has a worldwide user base. Unless you think 100% of Supernatural fans live in the US, why on earth would the networks want to pay Nielsen to contaminate American broadcast numbers with international viewers? And let’s not forget about syndication. There are some fans of the show who only discovered the show after it was syndicated. Why in god’s name would they want to spoil that experience by watching new episodes which take place seasons ahead of where they left off? They’d have a hard time even understanding what was going on.

    Lost add revenue; where? Why would advertisers want to pay for someone watching on DVD (don’t see their adds), or Netflix (don’t see their adds), or online, or by torrent etc.? None of these people see their adds!

    If you have a problem with probability and statistics then you should just end it. Even if you moved into the mountains to live off-grid as a hermit, probabilities come into play. You’d starve to death if you couldn’t calculate the chances of finding a particular food source in a particular location at a particular time of year. How long do you think you’d survive if your only strategy was to wonder around hoping for food to bump into you? They’re a part of life and statistics have an established record as being accurate.

  • jean

    I loved every second of it, glad I wasn’t alone. Wish they’d had more Sam and Cas scenes before last night, Jared and Misha were magic! Hugs! Jensen was killing it as always, curious to see where the Cain thing goes for Dean, there are a lot of exciting possibilities. Wonder if we can wrap up the angel wars thing off screen somehow as that’s the only bit that doesn’t seem to be gelling.

  • smelt

    every show that was paired with Supernatural turned out to be total hits. Last year Arrow paired with Supernatural to give it a huge wednesday win.
    This year Supernatural paired with The Originals for a huge tuesday win.
    I’m open to swapping Supernatural on Monday and pairing it with a really strong series. I mean, if anyone were able to penetrate monday, its Supernatural

  • Louis


    This show been on for almost a decade so Sam is not the problem. In please your opinions has no means to the people with the boxes. So what ever personal problem you have with him and other’s like you that have problems with costars can zip it.

  • Srushti

    This is because people are watching the show through various sources, other than the TV. People watch earlier seasons on Netflix, current episodes on the CW website and other sites. Plus other random websites.

  • Debs Houston

    fantastic we should get the bieber fans to boycott us more often lol #TeamJared

  • Debs Houston

    fantastic we should get the bielebers to boycott us every week lol

  • Michael

    You’re so cute…ok NO.

    First of all, 3 words: TOP BILLING CREDITS. Almost everything about SPN is related with Sam Winchester.

    “Contractual Purposes” LOL!! The whole show is a contractual purpose.

    I get it, you don’t like Sam and Jared…..but “no one likes Sam”? LOL!! trying to convince yourself, girl/pal?

    Obviously, you don’t have a tumblr account…those ratings are the result of Jared’s “belieber” tweet..Beliebers threatened to stop watching the show and all the tumblr fandoms agreed to watch SPN last night to support Jared.

    This is Supernatural, the Sam and Dean/ J2 show…Jared is not guilty of writers’ mess. Need a Dean show? Hire Jensen and make your own tv serie, 24/7 about him. Enjoy

    Have a nice day :)

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