Disney Channel Orders 8 Additional Episodes of 'Girl Meets World' Prior to Its Premiere

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January 23rd, 2014

Girl Meets World

The Disney Channel has picked up an additional eight episodes of its upcoming comedy Girl Meets World, a spin-off of the 1990s ABC comedy Boy Meets World. This brings the orders for the series to 21 episodes.  Entertainment Weekly reports that star Daniell Fishel tweeted the news earlier today.

Girl Meets World tweet

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  • Dan

    Well obviously they have faith in the new series the original was a staple and this allows for more production time.

    Now all we need is a premiere date.

  • Frost

    Honestly, Michael Jacobs is doing it so I have faith. But seriously, they need to bring back Plays With Squirrels!

  • Jon23812

    Why do most Disney shows start with 21 episodes? That’s an odd number.

    Anyways looking foward to it.

  • Jayson

    This is pretty exciting! Can’t wait to see the direction of this show.

  • Matt M.

    premiere will be HUGE.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it premieres with above a 1.0+ in 18-49 demo and around 7.0 million viewers. No joke.

  • Nick

    This is going to bring back the old Disney Channel. With Michael Jacobs and the original stars returning, it’s going to feel just like the original I’m sure. As someone who grew up with the original I literally cannot WAIT to see this

  • Dan

    @Jon23812 – Because in the past Disney shows like Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Proud Family and others were expected to get 65 episodes total if successful. If the first season has 21 than the next 2 can have 22 each to make 65 eps good for syndication (airing 5 times a week for 13 weeks). Phil of the Future started with 21 but only got one additional 22 episode season due to high costs. That’s So Raven was only supposed to get 65 eps but was extended 35 to total 100.
    Other shows like Dave the Barbarian and The Buzz on Maggie never made it past their 21 episode first seasons.

    Girl Meets World should have had a full season to begin with.

  • Frost

    I wish old Disney was on Netflix. I miss Dave the Barbarian, and Buzz On Maggie. Even shows like Flash Forward and The Jersey and So Weird. Maybe some of the ABC stuff too like Recess and Weekenders. Does anyone else remember Science Court?

  • Lyl

    Most adult fans who attended tapings seemed I enjoy it. So that’s a good sign!

    I still think “good luck Charlie” and this would’ve gone good together. Too bad :/

  • Phillip

    Does anyone have any info when the show will finally air?

  • Mike

    @Phillip The show will premiere in Summer 2014

  • Brad


    Flash Forward was actually an ABC Morning show first. Disney bought the syndication rights after it was canceled.

  • Phillip

    @Mike, thanks for letting me know. It sure is taking a long time to get it on the air.

  • Frost

    @Brad, oh, you’re right, it did air on ABC but it was a co-production between Atlantic Films and Buena Vista International so they count it as an Disney Original Series.

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